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The Shelburne Freelancer                                       Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Click image (L) for exclusive video interview with Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington speaking on Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue and new safety measures Council is taking regarding Shelburne's Crosswalk located on Main St. 


As Council is legally obligated to follow up on all issued complaints, Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue located in a neighbourhood not designated as a commercial or business area, will receive an issue of non-compliance from Shelburne's Bylaw officer. The situation is raising dander of Feral Cat Rescue's supporters as the process continues following a neighbour's complaint of smell earlier in the year. Following protocol,Council was obligated to take the course of action it has, issuing the non-compliance, however in an unprecedented move, recognizing Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue's, Sharon Morden's fantastic, dedicated and much needed work, offered the services of Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever, (to help find a new location for the Rescue), Patti Hosie,Program Planner & Deputy Registrar and Jennifer Willoughby, Deputy Clerk to aid Morden with seeking financial resources, grants and aid in the executing of the creation of a business plan to present to Council in July, 2017.  

Shelburne Receives Highway of Heroes Living Tribute Certificate

Highway Of Heroes Living Tribute thanked Shelburne for it's contribution to its inspiring effort to honour Canada's war dead. Their goal in creating the program is to create a living breathing memorial for the Canadians in our families and communities who had given their lives and have begun planting 117,000 trees, one for each Canadian who has fallen since the Confederation. Click on image (L) to visit the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute website and encourage others to join this wonderful movement, a tribute and an inspiring way to remember our fallen heroes. 

Call 905-875-0021 today! 

Other Council Highlights Include: Council has decided to take the safety action of restricting left hand turns from Victoria Street onto Main St. (heading West) and from William Street onto Main St. (heading East). Council feels that this measure will help to ensure the prevention of any future accidents at the crosswalk which has been a Council concern for many months and although Council has evoked safety measures, a very serious collision occurred with a Shelburnite senior citizen on a motorized wheelchair. While the senior, who happened to be Mayor Bennington's own mother, is now in the process of recovery, Bennington, in a letter which was read aloud in Council admitted that he was very upset over the accident involving his mother and would be devastated to even imagine how much worse this accident could have been. Click on the image above for the video interview of the Mayor's comments. 

: Further investigation into the Neighbourhoods of Summerhill, a Vandyk Development, who brought serious complaints to Council flooding in driveways and basements eventually discovered the entire street had been build 4 inches below the established benchmark intended to be followed by builders and surveyors.  Mike Giles of Dufferin County Builders, Steve Wever, Shelburne Town Planner and Jack Tupling, were all present to explain to Council that there was an additional benchmark used instead of the one in which Shelburne CAO John Telfer signed off on. After discussion, it appears that mistakes happen. Council is still looking to establish methods of checks and balances to ensure this type of mistake does not happen again. 

: Headwaters Tourism's Michele Harris presented to Shelburne and included a promotional video in support of Headwaters and Dufferin County Area becoming a destination location for summer travellers ensuring tourism exposure and dollars. Shelburne is included in one of the many beautiful site destinations listed. Click here for link to video.  


Meeting Held 

May 15, 2017

In a packed Council Chambers, tension was high expecting issues on a full agenda to be covered. Click image above for Video of Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington providing overview and updates on Cook Crescent, Bad smells, and find out how Shelburne Will be honouring Veterans in a special way. 

Representing the residents of Cook Crescent, a street located in the Vandyk's development, Neighbourhood's of Summerhill, Elizabeth Di Cesare, was eager to hear any update on their neighbourhood complaint which was brought fourth in a letter of delegation at the previous Council meeting. Residents complained with serious concerns over water drainage issues. Click image for video (above left) of Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington overview. Much to the Mayor's disappointment, irritation and slight anger over what is in his opinion, shotty workmanship on behalf of the builders, Shelburne Town Engineer, Stephen Burnett and Town of Shelburne Development Engineer, Jack Tupling submitted a solution to Council involving replacing the present curbs with a new design which was in the end accepted. Residents also discovered the builders had not followed initial plans and the entire street is built four inches below its intended height resulting in poorly designed water drainage, flooding basements, and in winter conditions, dangerous ice. Vandyk representatives who attended the Council meeting refused comment when asked by The Shelburne Freelancer. 

Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance Chair, Lisa Needham and Janet Horner presented their Food Charter during a Delegations asking Council to join them with endorsement as other communities have done. Bringing awareness  and support to local municipalities is a goal of Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance and they are proud to announce their food map featured in "In The Hills" magazine. The Town Of Shelburne voted and carried the endorsement request.

 Click image (R) to visit Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance website for more information. 

Other Highlights: 

*Notice from the County Of Dufferin that the All Councils meeting will be held May 31, 2017 at 6 p.m. at the Mono Municipal Office.

*Report from Steve Wever, Shelburne Town Planner regarding Final Acceptance of Shelburne Industrial Parks Plan was carried, as well as the report on Blue Mountain Plastics expansion plans going ahead.

*Over $9000 maintenance contract was agreed to for Shelburne's soccer field and options into dandelion free greens will be looked at. 

*Report from Chief Administrating Officer, John Telfer revealed the Ministry of Transportation's response to the Town's request for an advanced green light at Highway 24 and 89 intersection. The request was denied to Shelburne Town Council's astonishment. 

*Unanimous support for Shelburne to take part in Canada 150 Legacy Project to purchase trees  to be planted along the highway for heroes in honour of Canada's Veteran's.

*The Town of Shelburne passed Headwaters Tourism's request for proclamation acknowledging Tourism week, May 28- June 3, 2017. 

Visit the Town Of Shelburne Website for minutes of meetings. Click here

Meeting Held April 24, 2017

Mayor Ken Bennington(L) congratulated Town Of Shelburne's Public Works Employee of 28 years, Ed Walsh(R)Water and Sewer Forman, and wished he and his wife(middle) a very happy retirement presenting Walsh with a certificate of recognition.  

Shelburne Town Councillor, Dan Sample, Chair of the Canada Day Committee presented Ed Walsh with a formal Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his contribution s and community spirit towards Shelburne's Canada Day Celebrations.

Long time Shelburne Public Works Department Employee Ed Walsh, Water and Sewer forman, retires after 28 years of service and was presented with awards or recognition and accomplishment in gratitude for his steadfast dedication, hard work and community oriented devotion and service. Walsh also retired from The Shelburne and District Fire Department and will enjoy retirement along side his wife, Lynda Walsh. (seen above in photos). "I can't thank you enough. Your community service knows no boundaries and we wish the best in your retirement,"commented Mayor Bennington. 

Click image above to watch video from The Town Of Shelburne congratulating Walsh on his well deserved retirement! 

Town Of Shelburne News

Fiddleheads Pub owner, Robert Costello (L) approached Council in the hopes of acquiring permission for the use of patio in the front of the pub. Costello proposes the added use of patio tables will be an attraction to the Main St. and also might encourage other restaurateurs to add outside furniture as well. Costello also admits that had he known how well the location in Shelburne was going to be received, he would have made this proposition when he first arrived. Fiddleheads is not a bar, as Costello acknowledges 73% of sales are food based sales. Costello's request was unanimously agreed to as a wonderful idea however Council will further consider the patio concept. 

Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever reported on landscaping work in Shelburne 's Industrial Park. Wever recommended the waiting until next year for tree planting, but did suggest the use of signage at that location could better indicate to passer bys the land is available for development. Wever also reviewed Site Plan Application for 136 Luxton Way. Both reports were carried. 

Also a discussion regarding a foul smell that is periodically experienced in Shelburne revealed the public concern of a health issue involving Shelburne's water & sewer treatment plant. Shelburne's Filtration system is experiencing a higher than normal water table due to high levels of rain. CAO John Telfer reassured Councillors that Shelburne is very proactively addressing the issues of high seasonal water levels and suggested that possibility of increasing the height of the sides of the lagoons which are full and also firmly stated that the new filters are working properly and are in no way responsible for the occasional foul odors which will dissipate once water levels lower.

Shelburne And District Fire Department Chief, Brad Lemaich updated Shelburne Town Council, opening dialogue on the proposal of purchasing a new fire truck for the Town of Shelburne in 2018. Lemaich explained the life expectancy of a fire truck is approximately 20 years. Council will take the recommendation under consideration for future discussion. 

Lemaich also discussed a revised notice on the Open Air Contained Fires. A revised notice in the bylaw will include the stipulation stating that open air contained fire containers cannot exceed 32' and absolutely must be contained within the container at all times, 5 metres in distance in all directions from adjacent properties and three metres from all combustible objects or structures. Open air burning is allowed only between the hours of 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

No materials other than commercially produced charcoal briquette or clean, dry seasoned wood may be burned. When in use, the opening burning device or pit must be covered with a heavy gauge metal screen having mesh opening no larger than one half inch which shall be placed in such a manner as to prevent the escape from the fire of combustible solids such as sparks and ash. An available extinguishing agent must be on hand and all open air fires must be attended at all times. Open air fires are not permitted when wind exceeds 15 kilometres and it is the open air fire owner must take steps to make certain adjacent properties are protected and that the by-products such as smoke does not have a negative impact on person's pets or the environment. For more information on the Open Air Fire Bylaws visit the Town of Shelburne Website or call the Shelburne And District Fire Department located at  

114 O'Flynn St, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S1 at 519- 925-5111. BE SAFE NOT SORRY!
Other Items
*Troupe- Adore's request to use Jack Downing Park was carried.
*Fat Boy Fire Works' request for a temporary business licence carried.  
*Council decided Blue Mountain Plastics will have to clarify their application to commence with the building process involving expansion of their facility. 
* A fantastic treasury Report was also presented. Contact the Town of Shelburne for more information.
NOTE WORTHY: Orangeville SPCA Annual Dog Tag Day AT Shelburne LCBO Request: Unanimously Opposed by Council. 

The Annual Economic Development Committee Breakfast of 2017 

The Town Of Shelburne's Annual Economic Development Committee Breakfast of 2017 held on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion's Warrior Hall was attended in record numbers. Organizers were very pleased with the turnout, including Shelburne's EDC Marketing Co-ordinator, Carol Maitland. 

Before the panel of guests began their discussion, both the Dufferin Board Of Trade and Headwater Tourism & Small Business Enterprise Centre presented providing updates on their news, and explaining all they have to offer those interested in all aspects of business. 

Brian Horner , Murray Fines, and Dean Allan were recipients of the Acknowledgement of Economic Achievement Awards for 2017. 

The expert panel addressed serious issues such as Shelburne's marked progress since 2016, the housing market, Shelburne's continued growth, all the factors involved in Shelburne's sustainability, and outlined key factors involved in Shelburne's ability to attract viable and sustainable retail opportunities near newly established neighbourhood developments while encouraging support of businesses on Shelburne's Main street. Shelburne's Bylaw Officer, Vanessa Albanese was also on hand with a large display explaining and answering questions regarding the improved parking proposal she has suggested upon the request of CAO John Telfer which might include paid parking in Shelburne's future. 

(LtoR) Master of Ceremony, Shelburne's Chief Administrating Officer, (CAO) John Telfer welcomed guests who enjoyed their breakfast catered by Micah's Kitchen with the help of Legion President, Lesa Peat and Staff. Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington was first on the panel to field questions provided by Telfer, followed in seating placement by Chair of the EDC, Shelburne Town Councillor, Wade Mills, Kim Philip, President of Canopy Development, Lucy Stucco, Executive V.P of Tribute Communities, Mara Samardzic, Project Manager of Fieldgate Developments Inc., Neil Pritchard, Vice Chair of the Shelburne BIA, Marg McCarthy, Broker with RCR Royal LePage, Sharon Grant of the Shelburne BIA and Broker with RCR Royal LePage, and Steve Wever, MCIP, RPP, Senior Planner and Shelburne's Town Planner. Members of The Economic Development Committee include, Chair, Wade Mills, Vice Chair, Mike Fazackerley, and members Linda Amour-Grant, Tammy Austen, Walter Benotto, Brian Besley, Steve Bowles, Bill Gillam, Sharon Grant, and Shane Hall. Behind the scenes, so many worked tirelessly to bring this breakfast about and the Town Of Shelburne extends special thanks to Pattie Hossie, Joanne Marceau, and Kristy Stevens. 

Above: Brian Horner, recipient of a Acknowledgement of Economic Achievement Award 2017. 

This year the EDC offered those who could stay following the Meeting, an extra bonus feature, a Marketing Seminar hosted by Mag Ruffman(above) which was incredibly informative outlying a number of ways to market your business without breaking your bank. 

Click image above for Video Coverage. 

