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March In Shelburne 2015

March For Meals Month Raised Awareness Regarding 
Senior Health And The Community

March for Meals is an annual  month-long campaign involving raising awareness about senior health, care and how a community can stay involved through volunteering to ensure our beloved seniors are receiving the care they need.

In support of March For Meals, Shelburne's  Mayor, Ken Bennington was invited to the Meals On Wheels Program for lunch time deliveries. ( Left) Joining Mayor Bennington for a Shelburne Freelancer exclusive video comment, Dufferin County Community Support Services Manager, Patti Tardif . 

"We have a variety of meal options available, even frozen meals can be provided to our seniors," commented Tardif, adding,"As far as statistics go, during our last fiscal year, we delivered 7,133 meals throughout Dufferin County. This includes both our hot and frozen meal programs. This number includes 1,487 hot meals which were delivered in Shelburne."

A proud Tardif also commented,"Dufferin County Community Support Services offers much more to Shelburne in addition to the Meals On Wheels Program citing a Congregate Meal that Takes place at Dufferin Oaks every Tuesday at 5 p.m. "

Tardif recommends people call ahead if interested in attending. Partnering with Dufferin Oaks, Congregate Dining is offered to the Residents of the McKelvie Burnside Village Apartments and only costs $7 which includes, dinner followed by an activity such as a movie. There are indeed a long list of special services offered by Dufferin County Community Services and their partners. Go to and for more information.

         Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington feels the Meals on Wheels program is an integral part of the community.

(LtoR) Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington and Client Service Co-ordinator, Andrea Sommer in the Dufferin Oaks kitchen prepare the meals that will be delivered for Meals on Wheels Program in support of raising awareness for Senior health and care during the March For Meals month long campaign. 

Shelburne Legion Branch 220
 & Thinking Outside The Box!

In order to survive in today's economy, business savvy Shelburne Legion Branch 220 President, Lesa Peat has proven she can definitely think outside the box. 

Although generating income can be a challenge, the task may be as simple as turning a phrase from Forrest Gump's,"Life is like a box of chocolates" or in this case, "Donuts".

Micah's Kitchen has been at the Legion serving up a taste of Italian flair and Canadiana staples complete with a variety of homemade meals and on March 27th, Chef in training,  Micah Ricci included homemade donuts!

Thirty percent of the proceeds go to the Legion and this Shelburnite couldn't be more pleased. 

Over the winter, Ricci has been cooking up a storm every Wednesday, Thursday and every Friday opposite Wings nite. The inspired idea of Legion President, Lesa Peat has Ricci planning for next year commenting, "Next Year will be bigger and better!"

With the ability to stay or take out, Shelburnites can be assured, whatever is in the box will be something delicious!

Shelburne Legion Branch 220 

Message from Legion President, Lesa Peat

Micah's Kitchen will be cooking tonight,serving up home-made Burgers or Spicy Chicken on a Bun as well as Fries.

Good luck to all the dart players tonight.Thank you to our helpers who will be prepping for tomorrows Wing Night this morning.

The Pedestrians will be entertaining, don't miss out on this great local band.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                        Monday, March 30, 2015

Tipling Stage Company's,"But Why Bump Off Barnaby?" 
 Comes To A Close, A Comedic Triumph! 

What  A Performance! 

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The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                       Saturday, March 28th, 2015

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"But Why Bump Off Barnaby?" Today at Grace Tipling Theatre!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                        Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Pickin In the Park News in the Arts and Entertainment Section!

New Article on Recycled Teenagers Classic Cars and Trucks Inc. in Classic Cars Section. Great Pics!

"But Why Bump Off Barnaby?"  Starts Friday at Grace Tipling Hall

New Article on Quilts of Valour Coming Soon!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                 Friday, March 20, 2015

March Break In Shelburne

March Break In Shelburne got off to a great start.
How did you spend your time during March Break? On March 17th, Dufflebag Theatre entertained kids at Grace Tipling Theatre with their production of Snow White.
For those in attendance, the afternoon was a full house of fun filled laughter.

