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The Shelburne Freelancer                   Friday, March 24, 2017

Shelburne's Very Own Spiritual Medium, Jodi Jones

Perhaps best known for being the small business owner of  Being In Balance, on Shelburne's Main Street, Jodi Jones, in addition to offering a wide variety of services ranging from a Reiki Treatment, to massage, to yoga classes, Jones can now offer,..something a little different.

Having been on a spiritual journey of her own over the last year and a half, Jones, under the instruction of Spiritual Medium, Mary Ann Kennedy, has successfully mastered her skills and can now join the ranks of many who have helped people receive much needed messages from their departed ones and from spirit. "About a year and a half ago, I started having strange experiences with spirits and didn't know how to interpret it. Luckily for me, I knew Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne Kennedy who was able to teach me how to develop intuition and psychic ability. Anyone can learn to do this, but not everyone does learn," explained Jones.  At present, Jones is offering a sessions that involve eight participants, creating a sacred circle where Jones "goes in" and receives messages from loved ones and spirit. "It's incredibly therapeutic for everyone. My Team of Angels and Guides are thrilled I am going in this direction," commented Jones.

If you would like to take part in a session with Spiritual Medium, Jodi Jones, contact Being In Balance at [email protected] and 519-925-1999. 

The Shelburne Freelancer              Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sugar Glider, Snake, Parrot, The Shelburne Public Library
 Went Wild Over March Break!

The Shelburne Public Library went absolutely wild over their March Break inviting Wildlife in for local kids to meet and enjoy as part of their week long line-up of fun filled activities. Kids had the opportunity to get an up close and personal experience with a sugar glider, a snake, a parrot and lizard. Each year, the Shelburne Public Library hosts events that keep kids entertained and are wildly popular and this year, Hands On Exotics were the featured wild animal hosts. Go to for more information. 

The Rotary Club of Shelburne announces 2017 Heritage Music Festival Line Up

Shelburne’s Heritage Music Festival 2017 will continue the momentum of last years’ success with incredible musical talent that you will not want to miss. The Festival will kick off on Wednesday, August 9th and run through to Sunday, August 13th, 2017 and promises events that will please everyone. All Rotary sponsored events will be held at the Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex (Shelburne Arena). Many local organizations will be participating with events throughout the week all around Shelburne.

“We (Rotary Club of Shelburne) took a leap of faith last year and revamped the Festival to appeal to a wider audience while still keeping the rich Fiddle Contest Heritage that we have enjoyed for over 66 years. The entire weekend showed a significant increase in profit over recent years and let us know we were on the right track.” Lynda Buffett, 2016 Festival Chair. All of the profits generated from the Heritage Music Festival support the charitable work of the Rotary Club of Shelburne.

Kerstin Stinson, Rotary Club of Shelburne President. “One thing we have to remember is that we do this all for charity. Many local organizations have benefitted from the money that we raise from the Heritage Music Festival (aka Fiddle Contest). Not only do we want to continue to support local sports teams, breakfast clubs, the food bank, Music&Memory and the Headwaters Health Care Centre, to name only a few, we are also sourcing a major local project that will make a significant impact in Shelburne. We encourage local citizens to come out to support the Festival and help causes in our town.”

The Fiddle Contest is the heart of the festival but the time had come to offer entertainment of different genres to ensure Festival longevity. Sandra Gallaugher 2017 Festival Co-Chair “It was a challenge to find a Friday night headliner that was as popular as Jim Cuddy but know that we have found a lineup that is sure to please.”

The Festival will start on Wednesday, August 9th with the ever-popular Barn Dance. Thursday, August 10th will feature The Fitzgeralds, the Fiddle Contest play downs will be on Friday, August 11th followed by our Festival Headliner. Kelly Prescott will entertain us prior to the Juno Award Winner, CORB LUND. Doors will open at 6:30 pm on Friday night. There will be a cash bar. On Saturday, August 12th (after the parade) we will have Shelburne’s own “Elvis”, Dustin Bricker. Dustin won 3rd place out of hundreds of contestants at the Collingwood Elvis Festival, in the non-professional class. The Fiddle Contest finals will be on Saturday night with entertainment by The Barrel Boys. August 13th please join Pastor Gord Horsley for a non-denominational Church Service with music by the Masters Four.

“We assessed our 2016 festival and have done some fine-tuning to make an even better 2017 festival. We are bringing back the popular Barn Dance, adding an opening act to our Friday night headliner, we are bringing back the Saturday night dinner in the Town and Country Room and will once again have entertainment on Saturday afternoon after the parade. The Fiddle Contest is a very important part of our Festival and over the next few years we hope to add new and exciting classes to the contest. Fiddle music is growing in popularity with younger generations. Many of our past contestants are thriving in the music business and breathing new life into traditional fiddle music.”, Bobbi Ferguson, 2017 Co-Chair

Early Bird Tickets for Corb Lund are $35.00 until April 10, 2017 and are available at Holmes Appliance and Music Shop, 135 Main St. W., Shelburne 519-925-3037 or on-line at

If you have an event that you would like to organize during the Heritage Music Festival week please email Heather Holmes at [email protected] by April 30, 2017 to make sure it is included in the calendar of events. If you would like to volunteer please email [email protected]

Visit us at:

For more information, contact: [email protected]: The above media release provided by Heritage Music Festival Committee.  