Click image above for Photographic Coverage

Click image above to visit The Town Of Shelburne website.

Click image (L) for Comments from Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington regarding the Vandyk Neighbourhoods of Summerhill and the issues residents have with poor drainage having heard the Cooks Crescent Petition during the Council meeting held April 10, 2017.

Meeting held March 27,2017
click image below for video update

Couldn't attend Town Council and see Sharon Morden's Feral Cat Rescue presentation? Click below for video. 

Sharon Morden Offers Special thanks to Mairi MacRea and all who helped her prepare for her presentation.  

Shelburne's Feral Cat Rescue Presentation Shed's Light On Seriousness of Shelburne's Feral, Stray, Injured, Abused and Lost Pets

WHAT'S THE BIG STINK ABOUT? Following up on one public complaint concerning a 'bad smell" coming from the yard of Shelburne's Feral Cat Rescue, the Town Of Shelburne discovered that the facility, nestled in a neighbourhood due to the kindness and devotion of Sharon Morden turning her own home into a care and rescue facility, is a comprehensive situation that will require Shelburne Town Council to once again, become a provincial leader looking into new bylaws and guidelines surrounding Shelburne's cat issues.  
While there are plenty of guidelines and bylaws surrounding dog issues, at present, Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington admits during his investigations to not finding provincial guidelines and bylaws regarding cats to borrow from that could aid in Shelburne's specific situation.Following the delegation presentation made by Morden, which was attended by a large number of supporters, the once simple complaint about odour has become complicated on many levels.
Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue, a very sanitized organization, cannot deter a neighbour's sensitivity to smell and while other neighbour's reportedly haven't noticed or been affected by this, Mayor Bennington rationalizes, " Everyone deserves their little slice of heaven and should be able to enjoy their yard."  The complication of a neighbourhood house transitioning into a pet care and rescue facility isn't likely to fall within Town Bylaws even though it's a non-profit organization currently run on donations and large sums of Morden's person funds. 
Adding to further complication is the mentality of pet owners and the care of cats. While some pet owners are determined to believe cats need to be, "free" and out of doors, others are determined to believe they themselves are personally responsible for their pet indoors or out. 
Morden explained that outdoor cats who are not fixed are a large part of the feral problem and pet owners who allow their pets outside, need to know that they can get seriously injured, abused, lost, killed.  Mayor Bennington, in an unusaul move contrary to most delegations, took time out for questions and engaged in conversations with the public addressing their concerns. 
Despite which side of the fence the community find themselves on, the cat situation must be dealt with and Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue now has outgrown it's facility requiring much needed help from the community, Dufferin county and the province. In the end, a simple complaint shed light on a crisis that will hopefully be looked at, investigated, and dealt with for the benefit of all involved.  Stay tuned for further updates.  Alex Sher

Inside Town Council: Highlights

The Town Of Shelburne Takes Positive Move Toward
 Safeguards With Installation Of New Water Filters

“At the Council meeting Monday night, the Council heard from the Town engineer, Stephen Burnett, regarding a work order change for around $48,000 to provide more safe guards with the installation of the new filters.

On the recommendation of OWCA, as wastewater operators, they wanted a bypass to return wastewater back to the head of the plant in case of a filter malfunction. The Town engineer, Stephen Burnett supported the recommendation and Council approved the expenditure.

This is a positive move to ensure we are not out of compliance or bringing in OWCA staff in the middle of the night to address at an emergency level,” stated CAO/Clerk John Telfer. "Our contingency has funds to address this work order change and will allow us still to be within the capital budget estimate. It is the CAO/Clerk’s intent to invite Council to the plant to see the improvements when the project is completed. Council can then see what has changed since they were there prior to the capital project starting." John Telfer AMCT, CAO/Clerk. 

Anthony Capello,(L) approached Council with concerns regarding fees to Baseball diamonds for out of Town players and as a result of the very well stated situation on Capello's part, Council decided to re-work the wording for fundraising events . 

*Shelburnite Gord Craig address Council during Question period following up on his request for safety pylons to be replaced at the crosswalk on Main Street and was met with favourable response. 

*Suggestions for parking reform based on CAO requested report from Bylaw officer, Vanessa Ablanese will be further reviewed by Shelburne's Economic Development Committee at the upcoming annual breakfast meeting held April 19, 2017.

*Shelburne Fiddleville, Non-Profit Housing Corporation presented an updated financial and new business report. 

For More information on minutes, visit the Town of Shelburne Website. 

 Meeting Held March 14, 2017

Ice River Springs & Plans For Expansion:
 Good News For Shelburne

Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Weaver, (seen R, addressing Council ) presented his findings to Council regarding Ice River Springs' Plans For Expansion. After a brief deliberation and both Mayor Bennington and Dan Sample opted to recuse themselves from the vote, the decision was passed and expansion is hopefully due to begin soon completing by summer. 

Click image (L) for video of Mayor Bennington's Comments on Paid Parking reform and Ice River Springs' Expansion Plans. 

Shelburne Bylaw Officer, Vanessa Albanese, upon the request of Shelburne CAO, John Telfer, prepared a comprehensive report on the Parking situation in Shelburne's main core, downtown area. The report made many suggestions that would improve parking, create more parking spaces and free up spaces for downtown business owners to better serve their customers. The report also recommended there would be a cost for making and explored many options. In it's very early stages, the report will be sent to the Shelburne Business Improvement Area Committee and the Shelburne Economic Development Committee for their consideration before returning to Shelburne Town Council for further consideration. The above video featuring Mayor Ken Bennington explains. 

Shelburneite George Meunier, attended the Town Council meeting with further questions regarding updates on the Town of Shelburne's meeting with the Ministry of Transportation exploring the possibilities of adding more street lights to the west side of Main St. exiting Shelburne and also following up on the possibility of lowering the speed limit from 80 to 50 along the route where houses are located. 

Discussions are still carrying on as the MTO is considering the requests.

Click here for minutes of Town Council Meetings on the Town Of Shelburne Website.  

Hearts Wide Open For Autism Present Appreciation Awards 

To Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington And Councillor Wade Mills.

Above Deanna Avison and Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington.

Above, Deanna Avison & Shelburne Town Coucillor,Wade Mills.

Chair of Hearts Wide Open for Autism, Deanna Avison made two very special presentations during Shelburne's Town Council Meeting held on March 14, 2017.  Avison spearheaded the organization, raising money and awareness for Autism during her own very personal heartfelt journey with grandchildren who live with Autism. Avison is quick to point out that the level of care involved when living with a family member who live with Autism can be difficult on each and every family member. With every fibre of her being, Avison believes she is blessed to have had the opportunity to live and experience Autism through her grandchildren's eyes and often states publicly she is the one who has been gifted in life with her grandchildren noting they have taught her so much and she continues to learn from these wonderful children.

When Avison first began her movement and brought to the attention of Shelburne Town Council that April 2, is Autism Day, shared her story, Council was immediately supportive marking the day in an official proclamation of the Day to be acknowledged in the Town of Shelburne and going a step further, lit Town Hall with the Autism established "blue" light. 

The Appreciation Awards Avison presented were not just framed pieces of paper, they represented an emotional, sentimental, heart felt thank you to Mayor Bennington and Councillor Mills for their continous support. This particular grandmother has gone above and beyond the call of duty in support of Autism and will be embarking on her second fundraiser on April 1, 2017 held at The Shelburne Golf & Country Club hosting a Mystery Dinner Theatre Night followed by music and dancing. The 2016 fundraiser saw over $5000 that was donated to local schools to help with specific tools and aids for  Autistic Programs, and with so much more to be done in Avison's eyes, so many more kids that need help, Avison touched Council's heart asking that her "legacy" be forever established in the Town of Shelburne marking Autism Day, April 2nd to forever be from this day forward and council, of course, unanimously agreed.  It's The GOOD Stuff!

Click Video above to find out how to support

 Hearts Wide Open For Autism and treat yourself to a night out! 

Help them reach their goal!

Flash back to the 2016 Fundraiser before it happened and see why this incredible fundraiser means so much to so many! Click image above for video. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                    Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                          Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Highlights From Shelburne Town Council Meeting February 27, 2017

Shelburne Town Council Approached By Concerned Shelburnites
Over Shelburne's Neighborhood Feral Cat Rescue Location

Editorial Overview: Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue, run by non-profit volunteer Sharon Morden is located on Second Street, one of Shelburne's beautiful rustic neighbourhoods. A much needed service, Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue does so much more that rescue "feral cats" but also helps families find their lost cats, helps reduce the cat population with spaying and neutering, helps families find a beloved furry feline forever friend and has performed so well, that Morden has become a household name, even recommended by The Town of Shelburne when they receive nuisance calls regarding stray cats because of the fact Shelburne does not have a registered SPCA, and Orangeville doesn't service Shelburne. As a result, outlying areas such as Dundalk, Mount Forest and other various areas of Dufferin County rely heavily on Morden's good natured devotion to cats making her job difficult to cope with the numbers of cats being abused, abandoned, or simply irritating people. All of the wonderful work Morden does is not in dispute, but neighbors of Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue have understandably approached Shelburne Town Council complaining about foul odors, the large population, noting Morden will rescue cats when called from as far away as Dundalk and bring the cats to Shelburne, which they feel is not necessary. Even cat lovers might not be able to tolerate some cat related situations, especially odor. That being said,...

COUNCIL WILL BE EXPLORING OPTIONS : As a result, Shelburne Town Council will be looking into the situation thoroughly, examining zoning by-laws, hearing from Morden at an upcoming Council meeting,  and examining how other Towns deal with strays. At present, there are no By-laws in place for the number of cats one can have on their property in Town while there is a bylaw restricting the number of dogs. There are By-laws in place concerning established zoning, businesses, and type of businesses that can exist in a neighbourhood. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: Shelburnne has reached the point in its growth where the Town needs an actual Shelburne SPCA or rescue facility. While a neighbourhood is likely not the actual place to run a facility like this, this is a time sensitive situation requiring patience. This type of work takes a very special, dedicated person to take to task and Morden has held many fund raisers to support this admirable cause. Should Shelburnites decide The Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue location needs to be changed, perhaps it's time for Shelburnites to pull together and find a location that would be suitable, focus on the work and the innocent animals at the heart of the matter. Social media is only helpful if it helps to make a difference. At this point, sensationalist headlines that fuel discontent distract from the goal which is of course to find solutions. 

KEEPING AN EYE ON THE PRIZE:  Shelburnites are well known for pulling together in times of need and now would be a good time to take the high road, work together, decide what's needed and get to work accomplishing our goals. Morden supplies a service Shelburnites need and want. Morden will need the help like never before and solutions must be sought out. Perhaps someone reading this will suddenly remember they have a building that would be perfect for such a facility.   

Alex Sher

 Town Of Shelburne's Newest Employee, Joanne Marceau, Public Works Utility Coordinator.

Above:Councillor Wade Mills examined a sample of newly proposed water meter brought to Council for consideration. 

Above: Warren Mills of Wamco Water Company presented the latest in water meters hoping the Town of Shelburne will agree to have them installed in on all new housing projects in the future. A decision will be made in upcoming meetings and the presentation by Mills definitely seemed like this meter is the meter of the future. The water meter, according to Mills comes with a very long term battery, a 20 year promise in fact. The meter is also superior to traditional meters as it has no moving parts, only smart features which is trustworthy and accurate. The idea is that water can be monitored, accurately providing the Town of Shelburne an asset in saving money on water bills. The meters would belong to the Town Of Shelburne and being 10X more accurate with a longer life span is an investment into the community, according to Mills. 

Note: Two Portable Speed Lights, purchased by the Town Of Shelburne will be strategically placed in the Town of Shelburne  in an attempt to stop speeders. The town hopes that placing the lights in a position for a three month period of time before re-situating them will raise awareness to those who have the tendency to speed without realizing. 


 From Shelburne Town Council Meeting February 13, 2107

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington Presented Proclamation To Two Young Brave Shelburnites Recognizing February 14th As Heart Defect Awareness Day

Above:Mayor Bennington and Penny Clarkson        Above: Mayor Bennington and Tyson Kottelenberg

Shelburne is Fastest Growing Town In Ontario Over Past 5 Years! 

Press Release from the desk of John Telfer AMCT

CAO/Clerk ,Town of Shelburne

Shelburne, February 9, 2017

The Town of Shelburne is pleased to announce that the Town of Shelburne is the fastest growing Town in Ontario over the past 5 years according to 2016 Canada Census.

