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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Latest Shelburne Town Council Meeting Saw Large Attendance of Shelburnites

Shelburne Town


Working For You! 

Shelburne's Town Council Meeting held on Monday, September 28, saw public attendance at an all time high. Many issues were brought to the attention of  Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), John Telfer, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, and Town Councillors, Wade Mills, Walter Benotto, Randy Chambers, Dan Sample , Tom Egan, Treasurer, Carol Sweeney, Deputy Treasurer, Carey Holmes, and Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby. Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever and Shelburne By-Law Officer were asked to attend the meeting in order to consult with regarding upcoming issues. 

Fiddleville Shelburne, Non Profit Housing Corporation, professionally managed by Bayshore Property Management were called upon as their Board of Directors, Trevor Lestor and Arlene Edwards presented a Property Management Report followed by a brief discussion of ongoing business. The report covered a large spectrum from corporate issues, financial issues, state of the building issues, tenant issues, budget review, energy saving initiatives involving switching to LED lighting. Bayshore Management will return to Council January 11, 2016 with further information required by council before moving forward, making the change to LED Lighting. 

Turnstone Contracting represented by Matt and Joe Bojin then proceeded to address Council seeking a solution to move forward with contacting agreements previously established. Upon discussion, Turnstone will continue to work with Shelburne's Town Planner,Steve Wever, and as soon as requirements have been met, the Town Of Shelburne will agree to move forward with further building commitments from Turnstone. 

Special Events Co-ordinator for the Town of Shelburne, Shawnette Crouse brought forth her very accommodating proposal to better utilize and organize the running of Shelburne’s baseball diamonds. Upon review, recommendations will be added and Crouse will follow up during the next town council meeting.

The next issue at hand dealt with the Cedar Trees located on Cedar Street, their removal, and one Shelburnite’s sadness, yet understanding of the situation as the Town of Shelburne must install a water main. The situation doesn’t sound critical on one hand but on the other hand, the owner of the house which backs on to the row of cedar trees will lose privacy, aesthetics and a view he has come to love for twenty-three years. When initially brought to the attention of the Town, CAO John Telfer had the matter re-examined by engineers who delivered the news that the trees must go. In compensation, the home owner will receive a privacy wall and has reconciled to the loss of his trees.

As Shelburne continues to grow and builders continue to build, it would appear that some issues of paramount concern to neighbors in certain communities are discovering they can’t see out the end of their driveways when leaving their yards due to very large vehicles being parked in driveways next door. Understandably aggravated Shelburnites feel that if the issue is reported, following proper procedure, being that a letter is written, submitted to the Shelburne Police, the complaint will then be passed on to the By-Law Officer,Bob Fudge who will then investigate and act accordingly- and there’s “The Rub!”

Most actions by the By-Law Officer are complaint driven as explained above, but what most people do not know is that the By-Law Officer can only act on powers he has been given, and those powers are surprisingly limited and governed by legislation. The By-Law Officer is restricted by legislation from acting on many situations that are very clearly, “wrong”. By-Laws must be changed and that is a real fight to be fought if Shelburnites want change.

As is the case of large vehicles restricting a neighbour’s view, common sense and consideration for the safety of all involved is paramount. CAO, John Telfer announced that a billing session is coming in October and highly recommended those affected by this particular situation attend.

A rather large misnomer is the common misunderstanding that a complaint can legally be dealt with at our Town level. While many concerns actually can be dealt with, many cannot as even a little Town like Shelburne must adhere to policies and procedures in place legislatively and the only way to change that is to rally to change By-Laws and get more involved in your provincial parliament level.

The final public issue announced was good news in that Call-A-Cab’s request for a wheel chair accessible taxi license was approved, a massive relief and welcomed amenity to wheel chair users in the community of Shelburne.

The Council meeting began at 7 p.m. and most Councillor’s arrived home around 11 p.m.

(LtoR)Carey Holmes, Deputy Treasurer for the Town of Shelburne received an Award in Recognition of 20 years
of Service in the AMCTO (Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario. Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington presented Holmes with the Award at the start of the Council meeting  held on Monday, September 14, 2015. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                  Monday, September 28, 2015

Pete's Deli, 

The Place Where Friends Meet, 


Many attended the wonderful grand re-opening of Pete's Deli located on the busy corner of Highway 124 and Highway 89, or 722 Main St. East.,  Shelburne. As the restaurants motto states, It's the Place Where Friends meet and the motto was especially true on this day. Having a new look is important to business owner, Helen Flemming and when asked if Flemming experienced less business due to new restaurants popping up, her answer was clear stating, " Not at all! There is enough business in Shelburne for everyone to grow! We offer a very different menu than Tim Horton's and we are offering different services."

Flemming would like everyone to know Pete's Deli now offers a complete assortment of frozen food which are home cooked meals, they cater, and of course the daily meals are all home cooked and affordable. Store hours will be Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Pete's Deli has a bright new look but it still is and always will be,"THE PLACE WHERE FRIENDS COME TO MEET!" 

(LtoR) Pete's Deli employee, Lorraine Raymond & customer Wendy Cruickshank enjoying Grand Re-Opening Day at Pete's Deli on Saturday, September 26.

