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The Shelburne Freelancer             Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hydro One Issued The Following Press Release Regarding
The Ice Storm Of 2016

Hydro One Team Effort Returns Electricity After Easter Weekend Storm March 29, 2016.

Hydro One crews cleared more than 50,000 trees, replaced over 180 poles, 41 transformers, 141 cross arms and kilometres of line to restore power to more than 125,000 customers after a daunting weekend of weather that brought freezing rain, lightning strikes, high winds and finally flooding.

"At times it felt like Mother Nature was really challenging us, but we threw everything we had at this storm and have returned power to our communities," said Jon Rebick, Vice President, Provincial Lines and Forestry, Hydro One. "We faced this adversity with our customers, we know how much everything depends on electricity."

"With a repair job this big, simple math makes the decision of who gets their power back on first. If a customer is affected by a problem that affects a lot of people, they will get restored first," said John "Storm Boss" Hamilton, Grid Operations Manager, Hydro One. "We work our way through the repair list and assign resources based on where we can get the largest amount of people back on at one time. We know it's very hard to wait and really appreciate our customers understanding."

Customers kept the call centre very busy with 150,000 calls, an average of 35 calls per minute, across the five days.

The clean-up job will continue as trees and equipment weakened by the storm will continue to cause outages and crews will go back to spots where temporary repairs were made and bring them up to the full standard. Crews, many of whom have been away from their families since the outages began will head home once the work is done.

A workforce of more than 1,200 was out in force this holiday weekend, travelling from as far away as Sudbury and the Ottawa Valley to tackle a relentless rebuilding effort in weather that seemed to try a new tactic every day. Other Ontario utilities joined Hydro One crews through mutual assistance agreements, including: Haldimand Hydro, Festival Hydro, Woodstock Hydro, Erie Thames Hydro, Niagara Peninsula Hydro, Ottawa Hydro, Brampton Hydro One, Peterborough PUC, Midland PUC and Sudbury Hydro.

About the Company
The Company is Ontario's largest electrical transmission and distribution utility with approximately $23 billion in assets and 2014 revenues of over $6 billion. The Company's regulated transmission and distribution operations are owned by Hydro One Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.  Hydro One Inc. delivers electricity safely and reliably to over 1.2 million customers across the province of Ontario, and to large industrial customers and municipal utilities.  Hydro One Inc. owns and operates Ontario's approximately 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network and an approximately 122,000 circuit km primary low-voltage distribution network. 

SOURCE Hydro One Inc.

For further information: Hydro One Media Relations 24 hours a day at 1-877-506-7584 (toll-free in Ontario only) or 416-345-6868. Our website is Click on Hydro One image above and visit their website.

Hydro One's Communication Officer, Alicia Sayers
& Helpful Information Homeowners Need To Know

"Until the Electrical Safety Authority inspects and approves repairs to the customer’s equipment, by regulation Hydro One cannot reconnect them to the system.

Like all utilities in Ontario, Hydro One provides its customers with its Conditions of Service when an account is opened and again annually. Our Conditions of Service are approved by Hydro One’s regulator, the Ontario Energy Board.

Section 1.6, C. outlines a customer’s rights and obligations regarding the ownership of their equipment. Customer equipment includes, but is not limited to, power lines, poles and the base of the meter. The customer is responsible for installation and maintenance of customer equipment, including vegetation maintenance around the customer’s power lines.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all customer equipment complies with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the Electrical Safety Code and is properly identified and connected for metering and operation purposes. Where applicable, customer equipment shall be subject to the reasonable acceptance of Hydro One and the approval of the ESA.

Safety is paramount which is why the customer is required to inspect the customer equipment at regular intervals (this is important after a storm event). Once the customer repairs the equipment as required and it passes the ESA’s approval inspection, Hydro One can then reconnect the customer’s service, " commented Sayers.