Guess WHOO Came to the Shelburne Public Library During March Break?

I must be magic too!

When Speaking of Wildlife refer to themselves as a hands on organization, they mean it! From a rescued 18 year old owl, silver fox, snapping turtles and more, children who attend Speaking  of Wildlife's one hour interactive visit can touch them all.

According to the Speaking of Wildlife website, their organization which began in 1989, is the largest live animal education and outreach program in all of Canada.

On Wednesday, March 20th, Speaking of Wildlife visited the Shelburne Public Library as part of the wonderful activities offered during March Break. Children and adults alike got the experience of a lifetime just being in the presence of these magnificent creatures. Note: Video made with permission of Speaking of Wildlife and the Owl!

For more information on Speaking of Wildlife, visit,

Can you remember when you first thought rubber boots were made of magic? Can you remember when you first realized spring had arrived, with the wind blowing your hair, sun shining, and you felt invincible,walking in water but your feet stayed dry?( Below)Page Whitehouse is only three and after attending Dufflebag's performance of Snow White at Grace Tipling Hall, little Page discovered her boots were magic, and Spring is on the way! And yes, she was just about unstoppable splashing until eventually, it was time to go home!

March Break In Shelburne on Mystic Drumz Thursday !

Mystic Drums!

High Quality Children's Entertainment and the perfect way to March Break!

Safe to say, "The kids went wild!"

Each year, the Shelburne Public Library lines up quality entertainment for the youngsters of the Shelburne community to attend during March Break. 

Certainly 2015 must mark the year the library has surpassed themselves. Rounding out their March Break with Mystic Drumz performed at Grace Tipling Theatre on Thursday, March 19th, it is plain to see and hear and hear in the provided video that whether you  were five or thirty-five, Grace Tipling Theatre was the place to be! For more information on Mystic Drumz, go to. 

Video brought to you with permission of Mystic Drumz by The Shelburne Freelancer.

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A Clucking bunny cat-chicken? What!?

 See video below.

Dufferin County Museum & Archives Rounds out Week of Maple Syrup Festival with Sugarin' Off  Party

DCMA's Sugarin' Off Party marked the end of their week long Maple Syrup Festival. The event held on March 21st was a great success that included opening ceremonies with a drink of syrup,taste of bannock, many activity stations of fun filled historically educational games, crafts, period piece dress up fun, and of course, Maple Syrup Taffy! 

(LtoR)Katie Firth 8, Leah Firth, 4 and Emma Firth 6, attended the Sugarin' Off Party and were just in time for "Maple-ing-in " Opening Ceremony when DCMA General Manager,  Darrell Keenie as Master of Ceremony guided an eager crowd of proud Canadians through to a toast of Maple Syrup and sample of Bannock.

When asked, these sisters were in 

complete agreement commenting their favorite way to have Maple Syrup is on pancakes!

The cost to attend this party is note worthy as it was only $14.00 per group of four! While regular admission applied to additional visitors, for those who had attended the Maple Syrup Festival and saved their receipt, received an addition $2 off each admission. What  a deal! Affordable, educational, historical and fun! What could be better than that? How about ending the party off with Maple Syrup Taffy? Did you know Maple Syrup Taffy is made by using molten(boiling hot)Maple Syrup and slowly pouring it on fresh clean snow? 

According to DCMA's Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Naci Malek, the number of visitors who attended their Maple Syrup Festival during the week of March Break was up this year when compared to last years numbers. While last year over 300 kids visited the museum, this years numbers reached 420! A wonderful and remarkable accomplishment but not unexpected when the events offered at DCMA are jammed pack with science, educational, historical knowledge and clearly  life enriching activities parents and children alike enjoy and cherish.



Opening Ceremonies at DCMA's Sugarin' Off Party's "Maple-ing-in" ceremony

 hosted by DCMA General Manager, Darrell Keenie. 

How exciting was DCMA's Sugarin' Off Party?

 Just ask this youngster! 

Caeley Bryant turned seven years old recently and she thought the Party was very exciting. After all, it's not every day a kid gets to have a tiny cup full of delicious Canadian  Maple Syrup during a "Maple-ing-in" Ceremony.