CAO/Clerk John Telfer indicated that ”The Ontario growth average for the past 5 years was 4.6 % while Shelburne’s growth was 39%. The Canadian average for the past 5 years was 5.0% and Shelburne ranked 2nd in Canadian town growth ranking.”

He added “It is certainly impressive to be ranked in the top 10, never mind in the top 2 for the country. We are a poster child for the Ontario’s Growth Plan which fostered growth in designated areas within the legislative policy established by the Province. Our proximity to the GTA area also contributed to the extensive growth along with the small urban feel of Shelburne.”

Mayor Bennington stated “We anticipate additional growth over the next 10 years that will increase an additional 40% in population, providing the planning and infrastructure plans are approved and in place. We continue to challenge our abilities to make Shelburne “A People Place, A Change of Pace”.

He concluded by stating” To all those, both present and past, that contributed to this success and growth, congratulations from the Town.”

Mayor Ken Bennington visited with Shelburne Brownie group called 

1 Shelburne Brownies during their tour of Shelburne Town Hall taking questions from the youngsters in a delightful exchange. Click image (r) for exclusive video coverage. 


*Shelburnites will now vote electronically over the internet and over the telephone in the upcoming 2018 elections.

*Shelburne Motorcycle Show & Shine Event will continue to be a wonderful event during the Shelburne Street Festival in 2017 as plans are already underway.

*Shelburne & District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich under the direction of Shelburne CAO Of John Telfer reviewed bylaws that involve fire department obligations and regulations surrounding all local and area fire departments, establishing firm understanding on all parties involved. Also Lemaich reviewed Shelburne's Open-Air Contained Fires such as  back yard fire pits, homemade fire pits and the bylaw is available on the Town of Shelburne Website. 

*Town Of Shelburne Engineer, Steve Burnette Of S.Burnett & Associates discussed Shelburne's Well Field Capacity Assessment Program invilving Ground Water and Surface Water Monitoring. Testing has been performed on Shelburne's Wells and Town Council is reviewing information while planning a proactive and sustainable strategy for the next ten years ensuring Shelburne's continued growth and Well water manageability. 

Burnett also reviewed financial situations involving the Fiddle Park plans for the open pole barn construction. The review included costs for electrical work, construction, initial costs of land grading with considerations to water flow and drainage. Council is confident the construction work will be completed within weeks of commencement resulting in a brand new open pole barn for Fiddle Park by early summer. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                   Friday, February 3, 2017

In another very busy Shelburne Town Council meeting held on January 23, Council members covered a number of issues pertaining to upcoming celebratory events to voting changes.

A newly opened Irish Pub on Shelburne's Main Street called Fiddleheads, approached Council with their exciting plans for St. Patrick's Day, filled with Festivities that will carry on the inside and out on the front storefront area. The establishment promises a safe environment of fun celebratory festivities and the Council is considering the request.

Deputy Clerk,Jennifer Willoughby explained that voting procedures in 2018 in Shelburne will be taking advantage of modern technology as "paper" ballots will give way to modern technology. Tablets will be in place, and electronic voting will be the new method of voting and Willoughby is convinced as studies show, a greater voter turn out will prove valuable to voting results. 

Willoughby ensures that the process is user friendly adding there will be many on hand to help those who are not computer savvy through the process. A special PIN (Personal Identification Number)  will be sent via mail to each voter and that will allow access to a private and secure voting screen. There will also be the usual travelling voting stations which will be scheduled for Dufferin Oaks care Facility and Willoughby encourages people who have questions to contact Town Hall who will be eager to assist.

Steve Weaver, Shelburne's Town Planner,provided a report on the further development of the Neighbourhoods of Summerhill which discussed the development of a park, playground, the reasons why the location is not well suited for a dog park. A request by letter from Teresa Paterson regarding signage for the Natasha Paterson Pavilion in the way of design for a memorial plaque was passed. Authorization for the purchase of two new used Trucks for the Town Of Shelburne  was unanimously agreed to, replacing the only truck the town has at the moment which is reportedly 'on it's last legs.' The Heritage Committee will be working together with Shelburne's Mural Project effectually combining grants and financial efforts and team work planning to complete the Mural project and acquire names for lane ways in Shelburne's further improving Shelburne's main core. 

For complete Minutes of the entire Council meeting click here to visit the Town of Shelburne website. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                    Thursday, December 22, 2016

Final Council Meeting For 2017

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                  Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Unveiling of The Lisa McKechnie Memorial Field At Hyland Park Baseball Diamond A

(LtoR) Deputy Mayor, Geoff Dunlop, Councillor Dan Sample, Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, Doug McKechnie, Debbie McKechnie, Darrell McKechnie, Councillor Wade Mills. 


In a touching display of nostalgia and affection for a young Shelburnite who passed away too soon in 2002 in a backyard pool tragedy, new memorial signage will now forever indicate respect for this young,cherished and very missed person. 

Lisa McKetchie was a 22 year old with a passion for athletics, famous in her own right as a beloved babysitter and well known for her sense of humour. Lisa had spent many years around the baseball field located at Shelburne's Hyland Park and each year, family and friends remember her with an annual Lisa McKechnie Memorial Baseball Tournament where all funds raised are in support of many local sporting organizations, High School Athletic Programs, including the purchasing of Girl's Hockey Jersey's.

During an interview with Lisa's brother Darrell in 2013, when asked what he missed most about his sister and what she would think of all that the memorial ball tournaments had accomplished, he commented through tear filled eyes and staggered breath, " Mostly I miss her smile. I think she would have been humbled and so proud of the tournaments. I know for a fact my sister would have played hockey if he were here today." 

That was then. Flash forward to 2016 and finally, what so many over the years had been waiting for, a memorial sign in Lisa McKechie's honour . 

Photo of Lisa McKetchnie (Below) generously provided by McKetchnie Family. 

In his presentation speech when unveiling the memorial signage, Mayor Ken Bennington made apoligies for the length of time it took for the sign to arrive, said he was very happy to correct this mistake and the entire presentation is a very proud moment for Shelburne, a "Shelburne Proud" moment. Bennington's passion for this sign to be erected in McKechnie's honour has been many months in the making and Bennington was quick to acknowledge all Council members who helped to accomplish this goal. The sign, a surprise to the McKechnie family, the presentation means a lot to them as Doug McKechnie expressed acknowledging just how important the baseball field had been to Lisa McKechnie and how many hours she had spent there in life. Following McKechnie's passing in 2002, it was the hope of the family that signage could be in place in memorium, but they were denied. Shelburne Town Council 2016 are very pleased, for Shelburne, the McKechnie Family and most importantly, the young woman who made such a lasting, positive impact on the lives of so many, Lisa McKechnie. 




Meeting Held On Monday, November 28, 2016

During Question Period, Shelburnite, Mr. George Meunier, (above) followed up for a third time to inquire into his request for street lighting on the West end of Shelburne's Main Street to 4th Line. Meunier, passionate in his request expressed safety issue concerns and as he had missed the previous meeting was hoping for an update. Disappointed to discover Mayor Bennington revealing the Council had discovered the cost being very high and were considering future development in the area and how that could impact the Ministry of Transportation's decisions. Meunier, frustrated and disappointed left after questioning Council's other spending decisions. Towards the end of the meeting Mayor Bennington noted how beneficial it could have been to Meunier had he stayed, as then CAO John Telfer took the floor and announced he would be meeting with MTO (Ministry of Transportation) this week in order to discuss Shelburne's new crosswalk on safety issues, an advance green light at the intersection of Highway 89 and 124, speed petition on the west side of Main St. W., advance lanes on Main St. to Owen Sound St. and lighting on Main St. W to 4th Line. Mayor Bennington did note that Meunier's request bore absolutely no research to support it in the way of safety being compromised in the Street's present condition. 

Also during question period, Shelburnite, Gervais Anderson, (Above Front) approached Council with the very poignant question of why taxes are being raised. Anderson, pointed out items of interest asking if Shelburne would be attracting a Walmart, or some of shopping facility, transportation of some kind, some attribute that could account for the taxes being raised. Mayor Bennington did respond with the assurance that although we had not been informed which specific stores would be coming, there is scheduled development on Highway 10 entering the Town of Shelburne. 

Never having been to Town Council previously, Anderson then sat through the Treasury Report outlining expenses that account for raises in taxes. 

(LtoR) Treasurer Carol Sweeney and Deputy Treasurer Carey Holmes delivered their presentation on the 2017 Draft Budget which included great graphics shown above. 

ACCE Photography Business owner Althea Cassamento approached Council regarding her schedule for upcoming event dates. Council carried the motion to approve. 

Other Topics Covered: Dog Licencing, pick up of strays, New appointment of BIA Members who will carry for two years approved by Council, and more. 

(LtoR) Police Board Chair, Len MiKulich and Shelburne Chief of Police, Kent Moore, sat in on the Council meeting contributing when asked. Note worthy, Shelburne is considering purchasing two electronic Speed Monitors to help motorists prevent speeding which Police Chief Moore was in favour of to the cost of $13,000. The Monitors are portable and could be placed in School zones and other notable areas of concern. 

(L) An example of a speed monitor. This request was bought to Council by Councillor Waltor Benotto. 

Above (LtoR) Shelburne's Soccer field now has new signage. Thunder Field !

Mayor Ken Bennington, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, and Councillor Dan Sample attended the unvieling of the new Thunder Field Signage showing off Shelburne's new Branding. Moving forward, all Shelburne signage will be in the same likeness. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                             Friday,  November 25, 2016


(LtoR) Deputy Treasurer, Carey Holmes and Treasurer Carol Sweeney met with Council in a Special Budget meeting to discuss and clarify their 2017 Draft Budget first presented in the November 14th meeting. 

Council discussed and clarified previous numbers presented on the Sister Streets Projects, Hometown Heroes Project, Downtown Facade Monies concerning an expired Change in Policy (CIP) that needs to be updated, Street Lights Request down Main Street W., the cost involved, but also examined a possibility in requesting the MTO could lower the speed limit. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                              Wednesday, November 16, 2016




Meeting Held On                                       November 14, 2016

Click on image (R) to view complete minutes on the Town Of Shelburne Website

Steve Burnette of (Centre: L) S. Burnette & Associates presented Town Council with an Summary on Sewage Capacity Allocation for 2016. While Burnette noted a slight increase  in flow since 2015, he stated he would know more once complete numbers for year came in. Burnette revealed the Town of Shelburne is in good shape moving forward reporting the reserve capacity can manage as Shelburne continues to grow. 

Also discussed, The Natasha Paterson Pavilion and Fiddle Park Open Pole Barn Construction. Both projects are underway expecting progress before winter. 

In Other Highlights:

 *Council is discussing accessible parking at the intersection of Owen Sound an Main Street. In both both directions, loosing a parking spot on the right hand side to allow right hand advancing, would simply mean the accessible parking would be moved back a spot and two regular parking spots would be lost to make way for the advance lanes. 

* Shelburnite Mr. George Meunier, followed up on his request to have street lights on the west side of Main Street to Fourth line. Council is considering options including investigation into MTO requirements and the ultimate cost of the possibility. 


(L to R) Town Of Shelburne Treasurer, Carol Sweeney and Deputy Treasurer, Carey Holmes presented a 2017 Budget Draft reporting good news numbers from 2016 first with regards to Shelburne's Sister Projects otherwise known as Westside Fire Flow and Infiltration Project. According to Sweeney, the Town borrowed $1,500,000 to cover the project to compensate for money required that was not covered in a OCIF grant. Even with an additional $260,000 required to complete the project which included top coat paving next year, the project would bring the complete loan to $1,760,000-$194,000 under budget. Council then passed the instructions to the Treasurer to begin the process to debenture the West side Fire Flow Project loan in the amount of $1,760,000. 

Following the 2017 Budget Draft Presentation council decided to have an additional meeting before the next scheduled council meeting to review and clarify numbers. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                 Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Introducing Shelburne's New (LtoR) Economic Development Committee Marketing Coordinator, Carol Maitland, & One Of Two New Bylaw Officer, Vannessa Albanese.

Maitland, is not an event coordinator, but a Marketing Coordinator who will be working very closely with all aspects of Marketing and Communications. " My role is to work with different agencies and businesses in the community and bring all possibilities together," commented Maitland. 

Albanese studied Protection Security Investigation at Conestoga College in Kitchener and has really enjoyed becoming familiar with Shelburne's extensive Bylaws commenting, " It's been a learning experience." 

for more information or questions, contact the Town of Shelburne by clicking on the image (L). 

