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Canada Day Long Weekend: Shelburne Police Busy With Traffic Related Charges

Shelburne Police dedicated extra attention to roadway safety over the Canada Day long weekend. “Traffic through Shelburne increases hugely on summer long weekends, and we try to encourage safe driving habits by enforcing the Highway Traffic Act for the benefit of all motorists”, stated Sgt. Neumann.

Shelburne Police issued 88 tickets over the long weekend. Most were for speeding, but charges included traffic light infractions, pedestrian crossover infractions, cellphone related infractions and various document related infractions.

During a R.I.D.E. spot check on Canada Day police seized a small amount of marijuana from a vehicle. This resulted in the driver, 27 year old Edison SAMANIEGO being arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

The day after the long weekend; Tuesday July 4th, Shelburne Police responded to a motorist calling 9-1-1 that was following a Jeep driving in a dangerous manner and almost striking other vehicles. Shelburne officers caught up to the vehicle in question and conducted a vehicle stop. As the result of a roadside investigation, the driver was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. The driver was taken to the police station for breath tests. The breath tests indicate that the driver had over 100mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. As a result of the investigation the male driver, 40 year old Sharon THANARTNAM of Scarborough was charged with Impaired Driving, Driving Over 80mg Alcohol, and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle; all under the Criminal Code of Canada.

“Shelburne Police encourages all motorists to make safety the top priority when travelling this summer. Please be patient in slow or heavy traffic, follow the rules of the road, and drive without any distractions. A happy summer starts with getting safely where you are going”, stated Sgt. Neumann.

The above media release was provided by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Sergeant Paul Neumann. 

Youth cyclist in hospital after collision with vehicle in Shelburne

Shelburne Police responded to a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of William Street and Robert Street during the afternoon hours on Friday June 9th 2017.

A teenage cyclist was involved in a collision with an SUV. The cyclist was transported to hospital with serious injuries. The youth remains in hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The investigation into the incident continues.

Shelburne Police is reminding everyone including cyclists and motorists; that they need to follow the rules of the roadways. “It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our roadways safe. Cyclists and motorists are required to come to a complete stop at stop signs and only enter the intersection if it safe to do so. Further all cyclists under the age of 18 are required by law to wear a helmet, but we are encouraging all cyclists regardless of age to wear a helmet”, states Constable Neumann.

If anyone has any information in relation to this case or any other matter, they are encouraged to contact the Shelburne Police Service at 519-925-3312 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at

Shelburne Police with community partners to speak with parents on the dangers of Opioids at cddhs 

June 22, 2017.


Drug over doses, especially related to Fentanyl and Carfentanyl have been making headlines across the country in recent months. The Shelburne community is not immune to this issue. Police and Paramedics have dealt with numerous accidental opioid overdoses, and even several deaths due to accidental overdoses throughout the county.

On June 5th Shelburne Police partnered with Family Transition Place, Dufferin County Paramedic Service, and Dufferin Parent Support Network and spoke with all the students at Centre Dufferin District High School (CDDHS) about the dangers of Opioids, how to help someone who may have overdoses on opioids, the signs of addiction, and other related topics. This presentation was well received and the hope is that students will take that knowledge to help protect themselves, their family, and their friends.

On June 22nd, Shelburne Police is partnering with Dufferin County Paramedic Service, an outreach counsellor from Family Transition Place, Dufferin Child and Family Services, and Caledon Dufferin Victim Services, to put on a presentation to parents of students in the Shelburne area. This event is being organized by Dufferin Parent Support Network.

“We encourage all parents to attend this information session. Knowledge is the first step in prevention, and in case of addiction or overdose, parents will learn what they can do”, states Constable Neumann.

When: Thursday June 22 at 7:00pm

Where: Centre Dufferin District High School – 150 Fourth Avenue in Shelburne

For more information please contact Dufferin Parent Support Network at 519-940-8678, or [email protected], or go to their website at

Senior Citizen in hospital after being struck by vehicle while crossing road on scooter

Shelburne Police responded to a “Pedestrian Hit” radio call on Main Street East at William Street shortly after 3:30pm yesterday (Thursday June 8).

A Senior Citizen from Shelburne was crossing Main Street East at the pedestrian crossover by William Street on a scooter. An SUV turning from William Street onto Main Street East struck the senior citizen.

The senior resident was transported by ambulance to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The pedestrian remains in hospital at Sunnybrook.

As a result of the investigation, the adult driver of the SUV from Dundalk was charged with Fail to Stop at Crossover under the Highway Traffic Act. She was given a first appearance court date in early July 2017.

If anyone has any information in relation to this case or any other matter, they are encouraged to contact the Shelburne Police Service at 519-925-3312 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at the above media release provided by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Constable Paul Neumann. Photo by Alex Sher

*****UPDATED June 9th 2017***** See update at end of release

shelburne police seeking youth who should seek medical attention – after breaking into old Storage building and having direct contact with Asbestos

Just before 6 pm this evening (Thursday June 8th) a town works employee noted three youth exiting a town works storage building that is infrequently used at the west end of town. It was noted that many items were disturbed inside, including used oil was spilled, glass broken, and holes were made in the walls. Shelburne Police were notified and initiated an investigation.