The Shelburne Freelancer                Monday, March 20, 2017



At Dufferin County Museum & Archives (DCMA) 

Marketing & Events Coordinator for Dufferin County Museum And Archives, Nanci Malek, (R)hosted an afternoon interview with George Stroumboulopoulos(L) discussing Stroumbo's extensive career, personal encounters and life experiences on Sunday, March 19, 2017. 

Stroumbo is perhaps best known for being a Canadian Television and Radio personality. For those who follow Stroumbo's extensive career history, many will cite Stroumbo's fame kicking off on Much Music as Canada's favourite VJ., however who could forget Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, also know as The Hour? In 2016, Stroumboulopoulos, a well known hockey fan, took on an anchoring position with Hockey Night In Canada and Rogers' NHL.


With all of Stroumboulopoulos' rich life accomplishments and rich work history, Stroumbo easily conversed with Malek, sharing larger than life experiences and it was the ease of the genuine exchange, the humbleness in his sincere voice that grabbed the audience, revealing Stroumbo's riches are consumed with life itself. 

Recounting his experience meeting and interviewing the Royal Family, Stroumbo, who was raised by a single mother, revealed to the audience that in addition to the wonderful experience, he was consumed with the thought that media always ask the Prince if he can wait to be King of England while simultaneously not realizing the death of the Queen would be involved in that experience coming to fruition. Stroumboulopoulos respectfully sympathized with the  paradox involved for the Prince, and how that fact, for the Prince must be staggering. Stroumbo reflects on his meeting with the Royals in the following video snippet brought to you exclusively by The Shelburne Freelancer. Click image below for video.


The two hour event was very revealing to the audience as Stroumbo's personal experiences are definitely an example of how one 'lives in the moment'. Just having his helmet on, speakers blaring while riding anywhere on his motorcycle can bring Stroumboulopoulos to his, "quiet place", a place very relaxing for the TV Personality.  When asked, " Because you feel so passionately about life and the depths of experiences, how would you like people to remember you- by something you survived, by something you accomplished of simply for your passion?" 

Perhaps an odd question for such a vivacious, completely engaging positive person who is so obviously concerned with the world and the greater good, until one understands this gentleman's love for speed on a motorcycle and dangerous situations that are actually so real and so odd, the question is perfectly applicable. Many of Stroumbo's life experiences shared with the audience begged the question of just how much of a gambling man is this guy, getting head shots with tigers, being stranded in a desert running out of gas for his motorcycle, being in a bar fight situation, and all three scenarios could have gone more than incredibly wrong. Stroumbo answered, thoughtfully but casually commenting, "I'm a humble guy. Sure, I like to be liked, but I don't need to be liked. I'd like to make a kick-ass record at some point, but you'll never know it's me because I use a fake name for the band!," followed by a sincere chuckle, adding," I've learned one thing about lessons in life, there are no short cuts, it's just not true."

With no false airs, Stroumboulopoulos's visit was greatly appreciated and extremely enjoyed. Wherever Stroumbo finds himself in the world, appreciating a new culture, interviewing Kermit the Frog, answering the calls to Africa, that age old adage will likely remain the same as evident in his resilience, sense of humour and his toughness, "You can take the man out of Canada, but can never take Canada out of the man!" 

Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You've Seen The Truck But Don't Know About Spenser's Kids? 

Spenser's Kids is a Charitable Organization helping and encouraging kids of all ages to play hockey by supplying gently used and new hockey equipment for free. 

Chuck McFadyen, (L), Spenser's older brother can usually be seen wherever the Spenser's Kids truck can be found raising awareness and promoting their generous charity. 

In 2014, Dave McFadyen, then a volunteer firefighter was inspired by his young six year old son, Spenser, and together were making plans to raise awareness about 'green lights' used during emergency services situations. When tragedy struck the family shaking them to their core,  a six year old boy who loved hockey became the inspiration for a movement to help other kids play the game he loved. Spenser lives on with every skate lace tightened, in every green light you see that can help save a life and in the hearts of those who loved him so well. Spenser's Dad, Dave McFayden, (Below) shares the touching and inspiring  journey in this exclusive interview. 

Click image above for exclusive interview. 

Click image above & Visit Spenser's Kids Website.