Twenty-one Years 

& Still Going Strong!


Joseph Ribkoff Trunk Show Event

 Hosted At Pazazz

Did you know? 

Each year Brenda Marshall, owner of Pazazz, a local fine women's clothing store, hosts an annual event called, The Joseph Ribkoff Trunk Show. 

The wonderful aspect about this show that fashionistas appreciate so much is the very same fact that most people do not know.

Joseph Ribkoff Sales Representative, Meg Baginski arrives with Fall/Winter Fashions but also New 2016 Spring Fashion not even released yet. If you happen to be concerned that you are wearing 2015 spring fashion while travelling to somewhere already in 2016 fashion, your concerns are over. 

This amazing event allows women to try on and order whatever they want in whatever color, size, style they require. This event occurred on Friday, September 25th and while it may be disappointing for some who did not get to take advantage of this completely accommodating service, rest assured, the event will occur again next year. Joseph Ribkoff is a well known designer and the clothing is worn around the world. Thanks to Store owner, Brenda Marshall, women can rest assured they have access to the finest women's clothing which is always a shock to those who have never set foot in Pazazz. To treat yourself, surprise yourself, or even to try something new, take a visit to Pazazz and see what you've been missing! See you next year at the Josph Ribkoff Trunk Show Event! For more information call, (519) 925-3232. (Lto R) Josph Ribkoff Sales Representative, Meg Baginski and Pazazz Store Owner, Brenda Marshall. 

Find out why Terry Fox means so much to so many and the Terry Fox Run organized by Volunteer Joan Wallace is so successful!

Find out what Ford is up to and how their Test Drive Challenge helped raise money for Shelburne Minor Hockey. 

Meet the Padova Family!

(LtoR;Front) Padova Store Owner and Five Star Chef, Chef Chatal Meffie, Natalie Taylor, (LtoR:Back) Justin Poulin, and Kyle Ferris.

What a fantastic day! The Shelburne Freelancer had the privilege to interview Five Star Chef, Chantal, Chef Meffie at her new Bakery And Deli, Padova! (And I messed up the name of the business! Holy smokes!) Such a great lady, great business and The Town of Shelburne and The Shelburne Freelancer welcome and wish all future success possible!


Skate Canada Shelburne!

(LtoR) First Timers to attend a Party Rocker Dance, Hayden White 10, Noah Coates 29, (according to him, but we think he's probably 10), and Kailynn Lemoine, 10. A little nervous, but ready to have fun!
Shelburne's skate club called Skate Canada Shelburne hosts monthly Dances in the upper level of the CDRC( Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex) which are chaperoned by parents and are held as monthly fund raisers. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                      Friday, September 25, 2015

The Second Last Week At The Highly Successful
 Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market
Next week is the last week! Be sure to stop by and pick up your apples!

It's The Good Stuff! 
Why Is The Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market So Important To This Mother-Daughter Dynamic Duo?

So often local heroes walk right by us on the street and we never know it.  Such is the case with (LtoR) Basia Knowlton and her daughter Shannon Knowlton, 29. Regular Vendors at the Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market, this dynamic duo sell creations they have designed, often without patterns, but for the most part sell crochet squares for 2$, but you don't get to take them pay 2$ to have your name attached to a much larger and noble plan.

Each week rain or shine, Basia and Shannon Knowlton set up shop and can proudly boast with the help of a venue so well trafficked as the Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market, they have sold enough crochet squares to construct 12 blankets. 

But why, you ask? 

Simply because they are giving back. They are on a mission to sell as many crochet squares as possible, construct as many blankets as possible in order to donate them to Family Transition Place located in Orangeville. 

Life can change in the blink of any eye and suddenly one can find themselves,victims of abuse and in desperate need of protection, calm and a sense of "home". 

For this incredible crafter and her daughter, what could be better than providing warmth as well. 

September 23rd was the first week Shannon didn't feel well enough to attend the market and while this "Good Stuff Feature" was already in the works, hopefully Shannon will be cheered up by the article enough to attend the last week for Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market, October 1st. 

Keep your eyes open when attending the Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market , pay $2 for a crochet square and your good deed can help in ways you may not imagine, helping to provide a source of comfort that can become a keepsake when everything else seems lost forever. 

Thanks Ladies! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                    Tuesday, Septrember 22, 2015

Terry Fox Run September 2015

(LtoR) Terry Fox Run Volunteers, Tina Vanderveen, Bailey Vanderveen, Terry Fox Run Volunteer Co-ordinator, Joan Wallace and Volunteer, Diane Wallace.

This year's Terry Fox Run is yet another spectacular success thanks to the endeavors of many Terry Fox Run Volunteers and it's Volunteer Co-ordinator, Joan Wallace. 

Congratulations to Shelburnites in their support of the Terry Fox Run raising funds upwards in the amount of $2000 towards the fight against Cancer. Volunteer Terry Fox Run Co-ordinator, Joan Wallace extended her gratitude to all Terry Fox Run Volunteers and everyone who financially contributed towards a cause that she holds so dear to her heart during an exclusive video interview with the Shelburne Freelancer. (Above)


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