Meeting of
October 31, 2016

A small congregation attended Shelburne's Town Council meeting on October 31, 2016, Halloween evening and as for public knowledge, the meeting was short. Len Mikulich,(L) Chair of Shelburne's Police Services Board, announced that Shelburnites are being asked to take part in a Police Board Online Survey that will aid in the Board's ability to formulate a 2017-2019 budget in the near future. Mikulich assures the online survey is completely secure with regards to any privacy issues or concerns the public might have. There is only one survey per household and those without a computer can go to the Shelburne Police Station for a paper version. If you have questions you can contact Shelburne Police Services website. Click here. The Budget will have to be voted on by the Board before it is approved and will then be presented Council for comments, questions etc. Below is letter from Mikulich.

Shelburne Police Services Request Public Input Into 2017-2019 Business Plan

 The Shelburne Police Services Board is asking residents and community leaders to provide input into the 2017-2019 Business Plan for the Shelburne Police Service.A survey is being mailed out to each household in Shelburne which seeks feedback by way of survey which is required to be returned by Friday, November 25th, 2016.If you are unable to complete the survey online you may pick up a questionnaire at the Shelburne Police Station upon request during normal working hours.Your participation and promptness in completing the survey will assist the Shelburne Police Service in determining future directions and addressing the needs of its citizens.On behalf of the Shelburne Police Services Board, we thank you for responses, comments and feedback.Visit the Shelburne Police Services Board’s website at for more information.

Len Mikulich


And in other highlights: 

*Shelburnite, Mr. George Meunier formally requested street lighting by Owen Sound Street and Main Street, continuing down Highway 10. This is not Meunier's first time addressing this issue and asked, " I voted for you Councillors! Did I do the wrong thing?" Meunier stood his ground firmly asking if he needed to get signatures, become a delegation, commenting new developments have street lights, have never payed taxes and he's payed taxes his whole life. Mayor Bennington thanked Meunier for his question and Meunier responded that he would be attending meetings to follow up.

*Reporter Michelle Jansen of The Shelburne Free Press addressed Mayor Bennington during Question Period regarding Parking signage in Shelburne inquiring as to why North side of Main street parking signage has a 3 hour parking limit while the South side has a two hour limit and questioned when this situation would be rectified to reflect the same time stipulation. Mayor Bennington assured Jansen the signage would be changed within the week very likely. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                           Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Shelburne BIA and The Town of Shelburne Awarded Celebration Gardens

Photo and Media Release provided by Carol Maitland EDC/Marketing Coordinator For The Town of Shelburne.

The Town of Shelburne Ontario is one of 150 lucky recipients of a Canada 150th Celebration Garden, being distributed across Canada, in celebration of the Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017. Each of the 150 communities involved will plant 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs this fall in preparation for Canada’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebrations. The tulip is an international symbol of friendship and of spring.

Symbolic link to a Friendship

Additionally, the gardens celebrate the Dutch-Canadian gift of 100,000 Dutch tulip bulbs, sent to Canadians in 1945 as a symbol of appreciation for the role Canadian soldiers played in the liberation of the Netherlands and the hospitality Canada provided to the Dutch Royal Family during WWII.

Shelburne’s garden and the other 149 gardens planted across the country, will be symbolically linked to the flagship 150th Celebration Garden Promenade, consisting of 25,000 tulips donated by Vasey’s, located adjacent to Niagara Falls.

Our garden will also be featured on the 2016 edition of Canada’s Garden Route.


It Takes a Village….

Shelburne BIA and The Town of Shelburne would like to thank Linda Amour Grant for submitting the winning Friendship Tulip Garden application. The contest was sponsored by Canadian Garden Council, Vesey’s Bulbs, Canada Post, National Capital Commission, Canadian Tulip Festival, Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, Garden Making magazine, Chimpanzee, Baxter Travel Media, Enterprise Canada, Gardens BC, Québec Gardens’ Association and the Ontario Garden Tourism Coalition.


“We feel very fortunate, to have received one of these Gardens, the organization behind the Friendship Tulip Garden program; the Canadian Garden Council, received more than 400 applications," said Mayor Bennington.

Shelburne’s garden will be in the shape of the Canadian Flag and will consists of 500 red and 500 white tulip bulbs, also donated by Vasey’s Bulbs of Prince Edward Island.


The public planting ceremony will take place on the lawn located on the north/west corner of the Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex. Veterans, school children and the public are invited to attend the planting ceremony.

WHEN: Thursday November 03, 2016 at 9:00am

PHOTO CREDIT(S):Shelburne’s Celebration Garden site

For more information, please contact: Carol Maitland EDC/Marketing coordinator Town of Shelburne Tele: 519-925-2600 EXT.239

Email: [email protected]

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                     Friday, October 21, 2016


TOWN Council


Council Meeting 

October 17, 2016

Wansbrough Family's Passionate Plea To Shelburne Town Council Met With Council's Promise To Right A Wrong.

Doug Wansbrough,(R) on behalf of his family, who were present at the Shelburne Town Council Meeting held October 17, 2016, formally requested a signage spelling correction on a street sign named for his relative, Veteran General Wansbrough (NOT "WANSBURGH" ) who fought in two world wars and earned the Order Of the British Empire. In his passionate and emotional request, Doug Wansbrough was referring to both the honour of having a street in  named for General Wansbrough along with the other respected Veteran named streets in the newest Greenbrook Village Development, and the insult and hurt which followed when realizing the street was misspelled.  

Mayor Ken Bennington seemingly couldn't apologize enough relaying that although the information for the Veterans was received correctly,at the time signage was installed, there was a spelling mistake made and continued to explain that although Council has not yet decided how to make this correction, promised,"To make things right."

An update on this situation will be made public at the next Council Meeting. Council meanwhile will look at a few options however the family are keen to see the sign that is in place at the moment be changed and are not likely to accept a sign in another development, rightfully so. Although change may be afoot for residents of the street currently misspelled as General Wansburgh, these changes are more than possible noting the ongoing postal code changes Shelburne residents have experienced in the last few years. 

Other Highlights

*There will be no back yard chicken coops allowed in Shelburne, following up on a growing request by residents. *Land on  School Rd. will be re-zoned changed from a Type 1 property to a Type 3 property becoming suitable for residential use. * Residential building sited for 411 Victoria St. will be underway for semi-detached units. Residents June Williams and Richard Lewis expressed concerns that were met by Town Planner , Steve Weaver who explained the situation to everyone's satisfaction.

For full minutes of Shelburne Town Council Meetings, visit Town Of Shelburne Website. Click image above.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                              Thursday, September 29, 2016



Council Meeting 

September 26, 2016

(L)Fiddleville Shelburne Non-Profit Housing Representatives brought updates to Shelburne Town Council involving heating alternatives in the way of the possible installation into programmable thermostats, and the possibility of creating a smoke free housing environment in future. 

Shelburne SeesTwo New By-Law Officers!

The Town of Shelburne has appointed two new By-Law Officers. In a Press Release provided by the Town Of Shelburne during the Town council meeting held on Monday, September 26, 2016, Brandon Almeida and Vanessa Albanese, "Are the new faces looking to provide help, as well as positive change moving forward in our community. Over the next few months, the general public will see the By-Law Enforcement Officers providing enforcement of property standards and parking throughout all areas in town. The Town council has not made a final decision on the level of by-law enforcement for 2017 but this pilot project will assist in providing details for a business case. The volume of work and value of the work related to an increased presence is all part of the pilot project evaluation," as stated by Chief Administrative Officer, John Telfer.

Following Up: 

Shelburne's Local Political Activist Follows Up On Shelburne's Main St. Cross Walk Concerns

Following up on matters of concern over the safety of the relatively new cross walk on Shelburne's Main St., Shelburne's local political activist, Gord Craig mentioned many possible solutions that could increase safety and requested that Shelburne Town Councillors consider consulting MTO (Ministry of Transportation). Craig also brought fresh concerns to Shelburne Town Council. Craig has serious concerns following an incident that occurred over the summer where he claims after almost being hit by a vehicle disregarding the crosswalk, Craig reported the incident requesting footage from the Police Station cameras. Craig claims he was then told the cameras were not working and even if they were, a Shelburne Police Policy mandates the footage can only be viewed by a senior officer, who happened to be on vacation in any case. Graig then requested the Town consider allowing him to form a safety group or board of concerned citizens to further align itself with town of Shelburne and better keep council informed of pending safety issues. Town Council will follow up on these concerns and will get back to Craig during a future meeting.


* Plans for land on the North side of Luxton Way and West of existing storm water management facility in the Shelburne Industiral Park, owned by Brookfield Holdings Inc. will move forward creating a new industry lot to house an Industrial Truck Office and Repair Station. 

*The Town Of Shelburne, in an attempt to solve parking issues in the Police Station Parking Lot, while seeking solutions for efficiency will continue to use pylons to better navigate parking spots that clearly do not allow incorrect parking spots being used.

*Costs of resurfacing the asphalt of designated municipal roads in Shelburne were examined. 

*The Pavilion at Hyland Park will move forward in negotiations with contractors. 

*Harry Allen announced as New Shelburne Library Board Member.

*Home Town Heroes received financial support enabling organizers to purchase hardware for the Banners to be mounted on Shelburne's Street Posts.

*Further consideration into designs of Lisa McKechnie Memorial Signage move forward.

*Scouts announced they will be managing and hosting Easter Festivities at the CDRC in 2017.

* Shelburne Kinettes received support from Town Council in support of ShelburrrFest 2016 to be held at Fiddle Park.

*Headwaters Tourism announces Dufferin County is a " Rural Travel Destination" for World Tourism Day .

AND:*Shelburnne Applied For and Won One of the 150th Celebration Gardens featuring Tulip Gardens in Celebration of Canada's 150 Anniversary! 

Click on image above to visit The Town Of Shelburne Webpage.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                               Tuesday August 30, 2016


Shelburne Town Council Meeting

August 22, 2016

Town Council Unaminously Decides to Officially Name Baseball Diamond "A" Located At Highland Park, Lisa McKechnie Memorial Baseball Field.

Good news for so many who wanted Baseball Diamond "A" located at Hyland Park officially renamed, the Lisa McKechnie Memorial Baseball Field as Shelburne Town Council unanimously agreed to this resolution and added, $3000 from the Parks and Recreation Operating Account 7310 will be allocated to fund the purchasing and installation of the the sign. Staff will be responsible to to provide recommendations to Council regarding physical attributes, wording, fonts,and estimated costs of the signage by the September 12th Council meeting. Important to note is the fact that Council will also consider establishing "standardized signage strategy" for all future park, diamond, field or building dedications or renaming which would of course include the Town Of Shelburne's logo from a branding stand point. 

SHELBURNE BIA (Business Improvement Area) are eager to reveal the new hanging banners for Shelburne Main Street light posts in order to help promote BIA endeavors to promote business in Shelburne. Currently, the Shelburne BIA offers a website for local businesses within the BIA geographic perimeter.designed to give internet exposure to the world and promote businesses in Shelburne. The BIA is also managing the Shelburne BIA Farmers Market on the corner of Owen Sound St. and First Avenue West each Thursday from -7 p.m.  The Banners will hang on the main street posts during the season the market is running and will definitely help provide exposure to the wonderful weekly market. 

The banners will also share the spotlight with Hometown Heroes Banners Initiative  hosted by the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion. 

(Above) Chris Cozack, Marketing Initiative Manager For The Shelburne BIA.


This issue was discussed by council members and there is more information of the Shelburne School News page including map, scheduling and more news. CLICK HERE

Is Shelburne
Going To The Birds? 

Resident, Sylvia Lesak
Asks Council To Consider
Pilot Program For 
Back Yard Chicken Coops

Shelburne Resident Sylvia Lesak (above)  approached Council with the idea of approving backyard chicken coupes back in 2012. During that time, Bylaws were not permitting residents to engage in having back yard coops, and that bylaw remains unchanged to this day. Lesak would like to teach her child where food comes form, have fresh eggs for her family and enjoys the concept of country life and has requested that Council re-visit bylaws in place at present once again due to popular requests for a pilot project involving coops that would be regulated, kept up to standards, and ensured the coops would not attract other wildlife nor irritate neighbors with noise. 

Lesak is not alone in her views of county lifestyle and when Council reviews the situation,examines bylaws, compares to other pilot projects in other similar sized communities,gathers more information, it will deliver a response.

Local Political Activist For The Greater Good & Safety Watch, resident Gord Craig (L) continually observes out safety issues experienced by the Town of Shelburne and brings the issues to Town Council. In a passionate plea for increased policing around Shelburne's new crosswalk, an increased appeal for more to be done with regards to distracted drivers passing through Shelburne's Main Street, also pointed out the danger in crossing Owen Sound Street during the hours of the Shelburne Farmer's Market each Thursday between the hours of 3 p.m -7p.m. 