Shelburne Police are concerned for the health of the three youth as it was learned that a sealed portion of the building contained Asbestos. Asbestos poses a significant health concern when it is disturbed. The asbestos in the building appears to have been directly disturbed by these three youth.

The room with the Asbestos was sealed off; however it appears the youth forced their way into the room.

If anyone has any information on who the youth may be, they are encouraged to call the Shelburne Police immediately at 519-925-3312, and encourage these youth and their parents to seek immediate medical attention by attending the Emergency room immediately. The youth may have oil on their shoes or clothes.

According to a Government of Canada breathing in asbestos fibres can cause cancer and other diseases, such as:

  • asbestosis
    • a scarring of the lungs, which makes it difficult to breathe
  • mesothelioma
    • a rare cancer of the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity
  • lung cancer

Update June 9th 2017

The three youth were identified. Shelburne Police spoke with them and their parents, and all are seeking a medical assessment.

The total value of the damage is still being assessed, but is expected to be thousands of dollars.

No criminal charges can be laid because the three youth responsible were very young.

“Thank you to all the media outlets who recognized the urgency of helping us identify the youth. Tips resulting from the press as well as our Facebook site allowed us to quickly contact the children and families involved”, stated Constable Paul Neumann

“I encourage all parents to speak with their children about entering any property or building they have no right to enter. Not only could they be arrested and charged under the Trespass to Property Act, or criminally for Break and Enter; they could be entering a dangerous location resulting in serious injury or may even threaten their life”, advised Constable Neumann.

The above media release and photo provided by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Constable Paul Neumann. 

Shelburne Police & 6th Annual Torch Run 2017, 
A 30th Anniversary In Support Of Special Olympics Sees $8,000 Raised

"6th Annual Shelburne Police Torch Run For Special Olympics: Good Weather, Great Turn-out, Thousands Raised! 

On Tuesday May 30th, the Shelburne leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Ontario took place.This year’s event has already raised over $8,000.00, and that’s with funds still due to come in.

The sunny warm weather greeted over 100 participating runners and volunteers. The run teams were: Shelburne Police Service, Dufferin OPP, Orangeville Police Service, Dufferin County Paramedic Services, Shelburne and District Fire Department, Dufferin Child and Family Services, Georgian College Orangeville, John’s No Frills, KTH Shelburne Manufacturing, RBC Shelburne, Southbridge Care Homes, Small Town Family Dental, Champs Burger, Willow Street Crew, Centre Dufferin District High School, Giant Tiger, Towne Fitness, PACE Credit Union, Town of Shelburne, and Main Street Dental.

The sponsors of the event were: Scotia Bank First Street Orangeville, KTH Shelburne Manufacturing, Downey’s Farms, John’s No Frills, Shelburne Free Press, Orangeville Citizen, Shelburne Home Hardware, Southbridge Care Homes, Auto Centre Dufferin, Trillium Ford, Pete’s Deli, Main Street Dental, Small Town Family Dental, Gimme Shelter, Canadian Bath Bombs, Steven’s BBQ, Giant Tiger, Towne Fitness, Country 105, and First Student.

The new lead event coordinator this year, Constable Jeff McLean, got the local elementary schools involved by having hot dog days with members of the Shelburne Police. This new component has raised hundreds of dollars at each school, and allowed the students to meet several Shelburne Police officers in a positive setting. Centennial Hylands, and Glenbrook Schools had their hot dog days prior to yesterday’s run. Hyland Heights School still has their hot dog day coming up.

“The local community comes through every year with excellent support and participation for this worthy event. Thank-you to all involved: the sponsors, the run team coordinators, the runners, the volunteers, and those who pledged their support. This great community makes this event the success it is”, states Constable Jeff McLean.

 The above media release provided by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Constable Paul Neumann.

 Photos Provided by The Shelburne Freelancer. Video coverage coming soon. 

Photographic Highlights

2017 Police Week - May 14 to 20 

“working together for safer communities”

May 14 to 20 has been designated as Police Week in Ontario by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP). Police Week started in 1970 and it is observed every year in May to coincide with Peace Officers Memorial Day, which is recognized internationally on May 15. This year’s theme, “Working Together for Safer Communities”, aims to promote the concept that community safety is something that all of us – police, governments, businesses, and citizens – accomplish together. It is an opportunity to promote the many ways police are working with the people they serve to make Ontario safer.

“At Shelburne Police, we believe in community policing. It’s what we do. For community policing to have a positive impact on our communities, we need individuals, families, businesses, and community groups to work together”, states Chief Moore.

