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The Shelburne Freelancer                                    Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank you for this captured

 Shelburne Moment, 

The Shelburne Freelancer, 

Alex Sher.

This Is A

 Captured Shelburne Moment!

So cute, I had to share. Remember being young and having to shop with mom, stopping at most things that were 'Mommy interesting' and 'kid boring'? What would have otherwise been a very good outing with mom went a little bit... wrong, when this family bumped into The Shelburne Freelancer!

Busy working mom, Althea Casamento, owner of ACCE Photography enjoyed Shelburne BIA's First Farmer's Market with her two children. 

Clearly Casamento's son know's all about getting his picture taken and couldn't believe it when I asked the family to stop for a picture. Adorable and so funny! Clearly he just wanted one day without a picture being taken and could not believe what was happening! This kid's face says it all!

We've all been there!

     The Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market on May 28,2015!                            What a great Day!

In the event you missed this week's Shelburne BIA Farmer's Market, please enjoy some video and photographic coverage. What a great Thursday! The BIA has managed to create more than a weekly market, but a good, old fashioned, gathering place to meet up with friends, pick up fresh vegetables, take in some music, check out a few classic cars, find out which flowers are edible, (Old Country Farm was a new vendor to the market this week.) and so much more. 

Just walking through the market makes a person know they are a part of something great, welcoming, a true community. Shelburne BIA truly got the recipe for a Farmers Market right and the entire community gets to benefit. 

The Shelburne Freelancer will bring you more interesting video and photographic coverage weekly. 

For more video interviews,

click on the link!

For more photographic coverage, go to 'more' in the option bar and choose Photogallery. Go to the Classic Car page for more of the 1931 Ford Coupe Hot Rod!

The Shelburne Freelancer                            Thursday, May 28, 2015

Senior Expo 2015, hosted by David Tilson &The New Horizon's Seniors Club another success. Go to Editorials for more video, photographs and more.
The Upper Grand District School Board has set three dates for budget presentations: Go to more in the option bar and choose School News in Shelburne for more information.

The Shelburne Freelancer                           Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Investing in Shelburne's Future, owner of John's No Frills,John van Teunenbroek.

John's No Frills Undergoing Renovations in complete support of the community of Shelburne and it's growing success. 

Owner of John's No Frills John van Teunenbroek, is absolutely thrilled with the new renovations, updates and changes occurring in his store for the first time in twelve years. 

"The entrance had been changed, it's a little smaller. We have eight additional open fridge displays for salads, and the biggest change will be the paint. All the exterior walls will be painted yellow, and with the black trimming and red bases on the shelving, signage will really pop out," commented van Teunenbroek. 

But the changes do not end there as there have been an additional two cash registers added, the freezer wall at the end of the cash registers have been removed and now from the entrance, customers can see clear back to the freezer section. Painting is also taking place on the outside and will be finished off with the addition of store's new logo. 

The No Frills Pharmacy is also getting an updated, new look and Pharmacy Manager, Ravinder Gill and Pharmacy Assistant Donna Johnson are very excited for the new changes which will include a consultation room. 

The renovations, electrical work and refrigeration modifications will take place over the course of three weeks taking place only in the evenings as to not inconvenience customers. This kind of undertaking is at the cost of van Teunenbroek and he has a very unique perspective,  concerning Shelburne and his reasons for investing such a huge amount into the community, commenting," It's an investment in my business that indicates my confidence in the community. I think this specific kind of investment expresses my desire to offer and deliver the best possible product. It's a commitment and I believe Shelburne will continue to grow. I always like changing things up for the better." The Shelburne Freelancer will offer follow-up photos in a few weeks. On behalf of the community of Shelburne, a hearty thank you to John  van Teunenbroek for his relentless, unwavering and much appreciated support of  Shelburne and his confidence in Shelburne's continued growth. 

(LtoR)John's NoFrills Pharmacy Manager, Ravinder Gill and Pharmacy Assistant, Donna Johnson

New View: From the front entrance of John's No Frills, clear view to the freezer section.