And there were games a plenty at


 Sugarin' Off Party!

(Top) Andrzej Roy 3, and 7 (Bottom)Aleks Wade-Vesa enjoyed an afternoon of with "Grama Fletcher" while taking part at one of the historically educational activity stations available to play at the party. 

DCMA had an assortment of vintage fashion available for kids to try on and get their photo taken during DCMA's Sugarin' Party! Can you guess which era these vintage dress-up clothes are from? Nine year old, Michael Bryant gave it a guess!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                          Sunday, March 16, 2015

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As the Shelburne Curling Club winds down, 
one young member sets sights on the Olympics!

Shelburne Curling Club Coach, John Gregory and Shelburne Curling Club member, daughter Kaelyn Gregory set sites high as the season winds down. 

Watch the video interview that takes place during the Shelburne Curling Club's Fun Spiel, one of the last events before the ice is removed for summer. Go to 'more' in the option bar and select Sports to see the video and read the article. 

NOTE:Video is full of background noise because Shelburne Curling Club Members know how to enjoy themselves. Sports can be competitive and still be a ton of fun! 

Shelburne Legion 220 Branch Hosted 5th Annual Newfie Night! 

Shelburne's Legion 220 Branch's

 5th Annual Newfie Night Huge Success!

Shelburne Legion 220 Branch Event organizer's (LtoR) Babs Defoe, and Donna Barr were once again very pleased with the turnout for their 5th Annual Newfie Night event. 

"We'll probably see approximately 300 people attending tonight before the night is over, some people come after the dinner," commented Barr who was responsible for the decor which set the tone for this festive event."It's $20.00 for the dinner and the night's entertainment," Barr explained,further commenting, " We get people from far away as Tennessee, Toronto, and all over Ontario. There are a lot of East Coast people around."

Babs Defoe was responsible for securing great live entertainment for the event and the crowd was not disappointed in her ability to line up the popular band, Off The Rockers.

Defoe also mentioned the 50/50 draw was another exciting aspect contributing to evening's success.

The meal is something the crowd enjoyed so much, some of the attendees were three generations of East Coasters who would enjoy an evening close to home while they are so very far away from home. For one evening every year, Newfies gather in droves to meet up with friends, enjoy a home cooked taste of home, and dance the night away to music that sets East Coasters hearts on fire with passion for their roots. This very popular event brings first time visitors to Shelburne. See what impression Shelburne gave one visitor in the video below. 

The Food, The Decorations, and of course...

THE MUSIC!!! What A Night!



Rocked the Shelburne Legion 220

Branch during Newfie Night 2015!


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One Energy Center recommends giving Reiki a Try

What the heck is Reiki? Thom Grace of One Energy Center can explain with eloquence as he is a Registered Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (William Lee Rand lineage). 

Many people have to deal with stress on a daily basis. If you find yourself wondering if you could be doing a little more for yourself in the way of healing and relaxing, trying Reiki just might be the change you are looking for. Non- invasive, non-intrusive, Reiki does not interfere with traditional medicine, and if you find traditional methods of treatment not meeting your desired expectations, perhaps Reiki is the treatment that might make all the difference. 

As seen in the photograph to the right, Thom Grace is seated alongside the backdrop of Chakra Symbols on the wall which are by definition centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number. In theory, a Reiki session can line up Chakra's as depicted in the painted portrait, resulting in a very grounded, warm sensation of relaxed healthfulness. 

But how does it work and why does it work?

A Reiki master, in simple terms can tune in to certain spiritual frequencies, focus in on areas of the body and mind and by simply running their hands in the air over the body, can help facilitate healing by helping to release stress. 

"Reiki is tapping into universal energy", commented Grace. A Reiki Master's education is quite extensive and sincerely serious in nature. As to why this almost ancient method of healing works, Grace explains in the video below. 

Contact One Energy Center business partners, Thom Grace,

( Left) and Jodi Jones (above) at for more information, scheduled classes, upcoming guest speakers and more!