In connection with police week, Shelburne Police is introducing their four newest constables that were hired as new recruits in the past two years. Like all police officers in Ontario, these constables went through a rigorous hiring process and then attended the mandatory training at the Ontario Police College. All four of these officers have ties to the local Shelburne community. “They have diverse backgrounds, are connected locally, and bring a variety of skills and experiences from their previous careers”, states Chief Moore. “We are proud to have them as part of our team and serving this great community”, he continued.

  • (L)Constable Jennifer Roach: After just under a year volunteering as an auxiliary officer with the Shelburne Police Service, Constable Jennifer Roach was sworn in as a Police Constable in April 2015. For 16 years prior to this she was a Paramedic working first in Dufferin County, then in Peel Region. Constable Roach grew up in Grey County and currently resides in Dufferin County. “I enjoy working in this small town and having personal investment in the community”, stated Constable Roach. (Front row left)
  • (Far Right )Constable Jeff McLean: Prior to starting his policing career with Shelburne Police in December 2015, Constable Jeff McLean was a Bank of Montreal Physical Security Analyst and a Security Supervisor for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. McLean was an auxiliary officer with the Shelburne Police Service for just over a year. He grew up in the Shelburne area and continues to reside here. “I am happy to return to my home town and serve the community”, says Constable McLean. (Front row right)
  • (Middle Right)Constable Bob Fudge: “I am excited to work in this small community and serve its citizens”, states Constable Fudge. Growing up and still residing in Dufferin County, Constable Bob Fudge was an auxiliary with the Shelburne Police Service for just under two years before being sworn in as a Police Constable in December 2016. Many Shelburne residents will recognize him as the former By-Law officer for the Town of Shelburne, a position he held for several years. Before his policing career Fudge also worked for Dufferin Child and Family Services in Orangeville. (Back row right)
  • (Middle L)Constable Ryan Hubbert: The newest addition to the Shelburne Police family, Constable Hubbert says, “I couldn’t be more proud serving as a police officer in the town I grew up in”. Prior to being sworn in as a Shelburne Police Constable in April 2017, Hubbert spent many years as a dispatcher for Peel Regional Police Service. He too spent time volunteering as an auxiliary officer with Shelburne Police for just under a year. Constable Hubbert grew up in the Shelburne area and continues to reside in Dufferin County. (back row left)

Connecting with the community is a key element of policing in today’s social environment. Here are some the events Shelburne Police is involved in during police week, and the weeks surrounding police week:

  • Shelburne officers are conducting cyber-bullying presentations at the three elementary schools in town
  • An officer visited the Dufferin Early Years Centre at the Mel Lloyd Centre mingling with parents and young children, speaking about policing, showing them a police car, and singing nursery rhymes with them
  • An officer will be attending Centre Dufferin District High School on May 15th to assist with and monitor the lock down drill that takes place annually.
  • Officers and auxiliary officers are organizing and running hot dog days at all three elementary schools. This is a fundraising effort for the upcoming Shelburne Police leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics taking place on May 30th. Officers are barbequing and serving hotdogs at Centennial Hylands School on May 12th, Glenbrook School on May 19th, and Highland Heights School on June 2nd.
  • An auxiliary officer and a constable will be attending and supporting the Hospital for Sick Children Fundraiser being sponsored by and held at the Shelburne Town Pharmacy on First Ave East. The event takes place Saturday May 27th from 11:30am to 3pm.
  • Sharing is Caring at Glenbrook school: Officers will be in the school yard during lunch break mingling with the children and joining in on activities.
  • Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics: The Shelburne leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics takes place on May 30th starting at Fiddle Park at 10:30am. This fundraiser has been a great success the past five years, raising over $10,000.00 for Special Olympics each year. Run teams from a variety of businesses, organizations and schools take part. This event is organized by members of the Shelburne Police Service.
  • The above press release provided by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Constable Paul Newmann.

Contacts by OPP Region:

Highway Safety Division Sgt. Kerry Schmidt Phone: (416) 460-4701

Central Region A/Sgt. Lynda Cranney Phone: (705) 330-3738

East Region Sgt. Kristine Rae Phone: (613) 285-2750

North West Region Const. Diana Cole Phone: (807) 939-2133

North East Region Sgt. Carolle Dionne Phone: (705) 845-2738

West Region Sgt. Dave Rektor Phone: (519) 652-4156

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THIS JUST IN:Regarding Local Man, Barry Stacey 



In January Shelburne Police launched an investigation when they received information that a local man was potentially improperly identifying himself and improperly using military uniforms or medals. The investigation involved collaboration with the Military Police. As a result of the investigation, a 51 year old Shelburne man was charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for Unlawful Use of Military Uniforms - wear a distinctive mark. The accused has a first appearance court date in late April.

If anyone has any information in relation to this case or any other criminal activity, they are encouraged to contact the Shelburne Police Service at 519-925-3312 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online  at


203 Main Street East Unit 1 Shelburne, Ontario L9V3K8    519-925-3312

Paul NEUMANN, PC 122 – Media Relations Officer