The Shelburne Freelancer                            Tuesday, May 26, 2015

                         It's Not Too Late To Go Into The Woods! 
Go to more in the option bar and choose Arts&Entertainment
 for video and more photos. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                            Monday, May 25, 2015


Auto Centre 



Drive Clean 




In a show of support, this employee at Auto Centre Dufferin in Shelburne had a congratulatory message posted on the Auto Centre Sign! 

Charli Zubrickas is Auto Centre Dufferin's newly certified Drive Clean Technician. 

Making her mark wherever she finds herself, this young woman is is paving the way for other women to follow, but if only others could know her extensive list of accomplishments, they could have a  wonderful example to follow. 

Steve Bowles, owner of Auto Centre Dufferin couldn't be more pleased having Zubrickas on his team, and as a supporter of women in the work place, has no problem providing accolades where accolades are due. 

"She's got so many good qualities. We're so happy to have her join our team. She's been with us a few months now. She's a hard worker, a team player and I anticipate Charli will have a very bright future," Bowles commented. 

But this very humble young women has a history, and that being said, a remarkable one!  

At just 21, Zubrickas found herself traveling the world working for Odysseo in Mexico and Arizona, then the Original Cavalia show travelling through Australia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Belgium. For equestrian enthusiasts, this is a huge, once in a life time experience which did not phase this young woman a bit, happy to keep living her life accomplishment after accomplishment, and as we can only assume, even more accomplishments will come to this bright, hard working, young trailblazer! Congratulations Charli Zubrickas!

The Shelburne Freelancer                            Sunday, May 24, 2015

What A WEEKEND!!!!
Shelburne Town Pharmacy's Charity Fundraising Success

What a terrific turnout for the Shelburne Town Pharmacy Charitable Fundraising Event held on Saturday, May 23, held in Giant Tiger Plaza in Support of The Hospital For Sick Kids. Surrounded by family, friends, volunteers and what seemed the entire Shelburne Community, owners of Shelburne Town Pharmacy, Sanjay and Shalini Lekhi exceeded their hopeful goal of raising $1000 bringing in a whopping $1400 in just three hours! 

Encouraging as many as possible to get involved, the Lekhi's were joined in their fundraiser by Shelburne & District Fire Department and Paramedics, ACCE Photography, Shelburne's Classical Martial Arts Centre, MP David Tilson, and MPP Sylvia Jones, Jr. Schooners Fastball Mascot, Giant Tiger Mascot, Sharon Morden of Feral Cat Rescue, and countless numbers of volunteers who cooked, managed games indoor and outdoor for children and a masterful voice in the air, m/c Tracy Haworth who kept the entire affair on schedule until The King Arrived- yes that would be Elvis Presley. 

What began as an idea turned into what may very well become an annual tradition, right here in Shelburne in support of The Hospital for Sick Children, an almost sacred institution that means so much to so many. 

Go to 

Photo Gallery



more coverage.

Sharon Morden of

 Shelburne's Feral Cat Rescue

Shelburne's Classical Martial Arts Centre wowed crowds with skillful display.

                              They're Not Real Ducklings, Silly!
...Now I know too!

First time for The Shelburne Freelancer to enjoy Grand Valley's Annual Duck Race Event and I admit, especially at the distance featured in the photograph below, I did not know the ducklings were plastic and when the cage dropped the ducklings, I was frantic! 

Thankfully someone cleared things up for me and then I could enjoy the wonderful event along with hundreds of others who enjoyed the day filled with so much fun. 

Go to more in the option bar and choose the Photo Gallery for more photographic coverage of this amazing fun filled day brought to you by The Shelburne Freelancer, Sharing Shelburne With World and Sharing The World With Shelburne! 

(L)Meet Travel Agent Angie Matthews of Cruise Holidays Luxury Travel Boutique as she personally introduces herself and offers a message to all on how to make all your travel plans a reality.

Go to Photo Gallery for more coverage.