For More Information, contact :

Hydro One Customer Communications Centre


The Electrical Safety Authority Issued The Following Media Release Regarding The Ice Storm Of 2016

Electrical Safety Authority Advises Ontario Homeowners to Check for Electrical Damage from Ice and Wind MISSISSAUGA, ON/ March 25, 2016 The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is advising Ontarians in areas most affected by the ice and wind of the last two days to take a moment and check for damage to their home or property’s electrical system. Even if power has been restored or never went out, you may have electrical pipes/masts pulled away from the building, sagging electrical wires, or water and ice damage. These could be shock or fire hazards and should be repaired. Looking for Damage  Typically, a homeowner’s ownership of electrical equipment begins where the wires attach to the house. This includes the stack pipe and the wires in it.  Check to see if the pipe is pulled away from the wall, broken, or detached from the meter base. Look for wires sagging down.  If you see this or suspect any damage, contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to check it and make necessary repairs. A list of all Licensed Electrical Contractors in Ontario, as well as a search feature to find a Licensed Electrical Contractor near you, can be found at Getting Repairs Done Only Licensed Electrical Contractors can be hired to do residential electrical repairs. They will take out permits with the Electrical Safety Authority so that inspection can occur and an official record of the work is generated.  Once you have hired a Licensed Electrical Contractor: o The contractor will file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) so there is a record of the work; o When contractors complete repairs, they will notify ESA and the ESA Inspector will confirm work has been done safely; o The contractor will get a copy of the ESA certificate of inspection. Homeowners, you should get a copy of this from the contractor or ESA for your insurance company. Water and Ice Damage Burst pipes, burst or backed-up watermains, and other water sources may have caused water damage inside your home. Do a visual check (do not touch) for evidence of water or ice contact with electrical outlets, panels, wiring and appliances. Stay back and contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor immediately to make repairs. Do not use appliances that have been damaged by water. For more information on these and other electrical safety topics go to About the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is an administrative authority acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario with specific responsibilities under the Electricity Act and the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act. As part of its mandate, ESA is responsible for administering regulation in four key areas: the Ontario Electrical Safety Code; licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians; electrical distribution safety; and electrical product safety. For more information click on the ESA Logo above and visit their website. 

The Electrical Safety Authority & What You Need To Know About Safely Getting Power Restored To Your Home

Information For Homeowners Who May Need To Get Repair Work Done To The Electrical Equipment On Their Home. 

Following the Ice Storm of 2016 that left the majority of Dufferin county electrically paralyzed, many Shelburnites will soon find out the harsh reality of who exactly is financially responsible for repairs of the damaged

electrical equipment on their homes before Hydro One can restore Hydro.  

Nancy Evans,Vice President, Communications & Stakeholder Relations

of Electrical Safety Authority,explains, Major storms can cause damage not only to the electrical equipment owned by utilities like Hydro One, but also to equipment that belongs to the homeowner and the homeowner is responsible for making those repairs.  Typically, a homeowner’s ownership of electrical equipment begins where the electrical wires attach to the house. This means the wire from the pole to the house is generally the utility’s, but the wires inside the mast or pipe that runs up the side of your house and the wires inside it belong to you. If this equipment is damaged, you need to arrange repairs by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.  In cases of significant damage, the utility may not be able to safely reconnect power to your home until the repairs are done." One of the main key factors Evans stresses is to find a 'Licensed Electrical Contractor'. 

 Evans helpful advice continues, adding, "You can find a list of all of Ontario’s Licensed Electrical Contractors at  Just click on 'Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in my area.'   Even if you didn’t lose power or power has been restored it’s important to take a look at your house after a storm to make sure that hasn’t been any damage done.  Usually this repair work can be covered by a home insurance policy but check with your insurer about your coverage.” 

During heightened frustration, following much loss and suffering much damage, Shelburnites will have to keep a cool head during the weeks ahead until normalcy is returned. The more information Shelburnites know, the better. 

"There is more information on our web site at and residents can call 1-877-372-7233 to reach the Electrical Safety Authority. This is a link to the web page with information about getting repairs done after a storm:", Evans commented. 

(Photo above generously supplied)

                                             Click on Photo above to visit ESA's Website 

     & click on image below to go to their page on 'Safely Getting Power Restored.'

Easter Egg Hunt Photographs are now up! Click on the image (L)to visit the Easter 2016 Photo Gallery.

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Monday, March 28, 2016

After A Night Of Downpour, Shelburnites Awake To Gale Force Winds, Snow Mixed With Hail And High Water Tables!
 What Next!