Also visit One Energy Center's facebook page!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                          Thursday, March 12, 2015

 New Shelburne Children's Public Library Open For Business 
Just In Time For March Break

Shelburne's Public Library is not only a heritage building, but also a beloved and cherished member of the Shelburne community. How can a building be a member of  a community? A building can only be a member of the community when it is as alive as Shelburne Public Library is. 

Visiting other libraries across Ontario, a distinct difference is noticed. Not just a place to borrow books, the Shelburne Public Library is a meeting place, a learning environment, a safe haven for youngsters to explore literacy, a wonderful and comfortable,'homey' experience where generations have grown up, know every inch of the building, and parents continue to share with their own children, passing the torch of a unique love for the building. 

That being said, this March break will be no exception to the very exciting activities usually planned for youngsters and they will get to experience all that fun in their new Children's Library now conveniently located on the first level of the Library. Only two weeks old, the bright new library is filled with a great selection of children's books from every genre and is shared with new computers, (generously funded by Shelburne's TD bank, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture's Capacity Building Grant) and Lego Literacy projects on display. What a wonderful example of celebrating our young members of the community as CEO/Head Librarian,Rose Dotten commented,"Oh, it's just a great new addition to the library! It's a bright room, kids can come play on the floor, read, take part in our weekly Lego Literacy program, and we've have wonderful activities lined up for March Break." That information can be found by visiting, and by visiting the 'What going on in March' page in the options bar above.

A Must See

The new Shelburne Children's Library is decorated with the most beautiful wooden carvings 

by Ken and Gwyneth McGhee.

The Lego Literacy Program

A weekly program themed with interesting challenges designed to encourage confidence in creativity, verbal self expression and literal works of description. Talented works on display now!

Take A Virtual Tour of Shelburne Public Library's New Children's Library

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                Monday, March 9, 2015

Shelburne Muskies Jamboree Resounding Success
Musicians Play And Sing For Their Dinner

On Sunday March 8th, 2015, people traveled from across Dufferin County just to enjoy the Shelburne Muskies Jamboree, a fun filled afternoon of dancing, mingling with friends, and being entertained by some of the finest fiddling from musicians in and around the area.

Once a month, the Muskies, Senior A Division, host a Jamboree

and with the help of Holmes Appliances and Music Shop, for the minimal entrance fee of $5, you can enjoy a delightful afternoon of dancing, and finish off the affair with a home cooked meal for only $12.50. 

Each event raises on average $500, much needed and appreciated money. Orangeville Sobeys donated all food required for the meal, except for meat to which Muskies President, Kerry Young commented,"Orangeville Sobeys is so helpful. If someone would like to donate the meat for our events, it would mean more money for the Muskies.Any donations are greatly appreciated." The meal is cooked by volunteers and the musicians pay only a $5 entrance fee and then they "play and sing for their dinner", and depending on weather conditions, 20-35 musicians turn out for the highly popular event.

Young also mentions," There are 7 teams in our league, Port Elgin, Durham,Elora,Ripley,Lucknow, Shallow Lake, and Shelburne. The Senior A teams start at 19 years old and up and we are looking for board members for next year."

For more information contact Muskies President, Kerry Young at 519-925-6491 and Holmes Appliances and Music Shop

135 Main St W, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3
Phone:(519) 925-3037.


Leanna Merkley commented she comes from Moorefield,ON to attend the Shelburne Muskies Jamboree. "I love this music! I used to love to square dance and heel to toe polka. I can't do it now but I come to enjoy the music and I love to laugh! It's fun to come here!"

Gail Marshall and Jack Brock come from Orangeville to take advantage of an affordable day of music and singing and dinner at the Shelburne Muskies Jamboree held at the C.D.R.C.

Dorothy Caldwell and Cliff Woolner travel to Shelburne from Alliston in order to attend the Shelburne Muskies Jamboree. Woolner commented,"I'm 91 and just think, 70 years ago I danced just like this but on the streets of Shelburne, during one of the summer events." Not everyone can say that! 