Councillor Randy Chambers suggested Council look at red light cameras and Council will look into the pro's and cons of that suggestion. While 'teaching' drivers in the way of driving safety education is not the Council's obligation, all Councillor's agree with Craig's observations in that driver's are careless and in many cases are driving distracted. Craig reports he and many Shelburnites who utilize wheelchairs have come close to getting hit at the crosswalk. 

Council has made very positive changes as a result of Craig's continued and devoted requests for improvements. Council acknowledged Craig's requests and are currently examining all safety situations including concerns with Shelburne Police Parking and how to make the lot more efficient and safe for those in wheelchairs passing on the Victoria Street sidewalk. 

Changes and updates ahead, but not to worry, Craig and Shelburne Town council are on it! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                    Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Shelburne Town Council Meeting July 11, 2016

Plans For New Small Veterinary Clinic

Paolo Pambianchi submitted an application for the approval of a Site- Specific Zoning By-Law Ammendment in order that he add a Small Vetrinary Clinic at 155-165 Main Street West.  Council approved the ammendment. (LtoR) Town Planner, Steve Weaver and Paolo Pambianchi.

Property Tax Assessments Coming Soon!

Property Tax Assessment Coming Soon! (Above) Jon Hebden, Accounts Manager Municipal & Stakeholder Relations for Municipal Property Assessment Corporation address Council informing them of the upcoming Property Tax Assessment likely to begin by the end of July 2016. Hebden recommends residents visit their website for any questions at

as it is filled with videos, and information that is very useful for homeowners who have questions. 

New Crosswalk Cause For Concern

Local Political Activist, Gord Craig tries to keep his eyes on safety issues for the Shelburne Community and brought a serious safety concern to the attention of Shelburne Town Council regarding Shelburne's newly installed crosswalk. With the help of CAO John Telfer, and Councillor Walter Benotto, Craig pointed out that vehicles are simply not stopping. Shelburne Police services issued a safety concern alert to drivers, an explanation of how the crosswalk works and informed the public of serious fines that could be faced if the crosswalk is ignored by distracted drivers. That being said, Craig informed Town Council that all the effort so far is not helping to make vehicles stop for pedestrians. Craig's concerns were verified by Telfer and Benotto having witnessed first hand the gravity of the situation and steps have been taken informing the Ministry of Transportation of the problem and are now waiting for a response that will hopefully remedy the situation before someone gets hurt or worse. 

Photo generously provided by Shelburne Police Services. 

Shelburne Town Council Moves Forward With The Natasha Paterson Memorial Signage To Be Placed at Hyland Heights Park Will Be Renamed Natasha Paterson Memorial Park

For more information on what transpired in the Shelburne Town Council Meeting Dated July 11, 2016, Visit the Town Of Shelburne Website.  Click Here.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                      Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Updates From

Shelburne Town Council Meeting

Held on Monday,  June 20, 2016. 

Passionate Ressolve Opposed To OPP Costing Evaluation In Support of Either A New Police Station Or Renovations To Current Shelburne Police Station

Shelburne Town Council has been reviewing and re-reviewing trying to accumulate as many facts and aspects as possible with regards to the decision of an OPP Costing, an assessment into the costs to the Town Of Shelburne should the Opp replace the Shelburne Police Services, a well appreciated and historical staple in the Town Of Shelburne.

As Mayor Ken Bennington  points out, " What we have here is a police housing problem, not a Police Services problem."

Complications and questions originally arose simultaneously with Shelburne's population growth and the age of the build, Shelburne's Town Hall, which is where Shelburne Police Services is currently located. A need for expansion, renovations, or a new police station resulted in Shelburne Town Council examining all options, including taking special note of  Town Treasurer, Carol Sweeney's report which financially laid out the fact that there is simple not enough money to allocate an estimated cost of $4 million dollars for a new Police Station, recommending a tax hike to residents is probably not a solution. Town Council also reviewed studies, reports, the availability of grants, loans, assessments on the building, estimated cost of a renovation and even if that was logistically possible, and how OPP costing affected other towns over a period of time. 

Finally, the situation came to a vote in the understanding of accumulating all the facts: Should Shelburne request an OPP assessment? Sounds like an easy question, especially as the Town of Shelburne reports not having $4million dollars and the OPP Costing report is a free service that could give Council a leg to stand on never being reproached for not examining all options, also knowing, Council also has the right to refuse. Former Mayor Crewson ( seen in photo above (L) attended the Council meeting, as did Police Chief, Kent Moore, and Chair of the Police Services Board, Len Mikulich. Crewson passionately recalled his 17 years of experience as Mayor of Shelburne, poignantly recalling that in his opinion, facts and figures as revealed in the studies present day council are basing their decisions on are flawed, "Look, the math just doesn't add up!"  

Around the Council Table, Councillor Tom Egan, Councillor Randy Chambers, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, immediately announced before the vote they will will vote, "No." On the opposite side of the table, Councillors Walter Benotto, and Councillor Dan Sample, also voted against the request for an OPP Costing, leaving Councillor Wade Mills and Mayor Bennington in favour of acquiring every detail and all information, the outsiders in this matter.   The vote to request an OPP Costing Assessment failed.

" Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-Shelburne police, but before I commit the Town to a 4 mill project, and after hearing the report from the treasury that a loan of that amount may prevent any further borrowing for the next 10 years, I want all the facts..all the facts...all the facts...including the costing from the OPP...but that's just me.. I appreciate the wisdom of council and my colleagues at the table, and we have decided to plan ahead for a new police station. Those details are yet undiscovered, but we will begin that process very soon," commented Mayor Ken Bennington. 

Now more questions need to be answered in the way of location, cost, where to get the money, will taxes be raised, and what will happen to Shelbunites if the town decides to take a loan and in ten years, the unforeseen leaves town's people with out financial options? On the flip side, perhaps Shelburne will be better off having not ever examined an OPP costing as reports from other towns reflect continuous rising costs over time. 

Meet New Owners Of  Blue Sky RV Resort Formerly Known As Highpoint Maple RV Park

Stephanie Grylis and Dennis Ramsarran(seen in photo L) are the new owners of Blue Sky RV Resort, a familiar campground to locals as it was formerly known as Highpoint Maple RV Park.  Grylis and Ramsarran introduced themselves to Town Council, adding the citing the benefits of their establishment to the Town Of Shelburne, noting their close proximity to Shelburne especially during town planned events adding their accommodations are perfectly located. They explained their facility has a lot of offer in the way of tourism and the couple were welcomed by Council. Councillor Dan Sample also, after examining their website noted how reasonable their rates are.  Click on Image (L) to visit their website.

"Getting to our Resort….Blue Sky RV Resorts is located just 12 km north of Shelburne, Ontario. Take Highway 10 north, then go east on Dufferin County Road 21.  The park is on the north side of the road. Our address is 682533 Dufferin County Road 21, Melancthon, Ontario L9V 2N2.  Call Us: 289-800-1216 [email protected] " This information acquired from The Blue Sky Rv Resort Website. 

In Other News: 

-Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Weaver Reviewed Bylaws involving Home Based Businesses, parking bylaws for home based business and the many other rules and regulations involved. Worth taking a gander at the Town Of Shelburne's Website for more information. 

- Shelburne's Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex will carry on with necessary improvements.

-S. Burnett's & Associates proposal passed for engineering services related to the well field capacity assessment program.

-Pickle Ball Games Request Held at Greenwood Park to have lines set down requires a little more information.

- Insurance request for Fiddle Parade during Fiddle Fest Weekend, passed.

-Request for Shelburne Scouts to hold their annual apple day, Saturday, October 1, passed. 

More Information can be found on the Town Of Shelburne Website. 

Click on the image of Council at the top right to visit the Town Of Shelburne website.

Arena News

Due to repairs to the pool, the opening of the CDRC Pool has been delayed. The Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex will work around this delay to minimize any interference with any of the scheduled summer swimming programming. Swimming lessons for Session 1 have been rescheduled and Sessions 2, 3 and 4 will continue as planned. The registration desk is open daily, Monday through Friday from 9am – 4:30pm for the CDRC Summer Swimming and Day Camp Programs. For additional information contact the CDRC pool and camp staff at (519) 925-2402 or email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

The Spring/Summer 2016 Recreation Guide is available at the CDRC or on the Town of Shelburne website. The Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex serves residence of Town of Shelburne, Town of Mono, Township of Amaranth and Township of Melancthon. The CDRC has a heated outdoor pool and offers various levels and types of instruction. 

The July and August programs include Red Cross Preschool and Swim Kids swimming lessons, Lifesaving Society Bronze courses for becoming a lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Club. For adults there are adult recreational swims and lane swims. There are daily public swims, pool rentals 

and party packages available. 

The CDRC Day Camp offers a summer of lots of fun, games, swimming and activities for children ages 4-12 with a variety of weekly themes. Each day, campers will engage in a variety of activities from singing songs and swimming to big group games and crafts. We take pride in ensuring that all children have both a fun and memorable experience. CDRC Summer Day Camp will be open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. After care is also available until 6:00pm. 

Start your Tuesday off with a smile; The Shelburne Christian Women’s Club will meet  again at the CDRC on Tuesday, June 14 th with Potluck Luncheon served from 11:30am-1:30pm.  “Bring food and an appetite”. The program will feature Christine Basset of Washington Twp.Michigan. 

The Shelburne Jr. ‘C’ Vets Lacrosse Team “Canada’s Lacrosse Army!” is home Friday,June 17 th at 8pm vs Caledon Bandits. 

The CDRC will be participating in the Shelburne Street Festival & Classic Car Show-Open Air Market on Saturday, June 18 th . Find the CDRC Booth and ask our staff any questions you may have about our CDRC Summer Swimming and Day Camp programs. There will be some fun games and prizes for the kids too! 

“You have the power to give life. Donate blood and joint the movement today.” The next Blood Donor Clinic will be held at the CDRC on Friday, June 24 th from 3:30-6:30pm. Book your appointment at

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                           Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Steve Burnett of S.Burnett & Associates ( Blue shirt -centre) presented on an updated report to Council Members as requested on the May 30,2016 Council meeting on the progress being made to future Natasha Paterson Pavilion and was met with great approval by council. For newcomers to Shelburne, The Natasha Paterson Pavilion is a beautiful memorial tribute to twelve year old Natasha Paterson who shockingly passed tragically in preparation for a 2015 Parade involving a horse incident. Even a year later, the loss still fresh for so many. The New Pavillion will be a welcomed and beautiful step in the healing process of a community. As seen (L) the initial stages have begun with the drawings featuring futuristic and traditional design. Council moved to carry on with plans set in motion. 

POLE BARN UPDATE: S. Burnett & Associates also provided an update on the status of the future Pole Barn Structure to be built on the grounds of Shelburne's Fiddle Park. Burnett remarked that procedures are well under way, however there is a possibility construction may be delayed a year awaiting word from the County on many issues mentioning degradation of land, and other such delays in executing the project. A further update will likely be provided soon.  

Local Shelburnite and resident of Franklin St., Karen Cole, attended the Town Council Meeting in order to inquire about the land behind Franklin Street which is being reverenced,(the land owner is selling an acre off). Cole is very concerned about the future of the land citing the noise level is difficult to deal with at present and can't help wondering what kind of building will be be built, business, residential, or commercial. Steve Weaver, Shelburne Town Planner &  Council responded that these dealings are in the very beginning stages and as soon as more information comes to light the public will be notified and provided a sin up sheet for that purpose. Cole signed.    

Shelburne Economic Development Committee receives the "Go Ahead" from Council and as soon as CAO John Telfer drafts a Job description, the EDC will be looking for a "New Hire" for the position of a Marketing Co-Ordinator. Although the title may be changed, this entry position will possibly become titled: Economic Development Officer and the candidate will liaison between the Shelburne BIA, The EDC and Shelburne Town Hall as a social media "Go-To" person, public relations person and more. 

The exciting position will keep Shelburne in league with modern thinking communities and forward thinking long term goals that will continue to better expand and attract business to the Town of Shelburne. (L to R) EDC Members, Bill Gillam, Brian Besley, Mike Fazackerley, Steve Bowles.

The Nottawasaga Valley conservation Authority (NVCA) Presented Shelburne with an Award for 

for all it's work along Besley Creek planting 490 trees in 2015 and also for cleaning and maintaining the area where Besley creek is located, behind  the neighbourhood of Franklin St. 