Above: (L)Grand Valley's Fundraising Dunk Tank & (R) Meet Musical Phenom, Kara Shaw

The Shelburne Freelancer                        Friday, May 22, 2015

Relaxing Video on a warm summer day. See Rainbow Trout feeding in a man made lake in Mono.

Meet Passionate Shelburnite, Deborah Ellis, who attended The BIA Farmer's Market and is keen to see Shelburne's continued success trickle into the downtown core.

Everyday Heroes for 2015 Announced
The Upper Grand District School Board is pleased to honour 
groups and individual as this year’s (2015) Everyday Heroes.
The Heroes include volunteers, a crossing guard, teacher, board staff, and others.
There are 10 winners.
The winners are:

ConnectHEAR, an initiative for students with hearing loss, coordinated by Trudy Counter, Coordinator of Communication, Language and Speech Services, Sonya White and Stacey Giffen, Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Ashley Champ, Speech-Language Pathologist and Lesley Anne Jordon, Special EducationConsultant – Orangeville Board Office Sheila Parker, Manager of Budget and Financial Reporting, Guelph Board Office Cheryl VanOoteghem, Principal of Program, Orangeville Board OfficeAlana Lefebvre, Coordinator of Nutrition Program, Rockwood Centennial PS Deb Kortleve, Teacher, Erin District High School, various locations Philip Hinton, Crossing Guard, École Harris Mill and Rockwood Centennial PS Andy Speers, Teacher, Drayton Heights PS Lois and Matthew Metzger, Volunteers, rayton Heights PS Angie Tersigni, Volunteer, Gateway Drive PS Neil Blair, Volunteer, Guelph Collegiate and Vocational Institute

The Shelburne Freelancer                                Thursday, May 21, 2015

      Didn't make it to Shelburne's First Farmer's Market of the Season?                Take A Virtual Walk With the Shelburne Freelancer! 
You will want to be there next week! 

See what the BIA's hard work accomplished!


Shelburne Farmer's Market is an

 "Unmitigated Success" and Shelburnites are 



Weeks of hard work planning, orchestrating, negotiating and a ton of person time was spent by Shelburne's BIA and today,  BIA organizers, Jodie Jones of One Energy Center, A.J Cavey of Cobwebs and Caviar,  Joey Lemieux of Soaring Hearts Health Foods, and Shawnette Crouse of the Town Of Shelburne, can rest at ease in the complete Success of all the hours and effort spent to make The Shelburne Farmers Market the success is now is.   
LtoR) Jodie Jones,President of the Shelburne BIA,  Shawnette Crouse,Special Events Co(ordinator,  A.j. Cavey,Chair of the Farmer's Market and Joey Lemieux, Market Manager at the Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Shelburne's First Farmer's Market of the Season which is already a wonderful, tantilizing, delicious, crafty, Wood Working Artisan, soap making, Besley Veggies, Hands On Catering.....Better Check it our for yourself!   

                                   Shelburne The Beautiful! 
Shelburne &District Horticultural Society's
 First Garden Show Success

On Tuesday, May 19, The Shelburne and District Horticultural Society held their first Garden show at Shelburne's Agricultural Centre. Even in frigid temperatures, these gardeners prove successful. 

The Shelburne and District Horticultural Society's Spring Plant Sale will be held at 9 a.m on Saturday, May 23, in the parking lot of the of the Dufferin Mutual Insurance Building, 712 Main St. East. for more information.

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Historic Day In Shelburne 

WWII Veterans 

Presented With 

Tribute Pins &Certificates from MP, David Tilson.  MP David Tilson shakes the hand of WWII Veteran, Jack Mason upon presenting him with a commemorative pin and certificate in honor and in tribute to his service.

"Your country will forever be in your gratitude," MP, David Tilson commented towards the end of his eloquently delivered speech before presenting Shelburne's WWII Veterans with commemorative pins and certificates in tribute for their service to their country. 

"Lest we forget," Tilson concluded.