Shelburne Muskies Jamboree Another success

Tipling Stage Company Presents
But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

Tipling Stage Company is Rehearsing the next hit stage performance of But Why Bump Barnaby, a Rick Abbot play Director Jean Jardine Miller who provided the following information. 

The hilariously funny mystery farce But Why Bump Off Barnaby? is coming to Shelburne.
When Barnaby is murdered at Marlgate Manor, it is quite obvious that he had a motive to murder everybody else but... nobody has a reason to murder him. So, with a murderer on the loose, a mystifying limerick, a treasure hunt for a secret family fortune, secret passageways, revolving doors and poisoned drinks, there is a frantic and hilarious rush to solve the clue he leaves behind before anybody else is killed.
Members of the Tipling Stage Company, Shelburne Community Theatre, have been rehearsing the well-known Rick Abbot farce throughout these last freezing cold weeks – not just rehearsing but working on the various “unusual”, shall we say, props and furniture the play calls for. The result is going to be the funniest production the Company has come up with yet in the seven years since it was founded by the Town of Shelburne to bring theatrical entertainment to it’s wonderful old Grace Tipling Concert Hall, built for the citizens of old to gather for song dance and laughter on winter evenings.
But Why Bump Off Barnaby? really is hilariously funny. Actors who are off stage at various points are still reacting with uncontrollable laughter to those on stage even after witnessing the scenes many times over. The murder of Barnaby, played by Eric Nagler, is pricelessly farcical as he desperately tries to communicate a clue to the murderer’s identity to the dimwit granddaughter, played by Tipling newcomer Daphne Rodaway, and her erstwhile fiancé, played by Josh Oatman. The production is directed by Jean Jardine Miller, and features a cast of several of Shelburne audiences’ favourite Tipling Stage Company actors.
Performances are March 27th, 28th at 8:00 pm and March 28 & 29th at 2:00 pm at Grace TIpling Hall, 203 Main Street East, Shelburne. Tickets are available at Shelburne Town Hall, Holmes Appliances and Music Shop, Caravaggio’s IDA and online at

Shelburne prepares for Entertaining Farce

 presented by the Tipling Stage Company at Grace Tipling Hall March 27th, 28th, 29th! Put it on your Calendar! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                             March 6, 2015

 World Day of Prayer 2015 & Shelburne Took Part 

"Rooted In Faith, Called To Action"

March 6th is recognized across the globe as World Day of Prayer. Each year a different country produces a prayer ceremony that is shared and celebrated around the world and this year it was the Bahamas who took their turn to produce a ceremony. Last year it was Egypt to produce a prayer ceremony and next year, Cuba. 

This remarkable event brings all religions together in prayer on the same day, sharing cultures, art and music. Humble beginnings, this event was originally a Canadian and American women's movement which began in 1922.  The very idea the world could be united in prayer is outstanding but to imagine what good could come of it, is another concept of good entirely.

Local resident, Laina Kingdon was the master of ceremony on March 6th at the Dufferin Oaks Auditorium where those who celebrated wore brightly colored clothes in celebration of the Bahamas. In attendance, Reverend Horsley, Pastor Don Hume, Pastor David Howes, Dufferin Oaks Residents, and members of the Shelburne community. Christians around the world joined over 170 countries and 2,000 Canadian communities in prayer at the same time and Shelburne took part. Kingdon brought the importance of prayer to the forefront recounting the story of a Missionary Doctor from Missouri while in Africa. 

According to Kingdon, the doctor would have to take a two day ride on his bicycle to get supplies. On one such trip the doctor encountered a couple of men fighting, noticed one man was injured, treated the injuries and carried on his way. The doctor purchased his supplies and headed home. He broke his journey at night fall and returned to his village the next day without incident. 

He later met the two men he had helped and they told him that they knew he had drugs and money and they had followed him with the intent to kill him and steal his money and supplies. They readily admitted they would have done so if it weren't for the 26 armed guards who surrounded him that night. The doctor assured them he was quite alone but the men insisted they had seen the armed guards and counted twice. The doctor didn't quite know what to make of it, but assured the two men he was quite alone. 