(Lto R) Shelburne Town Councilor, Walter Benotto, NVCA CAO,  D.Gayle Wood, Chair of NVCA, Councillor Doug Lougheed and Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington. Wood and Lougheed also presented their future commitment plans to maintain a healthy watershed in 2016. 

Click on photo above to email Wood or call, 705-424-1479 X 225.

Local Resident and local Political Activist, Gord Craig(L) brought a very serious issue to Town council eight years in the making. Resident of Victoria Street, a very busy Street, Craig brought to Council's attention that many large Transport Vehicles are driving on Victoria Street when Shelburne clearly has signage on the portion of that street restricting transports from using the Street. Craig mentioned that over the last eight years, he has brought this to the attention of the Shelburne Police but to no avail. Finally this week, a Transport vehicle experienced an incident involving a back fender falling off while in front of Town Hall, located on the corner of Victoria St. and Main St. Craig pointed out that Town Hall has a very busy Grace Tipling Hall currently featuring a Peter Pan Production and during the transport's incident, children were around the area. Feeling this has now become a safety issue, Craig brought it to Council. 

Later in the meeting, Council decided that Craig's concerns were more than serious and the issue would be discussed with Shelburne Police and Council will review the bylaw concerning such matters. Councillor Randy Chambers will bring it to the attention of the Shelburne Police and Councillor Walter Benotto constructed the resolution. Transports rely on the direct route using Victoria street as an access to back roads. Craig's concerns as to why this has been allowed for so long was addressed by the Mayor.

" Shame on us!", commented Shelburne Mayor Bennington. A follow up will be brought forth next council meeting on May 20, 2016 at 7 p.m at Town Hall. 

 Note: In the Photo, Craig holds a gift basket he won during the Police Torch Run In Support of Special Olympics and personally raised $299.00) 

Looking at the graph, Sweeney was able to explain it is not likely the Town of Shelburne could afford the cost of re-building a new Police Station.  Generating income could come from raising taxes but it was not recommended by Sweeney and CAO John Telfer reminded that the likeliness of any finalized plans would probably occur only after many other facts were examined and a long term goal may have to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2018, but at this point there is no rush or pressure to make a hasty decision. 

Shelburne Police Station Building Talks Still On The Table

Even though the Town of Shelburne is looking pretty good financially, Shelburne has experienced some unexpected recent costs over the last year, according to Shelburne Treasurer, Carol Sweeney who was asked last Council meeting by Mayor Bennington to provide a graph of in order to see what 2017 might look like.

In Other Town Council News: As of last Town Council meeting held on Monday, May 30, 2016, Tony's Street Meats was denied his intermittent business licence request. Although the vendor is still able to maintain his in store business, he has yet to re-open his ice-cream shop. Seguay into Town council meeting this week and Summit Energy were also denied by Town Council an intermittent business licence considering they had been escorted twice by Shelburne Police from the Town of Shelburne for both not having a business licence and using very aggressive behaviour during their door to door sales encounters with Shelburnites. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                      Tuesday, May 10, 2016




Ever Wonder What Goes On At Town Council Meeting? 

Put Your Feet Up & Watch Three Portions of The Shelburne Town Council Meeeting 

Held on May 9, 2016,

 Brought to you by The Shelburne Freelancer. Click on images for video.

Well known Toronto Lawyer, Leonard Hochberg 

(Above: L) made an appeal to Shelburne Town Council on Monday, May 9, 2016 requesting Council reconsider his client, Tony Finnochio's request for an intermittent business licence in order that he take up business using his Hot Dog Cart on the corner of Shelburne's Main Street and Victoria St. where he runs a small business called Tony's Street Meats. Finnochio's business request was not actually denied, but due to the considerations of many Shelburnites having reported complaints regarding Finnochio's wild behavior even frightening an elderly woman, in one case, Finnochio's request was placed under consideration by Shelburne's Town Council on April 25, 2016. Finnochio takes issue with Shelburnites walking on the property he rents, or sitting on the picnic tables he has in place, without patronizing his business  and has aggressively ushered people away, using passionate, colorful language which he admits to himself. More to come on the ongoing saga.Scroll down to see initial article on Inside Town Council .

 Click on image above to see video of Hochberg's request.

Kelly McDowell's (Above)fight to reverse Kathleen Wynne's decision involving cutbacks to Autism Services which is currently devastating hundreds if not thousands of children 5 and over as a result of removing Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) Services, brought McDowell to Shelburne's Town Council with a Resolution for consideration which was unanimously passed. This resolution makes Shelburne one of the first, if not the first Ontario Town to take a stand against Wynne's cutbacks and the resolution will be sent to Wynne and all government ministers involved. Hopefully Shelburne will be setting an upstanding precedence for other's to follow. Click on image of Kelly McDowell (above) for video of McDowell's well versed request to Council.  

ACCE Photgraphy Owner, Althea Casamento(Above) Brought her request to Shelburne Town Council appealing the Town to pass a resolution in favour of recognizing her upcoming planned Wedding Show in OCTOBER as an Annual Event in the Town Of Shelburne. 

Perhaps that smiles tells it all! 

Click on image for video. Note: Actual date of show Is October!

Click here to visit ACCE Photography for more information.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                     Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shelburne Economic Development Committee(E.D.C)Annual Breakfast of 2016
 Housing, Sustainability VS Rapid Growth, Transportation, Accessibility & More  

Each year the EDC host an Annual Breakfast where serious concerns, reports, and answers to many questions revolving around Shelburne and Shelburne's future are reviewed, discussed, and this year especially, the future of Shelburne is looking very bright indeed. According to our panelists, lead by MC, CAO John Telfer, during the discussion portion of the morning, Shelburne is still looking at a recent studies and deciding whether transportation to Orangeville at present is a viable option. Chair Of the EDC, Wade Mills commented that while the numbers reveal an overall desire for the public to have access to Orangeville is overwhelmingly in favour of some form of transportation, the situation still needs to examine whether Shelburne actually has the number of actual users to supports the cost of the service. Mills feels that transportation is absolutely inevitable but is clearly not certain how far in the future it will actually happen. Also revealed in today's discussion, while Shelburne is affordable with regards to the housing market, and it's a great time to sell, yet houses for sale are low in numbers. New development is key to Shelburne's growth coupled with future recommended support of small business and entrepreneurial endeavors in order to build up the town core and in increase the ability of consumers to shop local. Perhaps it was Sharon Grant of Royal LePage RCR Realty who summed up the discussion best commenting, "It's a very exciting time to be in Shelburne right now!" Also in attendance, MP, David Tilson, MP Sylvia Jones, and new  to Shelburne, Hip-Hop Artist, David Record. 

(Above) Diane Gallinger of Shelburne's Accessibily Committee explained big plans for a future park that is accessible to all, ensuring the possibility for all children in Shelburne to enjoy themselves and further explained the importance of Shelburne being on top of reporting areas of concern on sidewalks, access to businesses, and addressing the issues in a proactive approach to safety. 

Discussion Panel consisted of (LtoR) Sharon Grant of Royal LePage RCR Realty, Kim Philip of Canopy Development Corporation, Chair Of Shelburne's Business Improvement Area(BIA)  and business owner of Being In Balance, Jodi Jones, Town Councillor and Chair Of EDC, Wade Mills, Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington. 

 (Above)  Longstanding Service Achievement  Award Winners of 2016 went to past E.D.C Chairs for longstanding service,

 as presented By Mayor Ken Bennington and  current Chair of the EDC, Town Councillor Wade Mills, (LtoR) Mayor Ken Bennington, Sam Young, , Steve Marr, Bill Roy, and EDC Chair, Wade Mills.

Town Planner Steve Weaver provided slideshow presentations while taking part in discussion along with the discussion panelists. 

(L) Shelburne's Chief Administrative Officer, (CAO) John Telfer was Master Of Ceremony. 

The EDC Breakfast was provided by (L to R) Shelburnite Lesa Peat with Micha of Micha's Kitchen.

Jim and Marion Sawyers Of Sawyers Feed Mill in Shelburne received a special Longstanding Buisiness Award

 for being in business 97 years! 

(Above:LtoR)Jim Sawyers, Mayor Ken Bennington, Marion Sawyers, EDC Member Brian Besley, EDC Chair, Wade Mills. 

Click on image (R) 

for Video Snippet of 

Shelburne's EDC Breakfast Conference's Panel Discussion. 

Click on photo to see in full view.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                        Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Meeting of Monday, April 25, 2016.

Tony's Street Meats Intermittent Outdoor Business Licence Request

Declined By Town Council. 

Each year, intermittent business licences are issued by Shelburne's Town Council upon request by local business owners. Usually vendors with hot dog trucks or ice cream trucks issue that request. Tony's Street Meats is a local business located at the corner of Victoria Street and Main Street opposite Shelburne's Town Hall. The interesting and not well known fact is that Tony's Street Meats is a renter of the corner store front property, (outside portion and store front portion) and is owned by a person who's name is not identified for privacy reasons. While Tony's Street Meats rents inside he must apply to Town Council each year for a an intermittent licence for use of the outside property. This year, his application was denied due to complaints in regards to how the business owner treats Shelburnites, and the owner's dispensing of debris in the Town's drainage system. The Council's decision was unilaterally expressed in their expected standards of behaviors all business 

owners must display in order to have a business in the Town Of Shelburne.    Intermittent Business Licences were granted to Sean Strickland for a Hot Dog Cart,and Blitzful Treats. 

POLE BARN UPDATE: Pick'in In The Park Organizers, Greg And Heather Holmes of Holmes Appliances & Music Shop, have been very successful raising money for a new pole barn to be erected at Shelburne's Fiddle Park, but hit a road block when a Trillium grant didn't come through. Approaching Council it was decided that the Town would step in with financial aid and with further fundraising, the money will be paid back to the Town. Good News for the Town of Shelburne as the Pole Barn will greatly enhance Shelburne's ability to hold future events.  

Shelburne Town Planner,  Steve Weaver delivered Town Planner Report regarding , an application for Consent #B16/01, and a report regarding Official Plan Amendments No. 34 & 36 from the April 21, 2016 meeting.

(LtoR) Bayshore Property Management, Donna Gordon, Property Manager and Trevor Lester provided updates on Fiddleville Non- Profit Housing. 

More information can be found on the Town Of Shelburne Website. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Friday, April 15, 2016




Town Council Meeting  Monday, April 11, 2016.

Click on image (R) to visit The Town Of Shelburne


Shelburnites are attending Town Council meetings like never before. While some are petitioning requests, others attend to keep informed. The meeting that took place on April 11th didn't disappoint.

Perhaps the biggest "news" came once Parent Council representatives of Hyland Heights Elementary School,Charity Pigeau and Rebecca Hall appealed to Council for permission to continue in their plans for building a play ground-green environment accessible to all students. The active Parents Council have have raised money in support of other School activities and functions over the last four years and have allocated 70% of funds raised to go towards the future playground.

Congratulations to (LtoR)Charity Pigeau and Rebecca Hall, Parent Council Representatives of Hyland Heights Elementary School for all their hard work Fundraising to build a community friendly, accessible and  green play ground .

Troupe- Adore!
A Community Fair Share Arts Movement Making Arts
 & Culture More Accessible

(LtoR) Steve Noseworthy, Founder of Troupe-Adore, Sohayla Smith, and Josh Oatman were granted the use of Jack Downing Park May 6,7,8 for Busking Music, Music and Poetry.  August 19,20,21& 26, 27, 28 will be Theatre in the Park. November 5,6,7 Pantomime In the Park and December 17th Christmas Choir In The Park. Click on photo above and visit Troupe-Adore's Facebook Page

In Pigeau's and Hall's estimation, in order to build a community shared playground accessible to all students, keeping in mind, their particular school has been deemed a "high needs" due to the average low income in the area, Phase One of their project will require $50,000 and will eventually cost $100,000. As a result of the cost, Pigeau and Hall appealed for financial assistance from the Town Of Shelburne pointing out their playground is community friendly and will lend itself well to the baseball diamonds already located at Hyland Park. 

With a very impressive presentation, which includes photos that can be found on the Town of Sheburne Website, Pigeau and Hall were congratulated by Town Council and were given the go ahead to carry on making plans for the playground that will likely take place during the summer of 2016. 

(Above)Steve Burnett of S. Burnett & Associates provided Council with an overview of concerns, considerations, and quote in replacing vs up-grading the Chemical Feed System for the Tertiary Filter of Shelburne's Waste Water Treatment Plant following a 2015 Annual Performance Report. Airing on the side of caution, Council did accept the proposal concerning Shelburne's Waste Water Treatment Plant. All drawings for the system can be found on the Town Of Shelburne Website. Note: Construction for the New Pavilion at Hyland Park will likely begin July 2016 and run through to completion in August 2016. 