Before Clean-Up

After Clean-Up

While there was relatively little damage to the house above, the "look" of the house is forever changed. Below, examples before a night of rain and after a night of rain. 

Before Rain on the 27th..

Water levels significantly rose over night as Shelburne faced yet another kind of winter storm with gale force winds, and snow mixed with hail for Easter Monday. Below other examples of high waters and damage as Shelburnites brace for possible future power outages due to high winds knocking down power lines. 

Hydro and Town Of Shelburne Clean-up Crews
Brave The Elements! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                 Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Ice Rain Storm Of 2016 That
Almost Crippled Dufferin County.

On the evening of March 24,  2016, the ice rain warnings didn't prepare most people in Shelburne for the gravity of the situation to come. This photo indicates just how easily trees snapped sealed in a layer of ice anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch of ice, taking down street lights while hydro lines curled around pieces of trees as seen in the top of the remaining standing hydro pole following one of the most devastating ice rain storms in the history of the Town of Shelburne. 

As of Sunday, March 27, 2016 many Shelburnites remain without power and many of those who are fortunate enough to have generators as an alternative source of energy still do not have landlines, which translates to no telephone, internet, or television. 

Ontario Hydro workers worked round the clock in a feverish attempt to restore power as temperatures were high enough, not melting ice quick enough and instead created perilous conditions. 

Shelburne Town clean-up crews(our every day heroes ) were fast to action working through the night on clean up keeping semblance on the streets of  Shelburne clearing enough debri to create mountains of mulch. This photo taken just yesterday is already twice as high. 

Now to prepare for the ongoing cleanup as damaged houses are tended to, vehicles are repaired, and for some, the wait for Hydro continues in the dark and cold in anticipation for more rain forecasted for later this evening. 

Note worthy in the face of uncertainty and during frightening and often devastating times such as the Easter Weekend/ Ice Rain Storm of 2016 were the number of heart warming stories mentioned in person and on face book. We Shelburnites are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by neighbours, family, friends, and strangers who are always eager to lend a hand and help anyone in need. Even though the passed weekend was horrible, cold, and not even over for some, Shelburnites are and always have been resilient, that is the good stuff and we are made of it!

My thanks to all Emergency Services Crews, Police, Town employees, the Shelburne Legion, the Dufferin Oaks, creating a warming station, Town of Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington who did his best to provide updates as soon as they were made available. Shelburne really pulled together and hopefully that's what we take from this experience. 

Written by Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer            Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Free Networking Group Comes To Shelburne! 

The Shelburne & Area Free Networking Group held their first Meeting at Steve's BBQ Restaurant in Shelburne on March 22, 2016, and with over thirty businesses in attendance, the first gathering was an unmitigated success! (LtoR) Cindy Davis, and Arthur Jaworowski  have followed in Charlotte Graham's and (absent) Joel LaPalme's footsteps in providing Shelburne Businesses a venue to network, branch out, get acquainted and grow together in the support of their community. Graham and LaPalme are the Organizers of the Orangeville & Area Free Networking Group which has been very successful meeting the criteria listed above. More meetings will be held in the future and The Shelburne Freelancer will notify the Shelburne community via the Events and Classified page on our website.  Click on the photo above to visit The Shelburne & Area Free Networking Group's Face Book Page. 

Below are just some of the businesses who attended the first Shelburne & Area Free Networking Group Meeting.

The Shelburne Freelancer                  Monday, March 21, 2016

Dufferin County Museum & Archives
 Held Annual Sugaring Off Party

Taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather, the Pedro Family enjoyed a little site seeing and stopped into the Dufferin County Museum & Archives Annual Sugaring Off Party of 2016. One of the many activities offered to guests was the ability to try on historical clothing and have a fun photograph taken to commemorate the occasion.

(LtoR) While Nathan Pedro,11,sported an historically correct mustache, his sister, Victoria Pedro, 10, showed of her vintage fashion sense in a victorian dress.

Perfecting Bannock!

Long time volunteeer at the Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Jamie Nancekivell demonstrated the skill involved in cooking Bannock, over an open flame. Although widely believed to be of Native American descent, Bannocks have been around for centuries and according to Wikapedia and other historical Food sites, is found to have originated in Scotland well before the 19th Century. It is thought that Bannock recipes travelled into Canadian history along with Fur traders and eventually became a part of Innuit, and Native Canadian diets. 