Upon reaching Missouri, the doctor began to tell his congregation about his experience with the two men and was immediately interrupted by a member who asked the exact date of the doctor's experience. Upon hearing the date, the member told the congregation that he had been golfing early in the morning and while it was morning for him, at that exact time in Africa, it would have been night for the doctor. The member explained he became overwhelmed with concern for the doctor and knew he had to pray for him immediately. So concerned, the member reached out to his fellow members and they joined him in prayer for several hours. The member then asked if the men who had taken part in prayer for the doctor would please stand. To the doctor's amazement there were 26 men who stood facing him.

God works through men in mysterious ways. This story came from a book written by John Murray titled, If We Only Knew, Remarkable True Stories of God's Interventions. 

World Day Of Prayer also produces grants through donations received. Grants money collected in 2014 went to grants in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Canada in support of women's shelters, educational programs, health support groups and so much more. Got to for more information on the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada.

The Artwork is by  Artwork by Chantal E.Y. Bethel

(Below: Left): Laina Kingdon, master of ceremonies for this year's World Day of Prayer recounts one man's account of his true story where God Intervened, saving his life, demonstrating the power of prayer.(Below : Right) World Day of Prayer, March 6th, 2015 was celebrated in Shelburne at the Dufferin Oaks Auditorium where Pastor Don Hume was just one of the many participants unity all religions in prayer.

(Above: Right) Dufferin Oaks Auditorium filled with Shelburnites uniting all religions and celebrating World Prayer Day as Pastor Gord Horsley, one of many guest speakers engaged the audience during ceremonies.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                             March 5, 2015

Fabulous Feat Of Engineering on the Scottish Canals, The Falkirk Wheel

A look from inside the gondola as it makes its way to meet the canal above, a spectacular experience. (Right) Providing perspective, one can see the magnitude in size of the wheel when compared to the gondola, and when re-examining the first photo, imagine this very gondola being raised in water high enough to meet the canal above.

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                             March 4, 2015

Shelburne and District Lions Club Inc. Hold Annual
 Lions Effective Speaking Competition

You're Gonna Hear Them Roar- With Talent!      

The Shelburne and District Lions Club held their annual Lions Effective Speaking Competition Wednesday, March 4th at the Dufferin Oaks Auditorium. Local and surrounding area school students participated in the competition producing some of the most talented young speakers thus far. No small feat when imagining Shelburne's former Mayor, Ed Crewson also competed when he was a high school student. If one can base predictions on one's successes of the past, the future is very bright for these young competitors. 

A wide range of diverse topics included graffiti art , living with parents who are teachers, teen drug abuse, explaining what art actually is, educational memories, the two most powerful words in the English language, artistic gymnastics and the ultimate life question, 'If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?'.  All competitors delivered powerful, confident and engaging speeches making judging very difficult for the three attending Judges, Shelburne's CEO/ Head Librarian, Rose Dotten, local Author, Don Haywood, and Freelance Reporter, Alex Sher.

The goal of the Lions Club is to help youth develop skills they can use throughout their lives and stimulate self expression with competitive speaking. Winners at this stage will carry on to Neustadt, March 23rd and if successful will then be off to St. Catherines for the finals the first weekend in May. 

Vincent Halis won in the Intermediate Division while the three winners of the Junior competition on this particular evening are (LtoR-below) Brooke Rutledge, Sarah Bannon, and Trent Rutledge. Congratulations to all competitors and Lions Club members from The Shelburne Freelancer. 



Vincent Halis, Intermediate winner of the Shelburne and District Lions Club's Annual Effective Speaking Competition.

(LtoR-back) Trent Rutledge, Vincent Halis, Wiley McGowan, Lila Warren,(LtoR-front)Brooke Rutledge,Sarah Bannon, and Frances McGowan competed in the Shelburne and District Lions Club's Effective Speaking Competition held on March 4th, 2015.

