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Shelburne's New Good Doctor's Walk- In Clinic 

Is Now Open!

Shelburne's New Walk-In Clinic, located at Shelburne Town Pharmacy, in Giant Tiger Plaza is now open for business. Good Doctors is a wonderful new concept that has arrived in Sheburne.

This walk in clinic works the same way as a customary walk in clinic except that modern technology provides an interactive medical experience in real time with a doctor over a computer. When you arrive, you will be greeted by Ashton Labonte, Nurse Manager with good doctors, fill out necessary forms, and then be seen by RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) who will then teleconference with an actual doctor over the internet with the patient, much the same as skype or facetime. During this time, the doctor can order tests, schedule follow up appointments, write prescriptions, and send information to a patient's family doctor or simply begin a medical file until a patient has found a family doctor. Good Doctors owner, Leo Liao is confident Shelburne will love this new service commenting, " Every visit a patient will see a doctor, speak with a doctor, and it's key for people to know that our Nurses training is taken very seriously as the Nurse has first contact with patients, even the idea of e-photos that remain on file so Doctors can refer to progress or lack of progress made concerning an injury is an advantage. All information is private and confidential." Liao is keenly aware of the numbers of people who will now have access to health care when they might not have had it otherwise. With many other locations in remote communities, Good Doctors has already made a wonderfully positive impact on health care for patients as well as doctors. Services are covered by OHIP, and for new doctors, starting a practice can be very costly. This forum offers doctors a way to begin their practice even when travel is required as they only need to have internet access in order to help patients. Located in the same place as a pharmacy is also a wonderful plus, especially to those with young children who are not wanting to travel elsewhere to get their prescription filled. In a conversation with Sanjay Lekhi, owner of Shelburne Town Pharmacy, Lekhi previously commented as to why he wanted to bring this service to Shelburne." Sure, people can have their prescription filled here but they can also have it filled at their usual pharmacy.This is not a problem, this is about helping my community, bringing a service I believe we need. "  

(LtoR) Abby Stewart, RPN, Ashton Labonte, Nurse Manager,Business Owner, Leo Liao, and Shelburne's own, Shelburne Town Pharmacist, Sanjay Lekhi.   The Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m -3 pm. 226-278-4868(hours will increase as demand grows) Click image below and visit the Good Doctor's Medical Clinic Website. 

Happy Third Anniversary To The Market! 

The Market, "Your Country Store", owned by Doug & Virginia Hansford, located on Highway 124, held it's 3rd Anniversary Celebration marking three successful years in business providing a unique one stop shopping for Shelburne and those enroute to Collingwood.

Offering a country feel, this store has fruit and veggies, ice cream, unique gift items, specialty cheese products, an assortment of frozen goods, and all the soil, flowers, any one could need or want. 

The Anniversary event was organized by My Crafty Neighbour, entrepreneurs, friends and neighbours, Laura Meakings and Tara De Dominicis McCreadie who are well known within the Shelburne Community of Crafters and are now event planners as well. 

(LtoR) The Market owners, Doug and Virginia Hansford, My Crafty Neighbours owners, Laura Meakings and Tara De Dominicis McCreadie. Click image (L) to visit photo gallery for more coverage. 

Sohayla Smith & The Smith Brothers Performed Live at (DCMA) 

Dufferin County Museum & Archives Opening Night of their Wonderful True. Grit. Exhibit.

 Click on images below for video of performances. 

The Shelburne BIA and The Town of Shelburne Blooming Ceremony
 150 Celebration Gardens

The Shelburne BIA and The Town of Shelburne Blooming Ceremony - 150 Celebration Gardens

The Town of Shelburne Ontario is one of 150 lucky recipient of a 150th Celebrations Gardens’, being distributed across Canada, in celebration of the Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017. Each of the 150 communities involved will plant 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs this fall in preparation for Canada’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebrations. The tulip is an international symbol of friendship and of spring.

Symbolic link to a Friendship

Additionally, the gardens celebrate the Dutch-Canadian gift of 100,000 Dutch tulip bulbs, sent to Canadians in 1945 as a symbol of appreciation for the role Canadian soldiers played in the liberation of the Netherlands and the hospitality Canada provided to the Dutch Royal Family during WWII.

Shelburne’s garden and the other 149 gardens planted across the country, will be symbolically linked to the flagship 150th Celebration Garden Promenade, consisting of 25,000 tulips donated by Vasey’s, located adjacent to Niagara Falls. Our garden will also be featured on the 2016 edition of Canada’s Garden Route. The Blooming Ceremony took place on the lawn located on the north/west corner of the Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex. Veterans, school children and the public were invited to attend the Blooming ceremony held on Wednesday May 10th, 2017 at 9:00 am

For more information, please contact, Carol Maitland EDC/Marketing coordinator ,Town of Shelburne at: 519-925-2600 EXT.239, or Email: [email protected]Economic Development Committee. 


The Red Hat Society Celebrated Their 10th -Un-Birthday With Their Big Fat Red Hat Wedding of 2017! Click image above to visit our May photogallery for more coverage. Click here for video.