Bannocks were originally made round and flat, however over time, became a bit more like scones or biscuits. 

And of course, what would a Sugaring Off Party be without the sweet syrup taste?

Tree Tapping was just one of the many activities available both inside and outside the museum. 

And if you happened to be Thomas Watson, 4, out for the day with Grandma and Grandpa, you would be just having fun with two of the greatest people who love you the most! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                 Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Break Fun In Shelburne With 
The Shelburne Public Library

Dan The Music Man has been entertaining children for many years. For more information, visit or call 416-410-7765 or email Dan Devion (Above) at [email protected]

Dan The Music Man Performed to a sold out audience on March 15th at Shelburne's Tipling Theatre. (L) While kids enjoyed participating in Dufferin County's Museum & Archive's Stone Soup Activities.

Photo provided by Nancy Malek, DCMA Marketing & Events 

Six Year old,  Jaz White(Above) enjoyed touching this very large Turtle at The Shelburne Public Library during The Zoo To You Presentation on March 16th. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Monday, March 14, 2016

Newfie Night At The Shelburne Legion 220 Branch Yet Another Success Attracting Attendees From Across The GTA!

Every year, Newfie Night held at the Shelburne Legion 220 Branch is a huge success drawing people from across the GTA. Meals fit for Newfie Kings, prepared by the Legion Volunteers, attract those keen for a Newfie Home cooked meal steeped in tradition that will bring back the nostalgic feeling found only in Newfoundland, and Shelburne, of course.  But for those who are not from Newfoundland, and are not "Newfies" but find they are "wanna-be's", there is a way to become an honorary Newfie, but in order to achieve that, well, let's just say, it may sound a little fishy..

These three photos were kindly submitted. 

Yup! Kiss A Fish & Become An Honorary Newfie! 

Good Food, Great Friends, And Fantastic Music! 

That's What Keeps'm Coming Back!

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Monday, March 7, 2016

Meet Two Recipients Of The Community  Excellence Awards

(LtoR) One  of two recipients to receive an award on March 7, 2016, Jeanne Cruikshank was presented with a Community Excellence Award by Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington commenting, " Jeanne Cruikshank is receiving this award due to her 35 years of dedication  and commitment to literacy teaching so many in the community the importance of reading. Surrounded by family and friends, the gallery at Town Hall was filled with admirers. 

(LtoR) Owner of Shelburne Home Hardware  Building Centre, Bill Gillam was the second recipient of the evening to accept a Community Excellence Award from Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington for taking the initiative and creating a charitable program, called Donate A Plate, in support of local Breakfast programs, bringing in $12,500. "I thank you for this award, but I could not have done it without my staff," commented Gillam adding," The kids colored 'Thank You' paper plates which are so great and are mounted in our store."

(Above) Bill Gillam received an Honorary Breakfast Club Shirt .

(LtoR: Below) Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Cashier, Sandi Cechet, Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre Owners, Bill and Carol Gillam, Shelburne Home Hardware Manager, Sandy Harron, Breakfast Program Kit Stewart  (Program Coordinator, Glenbrook Breakfast Program),  Tara McCabe (Program Coordinator, Hyland Heights Breakfast Program)

The Shelburne Freelancer              Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shelburne's Hyland Park To Be Renamed
The Natahsa Paterson Memorial Park

           Click on Image (L) for full article.

The Shelburne Freelancer                Monday, March 7, 2016

Click on the image(L) to go to this week's Shelburne Police Updates, topics include: Snow Forts Caution, Scamming Alerts & Precautions You Can Take To Stay Safe, and Shelburne Police to Host a Free Information Session at the CDRC, Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 7p.m. on Detecting Counterfeit Bills Training.

The Shelburne Freelancer                Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shelburnites & FaceBook Reaching Out To Keep Kids Safe

With March Break quickly approaching and the onslaught of newly acquired snow levels, there is growing concern among Shelburnites regarding  child safety and the building of snowforts. 

Reaching out over FaceBook, Shelburnites expressed their concerns and one concerned community member suggested contacting the local newspapers. 