Shelburne's Treasurer, Carol Sweeney (above:LtoR) and Deputy Treasurer Carey Holmes delivered a Report on developing a Tax Collection Policy that provides guidance to staff for effective and efficient collection of property taxes and to ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly and equitably with respect to the to the collection of their property taxes. 

Understanding many have fallen into  tax arrears due to a variety of reasons, clear lines of communication will be used when contacting a property owner outlying the seriousness of the situation. For more information, go to the Town Of Shelburne Website. 

Above)Town Councillor,  Wade Mills spoke on behalf of the Police Accommodations Sub-Committee explaining the Committee is still having to weigh options. A major consideration is weighing the cost of renovating the existing Police Station facility, a portion of the Town Hall, against the cost of re-locating. Not just as simple as that Mills points out that in the event taking the renovations course of action, there is the problem of where a temporary police station setup will be during that time. the update is simply , the committee needs to take careful consideration of all factors and are still in discussion at this time. 

For more information click on this link and go to the Town of Shelburne's Website

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                            Saturday, April 9, 2016  

Who Made The Sunshine List Among Town Of Shelburne Employees? 

Public sector salary disclosure 2015: all sectors and seconded employees .
 Information on all public sector employees who were paid $100,000 or more in 2015 
and are subject to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                    Friday, April 8, 2016

Town of Shelburne 

Chair Wade Mills and the Police Accommodations Sub-Committee have been investigating options for the long term accommodations of the Shelburne Police Service. As part of the task at hand, the sub-committee has evaluated their needs for accommodations. The year 2035 horizon was identified as the needs basis for the review. The sub-committee has broken the workload into three areas including Public Relations, Finance and Building Evaluation areas.The sub-committee will continue to meet monthly until a report and recommendation is presented to Council on next steps in the accommodation review.

The current sub-committee consists of Mayor Bennington, Councillor Mills, Councillor Chambers, Carol Sweeney, Treasurer, John Telfer, CAO/Clerk and Chief Moore, Police Chief.

Any further questions can be directed to the Chair, Wade Mills at [email protected]

                                           This media release provided by The Town Of Shelburne CAO/Clerk , John Telfer.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                        Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Shelburne Town Council Meeting 

Monday, March 21, 2016.

(LtoR) Representative for NKompas Group Inc, and Shelburne Town Planner Steve Wever discuss proposed improvements to Shelburne Main Street W. 

Click on photo above to go to the Town Of Shelburne website for Minutes and Agenda's of Town Council Meetings. 

Seated in front of Shelburne's Town Council, two representatives, (Lto R) Angela Slumskie and Thomas DiCarlo, from BDO, Binder Dijker Otte (well known Financial Assurance & Accounting Organization)  reviewed the Town Of Shelburne's 2015 Financial Statement. the Statement covered a Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Operations, Statement of Net Financial Assets, Statement of Cash Flows, Tangible Capital Assets Note, Accumulated Surplus Note, Budget Amounts Note and Highlights of the Municipality's Performance. 

Due to Shelburne's continued growth, BDO reported Reserves have been steadily increasing, as well as reporting an increase in available cash flows. With regards to Water and Sewer, while reserves and discretionary reserve funds have increased between 2010 through 2014, 2015 saw a decrease in reserves due to a significant number of water and sewer capital projects. More of the report will be available online at the Town Of Shelburne website. 

Minutes from Tipling Stage Company 2016 Annual General Meeting, Minutes from the Dufferin Municipal Officers Association January 2016 Meeting, Minutes from the Shelburne Public Library Board Meetings from 2015 were accepted unanimously, and all requests from the Office of the Fire Marshall and Emergency Management to attend upcoming seminars were carried. Consideration of donation to the Jennifer Widbur Memorial Hockey Tournament letter to address all small business owners was reviewed,Warden Laura Ryan declared April , Be A Donor Month, April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day in the County of Dufferin. More of the Minutes of the Shelburne Town Council meeting will be available of on the Town Of Shelburne Website. 

New and exciting possibilities are to be explored as Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever delivered a report on the request for Municipal approval for a building permit for building renovations and additions for 155-165 Main Street West and a request for approval of servicing allocation for 18 residential apartments units. The request comes from NKompass Group Inc. Wever requested the report be received, as presented and circulated, and also suggested ' Council waive the requirement for Site Plan Control for 155-165 Main Street West.on the basis of the plans received by the Town and subject to Municipal Approval of the building permit including requirements for lot grading approval, deposit and inspection by the Town's engineer. ' Wever also noted the owner will disconnect the building roof drainage from the sanitary sewer at the owner's expense. 

Chief Administrative Officer, CAO, John Telfer delivered a report following many request for safety considerations regarding the installation of more stop signs in different areas of Shelburne. One location was Jelly St. Sth  and Andrew St. on the south east corner, ( at the top of a slight incline) making that intersection a four way stop, east bound on Jelly Street N. and First Ave., making that intersection a four way stop, and west bound on First Avenue, suggesting a stop sign be erected at First Avenue and Jelly St. 

" Safety concerns have to be considered," commented Telfer and answering to the suggestion that a stop sign at the top of Jelly St. Sth and Andrew St. could be perilous in winter conditions added, " I've received numerous complaints and concerns about that intersection not having a stop sign and I haven't received or know of any accidents that resulted from a vehicle not being able to make it up that incline in winter. With the mail boxes situated opposite to the proposed location of the stop sign, I feel this is the best course of action."

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                         Tuesday, March 8, 2016


                      Shelburne Town Council Meeting Of

                                Monday, March 8, 2016

Shelburne Town Council's Big News!
Resolution Requiring Name Changes 
To Shelburne's Hyland Park

For many months since Shelburne suffered a horrific and sudden tragedy which occurred just as Shelburne's 2015 summer Fiddle Parade was about to begin, sadly a life ended sparking a community wide discussion on how to commemorate the life of 12 year old, Natasha Paterson.  After much debate and effort, Mr. Duncan Paterson on behalf of the Paterson family, friends and many supporters within the community finally came to know Council's decision regarding the Paterson request to rename Hyland Park, the place where the young and beloved, Natasha met her fate,  The Natasha Paterson Memorial Park. On Monday, March 7, Council declared it's unanimously passed Resolution declaring the following: 

(Above) Natasha Paterson Photo's from Facebook & previously covered article. 

The decision, albeit complicated, required a policy be created regarding such matters in order to make a resolution.  Council's carefully thought out decision when revealed was met with gratitude, respect, and relief to Natasha Paterson's father, Duncan Paterson, a sentiment that will likely be shared in what remains to be a still grieving community over the loss of the spectacular, well lived and well loved life of a very remarkable twelve year old so involved in her community, Natasha Paterson.  

More Highlights Of The Council Meeting To Follow 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                         Monday, March 7, 2016

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Publicly and politically charged is the only way in which to describe the electric atmosphere of the Shelburne Town Hall Public Council meeting held on Monday evening, February 22, 2016. In attendance were Mayor Ken Bennington, CAO John Telfer,  Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby, Councillors Dan Sample,  Wade Mills, Tom Egan, Randy Chambers, Walter Benotto, Carol Sweeney, Treasurer, and  Carey Holmes, AMCT, Deputy Treasurer. 

Town Planner, Steve Wever provided his report on an application submitted by Migo Investments regarding the re-zoning of land at the corner of Highway 89 and Second Line(County Rd. 11), which included land on Main St. where an unoccupied house and garage are proposed to to be torn down, making this land in question re-zoned from Residential to Commercial. 

An immediate concern for Mayor Bennington was the number of emails he gets almost daily where Shelburnites address their safety concerns exiting establishments into that particular intersection.

" You would have to sell me on that situation regarding stop lights, especially when turning left," commented Bennington, "I'd like to see the exit more far west."

When Telfer asked for clarification concerning the issues, Wever reminded that what was presented that day is not the end of the project. The matter is up for Council's consideration. If agreed to, the land will henceforth be referred to as C-4 Special Commercial Zone. 

Seen left addressing Council is, Dennis Kar, of Dillon Consulting, Associate Transportation Planner presenting his findings regarding the report his firm was hired to do with regards to a Transportation Feasibility Study he was hired to do on behalf of the Town Of Shelburne. 

While there is still much to consider, first overview seemed promising revealing that most Shelburnites, approximately 85%, feel a transportation system of some kind from Shelburne to Orangeville especially is a great idea. 

The comprehensive report involved many enlightening demographics, charts, and the conclusions were often surprising, case in point, 46% of those who commute from Shelburne to Orangeville at present do not go onto the GTA. (Greater Toronto Area) posing yet another question regarding transit from Shelburne to Orangeville that may or may not need to include access to the Go Transit. 

This study also revealed the need for early morning access to Transit and end of the day/late evening return access to accommodate work hours. Generally, the need for Shelburnites to use the system would be for  work, health concerns involving Doctor appointments, access to the Hospital, and some shopping. Also surprising was the idea Shelburnites would not necessarily be drawn to the service for shopping as the ride their and back could easily take forty minutes each way and when commuters realize the service would most likely have four a hour wait between runs, using the

 service could occupy the greater part of a day. Invited into considerations, Councillor Wade Mills and President of the Economic Development Committee expressed their concerns with the idea of transporting Shelburnites away from Shelburne when the EDC is struggling to find ways to encourage the community to shop in Shelburne. 

The entire report will be available to Shelburnites on the Town Of Shelburne Website. As it stands right now, cost, usership, and timing still need to be examined with careful consideration before opting to move forward. 



A very passionate Shelburnite, George Muenier, presented his case to Council over concerns with regards to the Carcinogenic related effects Diesel operated School Buses are most likely having on school age children, during their idling time both during mornings and waiting to pick children up at the school days end. 

" School buses idle for over an hour sometimes in the morning and when they get to the schools to pick up at the end of the day, the bus drivers just sit there idling and the toxic, carcinogenic gases rel;eased into the atmosphere are getting taken into the lungs of children!" 

Meunier requested Council amend the Town Of Shelburne's idling bylaw suggesting idling time of just three minutes in cold weather and in nice weather, one minute if that. Meunier's request came with data and information gathered over the course of two years worth of research that included a list of over 33 chemical contaminants found in Diesel exhaust that Shelburne's youngest and most vulnerable take in every day while getting on a bus. Arsenic, Formaldehyde, Mercury, Nitrobenzanthrone, Acrolein, are just of few of the many specific chemicals found in Diesel Exhaust and are considered top of the deadliest Group 1-3 type carcinogens, that can alter cellular structure resulting in cancer.

"Once you get educated and think about it, even a little, there's no turning back! Something has to be done! " Meunier passionately, fervently pleaded with Council. 

In conjunction with Meunier's concerns regarding the carcinogenic effects of Diesel exhaust, came concerns with the environment, explaining how  the Upper Grand District School Board had adopted the Blue Dot Movement, a project with the David Suzuki Foundation where the Foundation is hoping with enough participation, the Government will recognize a citizen's right to healthy air, clean water and food and include this in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Act. Meunier requested our community take part in the project commenting, "It's just the right thing to do!"

A proud night for Meunier's efforts as both requests were accepted by Council however Council opted to also include other vehicles as well following a report from CAO John Telfer examining the current Bylaw. Council will be very clear choosing wording of the new Idling Bylaw which will be revealed at the next meeting, March 7, 2016. 

Other items on the regular agenda, Report regarding the Idling Bylaw by CAO John Telfer, Report from CAO John Telfer regarding Storm Sewer Management Ponds and Safety Issues, Update for New Snow Plow, Consideration for the Nomination of Excellence Award 2015 will go to Bill Gillam, owner of Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre, LP Stage Productions request for the use of a service Dog, Tipling Stage letters for 2017,2018, Letter from Southgate Township regarding support for Private Members Bill 36-amending the Trespass to Property act, Two Requests for Administrative Staff  (one)to attend 2016 Municipal Leader's Forum and another to attend 2016 Municipal Clerks Forum were all carried. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Take A Look Inside The Inner Workings Of Shelburne's Town Council In This Exclusive  Video Interview With (L) Shelburne's Chief Administrative Office, (CAO)John Telfer

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                            Thursday, January 28, 2016


Shelburne Town Council had never been above controversy. The council meeting held on January 25th, was no exception. With a full Agenda, Council got down to business. In attendance, Mayor Ken Bennington, CAO John Telfer, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby, Councillors Dan Sample,  Wade Mills, Tom Egan, Randy Chambers and  Carol Sweeney, Treasurer.  