Dufferin County Museum & Archives True Grit Exhibit Now Open! 

This wonderful exhibit highlights people then and now who helped build the community and in keeping with proud tradition do the same today. 

Click image above for more coverage. Missed the DCMA True Grit Opening Night Event? Watch it here! 

Take A Hike For Headwaters June 3, 2017! An Outdoor Event You Don't Want To Miss!

Partnering up with Bruce Trail Conservancy, the Headwaters Health Care Foundation invites everyone to take part in the Take A Hike For Headwaters Fundraising Event held on June 3, 2017. (LtoR: Front:) Elaine Capes Headwaters Health Care Foundation Board Member, Jim Preyde, President of the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club, and (back) Catherine Matzig, Headwaters Health Care Foundation Director, Leadership Giving. 

Newcomers to Dufferin County have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of getting to know other new people to the area while finding out about the natural beauty of the environment they have chosen to live in. There are three hikes offered. Click on image (L) for more information about the hikes, fundraising, and registering online.  

While strollers are not allowed, any sort of baby back pack is. For this particular fundraising event, pets are not allowed. Although each hike starts at a different time, the first one beginning at 8:30 am, the hikes are arranged to end at the same time allowing for mingling while enjoying a lunch that is provided. Along the hike, snacks and drinks are provided as well hikers will receive technical socks and a commemorative badge. Jim Preyde assures hikers that sweeps will occur throughout the morning and First Aid Trained hike leaders will be on hand ensuring a safe and wonderful hiking experience. 

For naturalists, hikers, neighbours and friends, experiencing the Bruce Trail is a fantastic Saturday activity. Couple that with the fundraising endeavour and the Headwaters Health Care Foundation has created a 'Win-Win' Event for the the whole family.  Are you a new comer to the Dufferin-Caledon Area? It may surprise long time residents and new comers alike that the Canadian Government does not provide hospitals much needed money to purchase medical supplies. That's right! If a hospital needs beds, wheel chairs, scalpel, CT Scanner, the money needed to purchase supplies will come from fundraisers like the Take A Hike For Headwaters Event. Those attending the Take A Hike For Headwaters event will actually be coming together as a community helping to provide health care essentials to the very hospital that provides health care services to their community. This is not actually a new concept. This fundraising event is steeped in a hundred year old tradition of community supporting community. 
Following a  train derailment in the early 1900's, The Lord Dufferin Hospital was created by 52 women of the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire (IODE). Today, 100 years later, Headwaters Hospital, located in Orangeville services 640 sq. miles, 135,000 people from the Dufferin County area and the need for medical supplies continues to grow. 
" Wherever you live, you need community around you, " commented Catherine Matzig, Headwaters Health Care Foundation Director of Leadership and Giving, adding," The Take Hike For Headwaters event is  a great opportunity to find out about where you live and it's a great place! This is a great event for the catchment area in North Dufferin. One of the things that makes this place so special is the Bruce Trail." 
Jim Preyde, President of the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club commented on the social aspect of hiking, " It's a great place to meet people. I've met many like minded people and have made long time friends." 
Over 200 hikers are anticipated to attend the Take A Hike For Headwaters event and the fundraising goal for the 1st Annual Event that will take place rain or shine is $10,000! "This year's priority equipment list includes $2.5 million of new and upgraded equipment, some of which is needed for the newly expanded Ambulatory Care Unit. We're very excited to be partnering with the Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Conservancy and many local businesses such as Bonnefield, KTH Manufacturing, Crewson Insurance, Whispering Pines Landscaping, Running Free Orangeville, John's No Frills, Shelburne Town Pharmacy, Tim Horton's, Subway, Caravaggio Pharmacy, and Country 105FM to make this first annual event a success," commented Matzig. 
Can't hike? Consider becoming a sponsor.  Click on image above, register online today and Take A Hike For Headwaters today! You can help support your community health care facility. 
By Alex Sher

ACCE Photography Hosted  A Spring Market At Shelburne's CDRC
That Brought $83 To Shelburne's Breakfast Programs! 

ACCE Photography owner, Althea Casamento hosted Shelburne's Spring Market at Shelburne's CDRC (Centre Dufferin Recreation Centre) on April 29, 2017. With a variety of vendors attending, shopping in Shelburne was a real treat raising $83 for Shelburne's Breakfast Programs. (LtoR) Althea Casamento, owner of ACCE Photography and Tara Bernard- McCabe, Volunteer with Food and Friends Breakfast Club Coordinator for Hyland Heights and Glenbrook Elementary School. 

Click image (L) to visit photo gallery and see the wonderful vendors who attended Shelburne's Spring Market hosted by ACCE Photography. 

Click here to visit ACCE Photography's Facebook page. 

Click image above for exclusive video interview and meet Shelburne's New Art Therapist, Tiffany McCabe. 

Click image above for video of Clydesdale Mum, new baby and the puppy who loves his new horse friend escort all to dinner at Sky Ridge Clydesdales.