 (LtoR) Shelburne and District Lions Club members are just a few of the many Lions who work tirelessly hosting events that help produce confident youth with their Annual Effective Speaking Competition. Lion Secretary, Raymond Hunking, Lion President, Bill French, and  Lion Treasurer Ferne Osborne.

Three winners of the Junior level competition on this particular evening are (LtoR-below) Brooke Rutledge, Sarah Bannon, and Trent Rutledge. Congratulations to all competitors and Lions Club members from The Shelburne Freelancer. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                               Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jelly Belly in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, busking with true Scottish Bagpiper!

And have you seen the Kelpies?


Scotland's famous work horse, the Kelpie,was responsible for pulling shipments along the canals throughout Scotland's industrial era. These magnificent, strong, and historically appreciated creatures are now immortalized at the Helix in Scotland. (A Green space and community park situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow.)

Easy to see from the highway, this artistic tribute is 30 metres high and a sight to behold. 

Created by Artist Andy Scott, the project took almost eight years to produce since it's conception and when lit at night, the jaw dropping beauty is a rare sight to behold catapulting the historic location of the Falkirk Canals into the world of international artistic accolades and well deserved recognition. Scott's book is available at the following website which also offers insight into the process of the awe inspiring artistic feat of this magnitude and the artist's dedication that the entire world can marvel and appreciate. A must see for all tourists!  For more information on how to order Scott's book online go to 


The Kelpies are worth the effort to see!

The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                              March 2, 2015

The Shelburne Freelancer Visits Scotland

Sharing Shelburne With The World & Sharing The World With Shelburne

The Shelburne Freelancer Visits Scotland

Most travellers will concede Scotland is one of the most beautiful and historic must see tourist destinations. On this particular visit, the Shelburne Freelancer shares Stirling, Stirling Castle,(Argyll’s Lodging and Mar’s Wark), the William Wallace Monument, (commonly and mistakenly referred to as Mel Gibson’s Braveheart Monument), The Royal Burgh of Culross, the magnificent Artistic masterpiece, the Kelpies, the amazing Scottish Canals featuring the engineering feat of absolute brilliant ingenuity, The Falkirk Wheel, and Edinburgh Castle idyllically situated on Castle Hill.

Stirling Castle is steeped in historical turmoil dating as far back as 1297 during the Stirling Bridge Battle and the Bannockburn Battle in 1314. First impression as one approaches the entrance is the very articulate comment of, “WOW!” The beautiful and ornate architecture and immediate sense of history is almost overpowering. Stirling Castle was the coveted destination as a principal royal residence offering an elitist sense of reputed comfort and security.

Side note of interest: The now very popular television show, Reign, portrays the not entirely historically accurate based life of Mary Queen of Scots. In reality, Mary Queen of Scots was just a year old when she was crowned in the Royal Chapel at Stirling Castle in 1543. Just a few short years following the Battle of Pinkie, Mary Queen of Scots was sent to live in France for her own safety while her mother, Mary of Guise governed Scotland in her young daughter’s absence.

Stirling Castle does however house many political secrets, intrigues, and religious controversies captivating the minds of tourists over centuries. The life and times were often short lived yet one might argue, well lived. Below are just a few highlights from Scotland's Famous Stirling Castle. Photos taken by Alex Sher

 The William Wallace Memorial Monument 
set in the background.

Stirling Castle Court Yard & The Great HAll

To see more photos of inside Stirling Castle, go to the Photo Gallery in the next few days.Meanwhile please enjoy a short amateur video snipet taken from Stirling Castle and see for yourself why Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The William Wallace Memorial Monument

William Wallace's Actual Sword! 
It weighs 3 kilo's and is five ft-4inches tall!

The William Wallace Memorial Monument was completed in 1869, is 220 feet tall, and contains 246 steps to the top of the tower. The monument is a tribute to Scotland's great hero and contains several chambers containing Wallace's personal items and interesting historical information. Not for the fain of heart as the those who wish to test if they have vertigo or not, can easily find themselves in a state of nausea when in the higher chambers while taking in one of the most spectacular views Scotland has to offer.

For more information,visit the William Wallace Memorial Monument's official Website