Enjoy a quick witted visit posthumously, with beloved WWII Veteran, Ken Wallace, who's wife, Norma accepted his pin and certificate, from MP David Tilson. 

See, we don't forget, now do we?! 

Shelburne's Very 




                           Can You Guess What Shelburne's 
Favourite Little Snowman,
 William Jelly Belly  Has Been Up To? 

Go To Jelly Belly's page to see all of his adventures and situations.

The Shelburne Freelancer                              Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Giving Back In A Big Way! Shelburne Town Pharmacy To Hold Fundraising Event For Sick Kids Hospital

Shelburne Town Pharmacy is no stranger to the concept of "Giving Back to the Community" having hosted many barbecue's, dinners, even offering business space to help local businesses shine with demonstrations, holding classes and it seems business owners, Sanjay Lekhi and his wife, Shalini's generous nature is endless.

Just two years into the community, the relatively new business located at Giant Tiger Plaza, (where Shelburne's Foodland is located)has been welcomed with opened arms, making Shelburne Town Pharmacy a success as the third Pharmacy in Shelburne. (Caravaggio's I.D.A on Main St. and the Pharmacy located in No Frills .)

The Lekhi's have been planning a huge Fundraising Event in support of Sick Kids Hospital to take place May 23rd, from 11:30-3p.m. Included in the Event's line up will be ACCE Photography, Classic Martial Arts Demonstration, Feral Cat Rescue, Jr. Schooners, games for kids, a barbecue and hopefully a bright sunny day to make it all happen.

Moved by the number of clients Lekhi has been receiving as of late who have directly benefited from Sick Kids Hospital's care, the Lekhi's decided to give back and stepped it up a notch, deciding to invite other local businesses to participate in their efforts for the day, helping promote other local businesses but also adding to community involvement for this great cause. 

Businesses helping businesses, helping community help Sick Kids Hospital. Sounds like a recipe for success! If you haven't had a chance to meet the Lehki's, this video will certainly expose them for the real people they are, as any person who knows them will agree, caring, attentive, thorough, professional, welcome and appreciated members of the Shelburne Community. 

Post it on your calendar's Shelburnites!   May 23rd, 11:30 -3 p.m, have a hot dog, meet up with friends, and support the Shelburne Community's efforts to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital and say hello to Sanjay and Shalini Lekhi of Shelburne Town Pharmacy!

The Shelburne Freelancer will follow up with how much money was raised.  And Remember: You don't need it, until you do! Don't wait to give back.

Also as friends of the Lekhi's know, they are a very close family and as a special treat, MEET THE PARENTS! Happily visiting their son and his family, the original Lekhi's stopped for a quick family photo. (LtoR: front) Sanjay's Father, Balraj Lekhi, Sanjay's Mother, Manju Lekhi, Sanjay's Sister-In-Law, Renuka Lekhi and a very proud, Sanjay Lekhi
There is a famous expression,"Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow ," and in the case of Sanjay Lekhi of Shelburne Town Pharmacy, it's clear to see, proud parents, proud son, and many Mighty Oaks!

For more information, contact Shelburne Town Pharmacy and visit, call 519-306-5500, 647-393-9302, email [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

Chair of the Farmer's Market Board, business Owner, A.J Cavey of Cobwebs and Caviar commented,We are very excited about the number and diversity of our vendors! We are very hopeful that we will attract our townspeople and people from the surrounding townships as well as those on their way through Shelburne. We have fantastic events planned for some of the market days as well! Just to keep it interesting! I can't wait to walk to the market after work and purchase my veggies, bread, eggs, honey and even baking for the weekend! Thanks for your support! "

The Shelburne Freelancer                         Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shelburne The Beautiful 
As Seen Through The Eyes Of Shelburnite, 
Hazel Keating. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                          Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get a Ticket from Shelburne  Police and you could win a chance at a new bicycle and helmet! Go to more in the option bar and choose Shelburne Police News for more information and current press releases.



and the sights 

to behold! 