This is a very serious topic for discussion with very mixed opinions. While some believe kids should revel in outdoor activity of any kind, others, having been touched by previously tragedy prefer to 

plead with their community to take a step back and consider the safety issues. Thankfully not every person in the community can claim to have suffered a loss of life due to a snow plow's unexpected visit to the end of a driveway where a child played in a newly dug snow fort or snow tunnel, but the truth remains, and such tragedies inevitably occur. The most tragic part of these concerns it to state the obvious and remind the community this type of tragic event is completely avoidable. 

For those who would wish for their kids to enjoy safe snow forts, there are a couple safe rules to keep in mind that could save your child's life. An open, no roof what so ever design avoiding possibility of collapse coupled with the age old adage, location, location, location, implies building a fort nowhere near the road where a plow can easily never notice a child. Like having a pool, safety concerns must be in place once the fun is over.  Visiting children notoriously discover forts and can't seem to help themselves entering, also something else to consider, the responsibility. 

Forts can be very elaborately decorated, have many rooms and be very safe in construction. The third and final consideration, even though parents find themselves very busy, is to take part in outdoor activity as much as possible and set a safe building example. Every year parents die in collapsed snow forts as well. 



While the sweet little kid's face peeking out of this snow fort castle is likely experiencing one of the happiest days in their life, making memories, this is a stock photo as are the others in this editorial. While the photos contain no ties to this community, these kids do belong to someone and  the reality is at any moment, this situation could have turned into an emergency situation resulting in tragedy. 

Many thanks to FaceBook users who include The Shelburne Freelancer in your much appreciated posts. 



To Quote Winnie The POO,

 "Think, Think! Think!"

The Shelburne Freelancer               Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meet The Local Area Public Speaking Competitors
Who Attended The Shelburne Legion Branch 220
Youth Education Public Speaking Contest 2016!

Local area kids from five elementary schools, Hyland Heights, Centennial Hylands, Glenbrook Elementary, Grand Valley, and Laurel Woods competed at the Shelburne Legion Branch 220's Youth Education Public Speaking Competition on February 28, 2016. As seen above, 23 competitors skillfully delivered speeches to a large audience hoping for the end game possibility of winning $1000! 
" I would like to thanks everyone who came out. We had a great turn out and I thought the speeches were truly amazing. I was so impressed with the confidence students delivered their speeches. Also I would like to thank all the teachers who took the time to help prepare these students for the competition and all the volunteers to help make the competition possible," commented Chair of Youth Education, Babs Defoe, adding," I am already really looking forward to next years and I hope to see High School Students as well." 

This photo kindly provided by the Ladies Auxiliary Vice President, Denyse Chopee. 

(Lto R) Ist Vice President of The Shelburne Legion Branch 220, Garry Netzke, 1st Place Winner in the Grade 7-9 Category, 13 year old,Laura Wagstaff, for her speech called, Failure, 1st Place Winner in the Grade 1-3 Category, 8 year old, Quinn Millsap, for his speech called, If I had Super Powers,  1st place Winner in the Grade 4-6 category, 10 year old, Bryn Rutledge for her speech called, Hockey, and Chair of Youth Education, Babs Defoe. 

These three deserving winners each won $30,   are students at Centennial Hylands Elementary School  and will carry on to compete in Everett on March 20th with their eye on the ultimate prize of $1000 upon the completion of competitions ahead. Good Luck Kids!

To find out more about Canadian Legion Youth Programs , click on the photo and visit the Legion website.


The Shelburne Freelancer                   Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Young Shelburne Family Enjoy Free Public Skate At Shelburne's Centre Dufferin Recreation Centre(CDRC-Arena) on the last Sunday of February. (LtoR) Liz and Hunter Hall (back) have fun skating with their two beautiful youngsters, Scarlet and Summer. 

Click on photo and go to the CDRC Fall/Winter  Recreation Guide for more information. 

March Break Fun Filled Activities Are Scheduled To Keep Your Little Ones Busy & Entertained.
See What The Shelburne Public Library, Grand Valley Public Library and Orangeville Public Library have in store for you! 
Click on image (L) to go to 
Events &Classified Page.