First up: Fiddleville (Shelburne) Non Profit Housing Corporation, professionally managed by Bayshore Property Management Inc. reviewed and discussed, their board meetings, lighting regarding energy saving initiatives, bugets, tenants and announced one apartment will be made available to Syrian Refugees on behalf of a sponsoring family.

Paul Sign of Orangeville Cab made further inquiries to the Town's investigation regarding price discrepancies amongst other Cab Companies discovering Orangeville Cab to be quite high which was opposite to Sign's inquiry and complaint. Sign announced he would look further into the matter and return to follow up with Council at a later date.

Shelburne Resident,Mr. George Meunier , asked Council if requesting street lights from John St. to 4th Line was really such a difficult request as he pointed out it is in fact, in his opinion a safety issue. Meunier also asked Council if the situation was meeting Urban Standard Requirements. Town Of Shelburne CAO responded that Highway 89 is actually not a road belonging to the Town Of Shelburne and the Ministry of Transportation must decide on the brought up issue at hand adding the Urban Boundary is just outside the railroad crossing. Perhaps disappointing to those who hoped Council could simply vote on adding street lights and get the situation rectified, the result is yet another example of Council's hands being tied and bound to rules, regulations and provincial guidelines that absolutely must be followed. 

Bereaved Shelburnite, Duncan Paterson addressed Council on the possibility of changing the name of Highland Park to the Natasha Paterson Park in memory of his beloved daughter, Natasha Paterson. Though incredibly moved, almost to tears, by Paterson's passionate request, Council is still exploring ways to commemorate the twelve year old who tragically lost her life in a shocking, and solely unexpected horse incident while preparing for The Shelburne summer parade in 2015. Council mentioned the Highland Park Pavilion as a possible designated memorial location to honour the young Shelburnite and will endeavour to explore the matter in the upcoming months ahead while being mindful and respectful of Shelburne's history, both passed and in the future moving forward.  

Mr. Bojin of Turnstone Contracting also made a plea to Council urging them to grant relief from development charges and the matter is still under discussion due to legalities within previous legal documents agreed upon at the time development began and relief was denied at this point. 

Note from the Shelburne Freelancer: This meeting, like most carried on passed 9 p.m and as Shelburne's hardworking, dedicated Town Councillors remained,  I could not. Thank you for your understanding. 

Click on the link above to read Shelburne Town Council's Agendas and Minutes to followup on other matters discussed during the above meeting. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                 Thursday, December 17, 2015


More organizations and Shelburnites are attending Shelburne Town Council Meetings than ever before. Last Council meeting held on December 7th, The Shelburne Agricultural Society pleaded its case, requesting more funding than in passed years in support of Shelburne's very popular and highly anticipated Shelburne Fall fair. 

(L) One of the Agricultural Society Directors, Chris Wallace spoke on the organizations behalf pointing out the benefits to all involved if the Town of Shelburne could contribute more financially. Wallace commented, "The Fall Fair is a big draw to the Town and benefits now just those interested in agriculture, but also the Town itself makes money as well. Also the Fair helps those ready themselves for the Royals. " Wallace also rightfully mentioned that their group of volunteers simply put, "Can only do so much on their own. They need the help in order to be successful in 2016 and in the future. 

After careful consideration, Council decided to invest and support the Fall Fair with $2,500. 

Shelburne's Town Council 2015

(LtoR: Back) Councillors, Tom Egan, Wade Mills, Walter Benotto, and Dan Sample. (LtoR: Front)Deputy Mayor, Geoff Dunlop, Mayor Ken Bennington, and Councillor Randy Chambers.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                              Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inside Town Council

Inside Town Council is a very unique place to witness the inner workings of a legislative machine bound by protocol locally, provincially and federally. A simple question that appears logical can be as difficult to accomplish as climbing a mountain by the time all the protocols and procedures have been legally and correctly followed. 

Shleburne's Mayor and Town Councillor's work tirelessly following the "rules" and there are many of them.

On Monday, October 19th Council Chambers were full once again with concerned citizens needing to present their case to Council and issue proposals to be considered. 

This week in attendance, Mayor Ken Bennington, CAO John Telfer, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby, Councillors Dan Sample,  Wade Mills, Tom Egan, and Deputy Treasurer, Carey Holmes. First on the agenda, Greg and Heather Holmes, Organizers of Pick'n In The Park, appeared requesting the approval to start the building of an open pavilion on the grounds of Fiddle Park which Council approved, their proposal accepted. Of course, there are a mountain of rules and regulations and guidelines that must be followed and likely the Holmes' will find themselves before Council many times before the completion of this Pavilion, however, Shelburnites can rest assured, the Pavilion's merits will be a definite draw to future events for the town of Shelburne. 

Also on the agenda, as "Runners-Up" in Coors Banquet's One Horse Town Concert Contest, Shelburne was given this framed and signed shirt featuring a couple of CD's that will hang on the wall of Town Hall as a reminder of how close Shelburne came to winning. 

There is ongoing discussion as to where the frame will hang. 

A big issue of the evening, came when discussing the two reports issued by By-Law Officer Bob Fudge regarding issuing two new Taxi Licenses To Shelburne Taxi &Limo and Shivam Taxi. 

Questions arose involving Shelburne's demand for the service and whether or not Shelburne's Quota of issuing only 7 taxi licences should be issued all in one shot or not. It was decided after lengthy discussion and input from Taxi Operations mentioned above that Shivam Taxi would be issued one Taxi licence, and Shelburne Taxi & Limo would be issued One taxi licence and one limousine licence. Also Council will reconsider the revision of their standards policy regarding both taxi and limousine licences.

More And More Shelburnites Take Part In Council Meetings! 

Permission granted by Shelburne Town Council on October 5th as Splash Pad Committee are now allowed to proceed and form a committee. Now the real work begins as the SPC(Splash Pad Committee) discover the many steps involved in such an undertaking and further presentation to Town Council will be required each step of the way. 
The Committee seem undaunted and determined, were so large in number, their request had to presented in Grace Tipling Hall instead of Chambers.  Next Splash Pad Meeting to be held at the Shelburne Curling Club, October 21st, at 7 p.m. where a Committee will be decided on. 

Contact Shelburne Town Hall

Scroll down for passed highlights. 

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                  Friday, July 31,2015

The Beckett's

 are coming to


during the

 65th Fiddle 


Photo generously provided by 

Linsey Beckett

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kelli Trottier is coming to Shelburne!

The Shelburne Freelancer wanted to know just what the wonderful performer, Kelli Trottier, was thinking about coming to Shelburne for The Olde Time Fiddle Championships.
Graciously via social media, Kelli Trottier responded, "I'm extremely excited to be coming to Shelburne this summer. It is always a great show of fiddle excellence throughout the weekend and as always, a bit of a reunion for me as well. I am looking forward to performing with two of my band mates on the Saturday afternoon and then again in the evening. Should be a wonderful time of fiddling, singing and dancing!"

Read Full Bio Provided byTrottier Below. 
Scroll down for a complete schedule and more information provided by the Shelburne Rotary Club.

Photo generously provided by Kelli Trottier. 

Kelli Trottier 

The Real Scoop!

Kelli Trottier’s music developed from deep and lasting Scottish and French roots, and together with other influences of contemporary and traditional music, throughout the Ottawa Valley, Kelli shaped her performing, teaching and recording career.

Her talents carry her to stages across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far North and she brings her crisp fiddling, Angelic voice and fiery stepdance to all of her performances.

Kelli toured much of the world as a featured soloist in the Sensational String production, Bowfire: "The finest lineup of fiddle and violin virtuosi ever assembled on one stage" for nine years.

A National Fiddling Day in Canada has been recognized by the passing of Bill S-218. Kelli was invited to speak & demonstrate in support of this Bill at the Senate and again for the Standing Committee of Canadian Heritage.

She has performed for our Canadian soldiers in the Middle East and the Canadian Arctic and for our NHL Ottawa Senators and fans. More highlights for Kelli include performing for Sir Sean Connery's "Dressed to Kilt" several times in NYC and for his private 80th birthday party in the Bahamas.

She has been nominated three times for Fiddle Player of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association and has performed live and in studio with George Fox, Ronnie Prophet, Wayne Rostad, Lucille Starr, Tracy Brown, Randall Prescott, Bobby Lalonde and more.

Kelli has been inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame as well as the Ottawa Country Music Hall of Fame.

In addition to her extensive performing experience, Kelli continues to be a highly sought-after instructor and judge of fiddle and stepdance events across Canada and parts of the U.S.

With ten independent recordings; singing, writing, dancing and playing her way to the top of her musical genre, Kelli Trottier is an unforgettable and enchanting artist, consistently delivering performances that raise her stature in the hearts and memories of audiences everywhere.

News Release From The Shelburne Rotary Club
Kelli Trottier Comes To Shelburne! 

 The 65th Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship will take place August 5-9, 2015 in Shelburne, Ontario. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Shelburne, the event features Canada’s top fiddlers in competition for thousands of dollars in prizes. Community events in conjunction with the Championship include camping, a giant fiddle parade, an open air market, and non-denominational church service. 
Kelli Trottier Entertains The Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship starts with the playdowns on Friday, August 7 at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm at the Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex (Shelburne Arena). Classes that will compete in the afternoon include the 9 and under, 10-12 and 56 and over. 
The evening features the remaining classes. The contest finals happen on Saturday, August 8 at 6:00 p.m. and will feature the crowning of the Canadian Open Champion and Canadian Open Junior Champion, entertainment, and the judges’ showcase. We are excited to announce that Kelli Trottier, along with bandmates Andy Thompson and Jerry Clancy, will be performing Saturday afternoon and evening (August 8 at 3:15 pm and 6:00 pm). 

Come out and join the fun as they fiddle, step-dance and sing the day away! Born and raised in the hotbed of musical tradition and innovation that is Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, Kelli Trottier discovered her passion for entertaining, learned her craft, and developed her distinctive style while still right at home. Kelli’s musical odyssey of dance, fiddle and song began early in life as she studied and mastered the unique and fluid style of stepdance that evolved with the loggers and woodsmen of the historic Ottawa River watershed. The fiddle was a natural extension of the dance; you just can't have one without the other. Developing her art from these deep and lasting roots, while allowing the influences of contemporary music to help shape her performing and recording career, has earned Kelli a dedicated and growing following and glowing accolades from promoters, organizers and fans. She has been nominated three times for Fiddle Player of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association and is featured instrumentally and vocally on many studio recordings for other artists. Singing, dancing and playing her way to the top of her musical genre, Kelli Trottier is an unforgettable and enchanting artist, consistently delivering performances that raise her stature in the hearts and memories of audiences everywhere. 
The Becketts Back By Popular Demand Back by popular demand after fantastic show in 2014, the Rotary Club is excited to present Linsey and Tyler Beckett on Thursday, August 6 at 7:30 pm. The Beckett Family is sure to get your toes tappin' with their arrangements of traditional country music and old tyme fiddling. Their show captures the corners of traditional music from Western Swing to Bluegrass, includes exhilarating step dancing, down home humour, ole tyme fiddling and special guests. The Beckett Family have three recordings available, "Fiddlin' 4 Generations," which included great grandpa, Elmer Beckett, “Changing Times”, and their latest, “The Roots of Our Raising.”

 Thank You For Supporting Our Fundraising Event Proceeds of the Fiddle Championship support Shelburne Rotary’s many charitable projects, including: development of, and major financial contribution to, new BMX riding area in Greenwood Park; renovation and expansion of the Centre Dufferin Recreation Centre (Shelburne Arena); Headwaters Health Care Centre (Orangeville Hospital); re-development of the Shelburne Library; Girl Guides and Boy Scouts; minor sports, such as: hockey, baseball, figure skating, lacrosse, soccer; Shepherd’s Cupboard food bank and many more!

 Ticket Prices and Information Event Package (Thurs. eve., Fri. all day, Sat. aft. and eve.) Adults: $50 Youth: $22 (12 Years and Under) Beckett Family Show Thurs. Aug. 6, 7:30 pm Adults: $25 Youth: $10 (12 Years and Under) 
Competition Playdowns Fri. Aug. 7, 1:00 & 7:00 pm Adults: $10 Youth: $3 (12 Years and Under) Fiddle/Stepdance Show Sat. Aug. 8, 3:15 pm Adults: $7 Youth: Free (12 Years and Under) Fiddle Championship Sat. Aug. 8, 6:00 pm Adults: $25 Youth: $10 (12 Years and Under) 
Tickets: By phone at 519-925-8620 or at Like us on Facebook! For more information visit 
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