Perfectly timed to follow Mother's Day, this two week old foal enjoys practicing using his feet, well, getting to know his legs, well, mostly just hanging out with MOM! 

It's very difficult not to humbled by these magnificent creatures. Shelburnites are very fortunate indeed! 

The Shelburne Freealncer                                Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't know who this little two week old foal is? 

Check back! 

Video is coming soon! 

Sharing Shelburne With The World! 

Want more Shelburne Soccer Club Video Snippet and photos? Please go to "More" in the option bar and select Sports.

Go to Sports to see CDDHS Rugby Snippets, 
Ladies Soft Ball, and more!

Red Hat Society, Girls Who Know How To Have Fun!

The Red Hat Society Celebrated their 8th Un-Birthday East Coast Kitchen Party Style! 

The Strange Potatoes Band rocked the roof of the Shelburne Legion Branch 220 for the Red Hatters to enjoy during an annual event hosted by Shelburne's very own, Pazazz owners, dynamic duo, mother -daughter fashionistas,  Brenda Marshall and daughter, Beth-Marie Baldwin.

Over 160 Red Hat Society members from across Ontario enjoyed themselves dressed to shine in trademark red and purple, themed hats, glittering beautiful jewelry, Ugly sticks, 

 (traditional musical instruments) and spoons a plenty, these ladies were ready for the amazing and engaging Strange Potatoes! What  a raging success and the only thing left to wonder is what the next year's excitement will hold! Might even be more 'wild'! Read on..






These videos portray the best of the best! Women enjoying themselves with confidence and plain old fashioned, downright happiness, the Red Hat Society exemplify living life to the fullest, completely accepting and celebrating life at any age, size, race, nationality, belief system. What a concept! If only everyone could this this way all the time, imagine how much fun living life could be everyday? Enjoy these video's, but they come with a warning: You will feel like following the Red Hats Society Ladies' example and will find it difficult to resist dancing to Strange Potatoes!

(LtoR) Owners of Pazazz, Brenda Marshall and Beth-Marie Baldwin hosted the Red Had Society's 8th Un-Birthday in East Coast Kitchen Party themed. What a resounding sucess! 

Congratulations from the Shelburne Freelancer!

Next Year The Red Hats Society will Celebrate their 9th Un-Birthday, Wild Wild West Style! Yee-Hah!

To see more wonderful Red Hat Pics, go to more in the option bar and visit the Photo Gallery!

Cubs for Girls And Boys! Who knew?

Exclusive interview with Cub Leader, Dawna Bertolo. Video shot at Centennial Highlands Elementary School, where cubs meet and on this occasion they were enjoying play centers with their special guests, their mom's, in appreciation of Mother's Day. Go to for more information. As anyone can hear in the video, there is no shortage of good fun for these kids and yes, boys and girls!, Sharing Shelburne With The World! More photos on the website!

(Lto R) Devan Bertolo and her Mom, Cub Scout Leader Dawn Bertolo

Guess Who's Coming To Shelburne? 

Dufferin Saddle Club Announces Exciting News for Horse Lovers! Go to Editorials in the option bar for more information, an exclusive video interview with Dufferin Saddle Club President, Afton Bishop, (L) and a peek at the vendors who attended their fundraising event. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                Monday, May 11, 2015

Shelburne, A Community Connected

Within minutes of this photo being posted on Facebook and the, the owner of this poor kitty found over the weekend by Shelburne Police Service with a broken leg, will be reunited! Unfortunately following the owner's relieved discovery of beloved pet, came the very sad news that damage was so extensive, the family bid farewell to their little love. Because of this wonderful community we call S helburne, this little one did not have to go it alone, frightened but instead was able to be with family while it ventured on it's parting journey and that is a wonderful thing! 
In addition to the fact Shelburne is a very caring community, resources like The Shelburne Freelancer website, facebook pages like The Shelburne Freelancer's Facebook Page and  Shelburne Q& A Resource Hub Facebook page, information is flowing at the speed of light. Just a few more ways to help keep Shelburnites informed, but also invaluable, and indispensable forms of communication. So invaluable, today's society has truly become dependent on technology, captivating a demographic who have become antiquated in their own time. Music tastes have long been blamed on creating generation gaps but the way we listen to music is completely changed ... (to read on, go to Editorials)

The Shelburne Freelancer                                  Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thank you for the support, Dufferin Auto Centre! Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about Rust Checking your car and meet Dufferin Auto Centre's Certified Rust Technician, Mike Noel. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                    Friday, May 8, 2015

             Happy Friday Shelburne! Be Safe and Have Fun!


The beauty in our very own back yards! These parents are on duty protecting their babies. 

World Renown Authoress, Charlotte Gray wowed the audience at Grace Tipling Hall on May 2nd. Missed it? Go to 'more' in the option bar and choose Arts And Entertainment  for the video of Gray's engaging speech on her latest work, The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master, And The Trial That Shocked A Country.

(Left) Authoress, Charlotte Grey at Grace Tipling Hall.

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shelburne Veterans Obseerve Victory in Europe Day

To see more photographic & video coverage of VE Day, go to ' more' in the option bar and choose Shelburne Legion Branch 220

Happy Birthday


Shelburne Legion 

Branch 220's oldest 


Steve Chamula 

turned 94 today !

The Shelburne Freelancer                              Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dufferin Auto Centre's Certified Rust Check Technician, Mike Noel explains everything you need to know about Rust Checking your Vehicle and the special relationship between rust and steel that makes Rust Checking an absolute must!
Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, Besley Creek, 

Planting Trees & High Hopes For Trout? 

On Saturday, May 2nd, Shelburne's Mayor Ken Bennington and Shannon Stevens, M.Sc. Healthy Waters Program Coordinator for Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority along with many volunteers met at Shelburne's Besley Creek(behind the residential homes located on Franklin St.) to plant 500 trees. No small task indeed.

(More to come on the Editorial Page soon but until then, please enjoy this exclusive video interview below brought to you by the Shelburne Freelancer)

The Shelburne Freelancer                                    Monday, May 4, 2015

This adorable, five year old Shelburnite, Cora Clark-Rintoule is not just a pretty faced entrepreneur. Although she thought her idea to have a lemonade stand on Saturday, May 2nd, was a great idea, she has other ideas that might surprise you. She may be the person to unearth the answers to age old questions about, Oatmeal! 

Watch the video interview to find out more!

Message From 

The Shelburne 

Freelancer Alex Sher

Greetings Shelburne Community! It's Time ....


I have a great love for this wonderful little, big Town of Shelburne. The people are just as unique, colorful and exceptional as the place. As a newspaper reporter, I felt I could do more to Share Shelburne With The World and took a gamble that you as a community wanted that also. When looking at the vintage Ad above it's clear to see that times are changing in big ways, just as they were then. 

I began The Shelburne Freelancer, an exclusively online Magazine/ Newspaper featuring The Town and Community of Shelburne only 11 weeks ago and I've been so welcomed it feels like I've always been here. 

In that time I proved the website to be reliable and average 60- 100 views each day which will continue to grow. 

Facebook views are in the thousands and Youtube Video Snippets and Interviews are continuing to get views.  The Shelburne Freelancer really does get seen from all over the world including Australia, Sweeden, Japan, Scotland, and closer to home, most provinces across Canada.

I am now at the point where I must begin to accept Ads. If you have enjoyed what you have seen and would like to take advantage of the new advertising opportunity offered by The Shelburne Freelancer, please get in touch with me. 

I promise to be financially reasonable as I can while creatively designing Ads to accommodate your needs and fill spaces just like this, with your business. 

My focus is to contribute to the growth and ongoing success of The Town of Shelburne.

Please contact me at [email protected], [email protected],and 519-217-2016. 

Thanks so much for the support thus far. 

Hope to hear from you, Alex Sher

Your Shelburne Freelancer