Shelburnite Allan Armstrong Celebrated His 90th Birthday

Shelburnite Allan Armstrong celebrated his 90th Birthday surrounded by family and friends during a gathering held at Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion on March 11, 2017. (LtoR) Allan Armstrong's daughters, Pat Underwood, Norma Price and Karen McLean. Armstrong, originally from Brampton, had an extensive work history, working for Avro in Brampton, Glen Ewing Farm Equipment, was employed by Harold Townsend, was a custodian for OPP and was a bus driver. 

When Armstrong's daughter's were asked what their fondest cherished memories are about their Dad, Norma Price commented, "When going through old pictures I realized there were so many memories,memories forgotten until I saw the pictures. From working in the fields, milking the cows,  sitting down to Christmas dinner when a fire call would come in and he would run to get to the fire hall, seeing him love his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and always be interested in their lives. He has done so much for so many!"

"I have many fond memories of my Dad. From when I was a kid on the farm and him teaching me to drive a tractor to Dad giving me away on my wedding day. I love the way he is able to wander the countryside doing his best to convince his co-pilot that he is not lost. But my most recent fond memory is the happiness I saw on his face after his 90th birthday party. He was thrilled that he has so much family, friends and community support on his big day. Thank you to everyone for making this happen.

Love you Dad,"  commented Pat Underwood as she shared her fond memories.

To describe this 90 year old youngster is to see his joy, his eagerness to laugh and share his concern, attention and goodness with his friends. And what does Armstrong's third daughter think about her life and the impact her father has made? Karen McLean can sum it up lovingly and respectfully commenting, "We have been blessed to have him with us for 90 years. He’s been a huge support to all of us and he’s so with the times!" Congratulations To Allan Armstrong And Many Happy Returns!

Games On Wheels Pulled Up To The Dufferin County Museum & Archives 

Kick'n Off March Break!

Above, Isaac Rose, Game Coach, hosted the exciting first day of March Break at Dufferin county Museum And Archives on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Games on Wheels Serves Toronto and the GTA and is the perfect way to entertain 30 kids or people who are gamers hosting hundreds of games. Contact Games on Wheels at GAMESONWHEELS.CA, and 416-504-2637. Click image above and go to DCMA Website to see other events happening over March Break. 

Orangeville Music Theatre Celebrates Achievements and Presents Calendar Girls Cheque To Dufferin Oaks For Their Music & Memory Program

On March 3, 2017, almost 18 months after the Calendar Girls project began; Orangeville Music Theatre presented a cheque for $7,000 in support of Music&MemorySM. This charity offers music therapy for those experiencing Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive behaviours and often replaces the need for certain medications.

It all started with a crazy notion that Orangeville Music Theatre should put on the “crowd pleasing” Calendar Girls. Imagine the surprise when it was discovered that there was no musical version of the play. OMT, never backing down from a challenge, decided to proceed anyway knowing that, if they thought creatively it could work. Joan Borden and her Sweet Adelines jumped at the opportunity to provide the musical aspect of the performances, not only for their love of singing but for the overall experience and revealing a side of the Adelines that most have never seen. They are featured as Misses October 2017.

Calendar Girls is a true story where the ladies of a Women’s Institute in the UK raised money for charity by making a tastefully nude calendar of the woman of the WI. The calendar was such a success that instead of raising the estimated £5,000 it has surpassed £3.5 million. The play is now almost always done in conjunction with a calendar sold to raise money for a local charity and OMT was no different. “Being a music theatre, Music&MemorySM was the perfect and logical choice” Bobbi Ferguson, OMT Board Member. Icons from all over Dufferin County came together to pose nude to create a beautiful calendar. There are still a few available if you would like to donate to this worthy cause.

Dufferin Oaks had only recently become certified as a Music&MemorySM home and was in need of funds to purchase iPods, Music, Head Phones, appropriate storage facilities and to be able to expand the program to all residents of Dufferin Oaks.

Rebecca Hall never hesitated when asked to do the photography for the calendar. “These are the types of projects I really enjoy. My art and profession came together in this calendar and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Rebecca Hall, Photographer and Unit Leader Nurse at Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home

“We couldn’t have chosen a better time to present the cheque than at our annual Awards Dinner (The OMIES) where we celebrate the achievements of four productions (Mary Poppins, Shrek Jr., Calendar Girls and Beauty and the Beast Jr.) from the past year.” Lucinda Silva, President of OMT. The awards night is a special time to dress up and get the casts of the shows back together for a fun evening. Strong friendships are created when you are part of a production and this is a great opportunity to reconnect. Our shows are adjudicated and awards are presented to those who are team players, are inclusive and have added something special to each production.

“Putting on a play instead of our usual musical had challenges but we learned a lot and are very pleased with the results of every aspect of the project. From the sales results of the calendar, to the community involvement, to the audience reaction to the fun cast of Calendar Girls, it was truly rewarding. When you receive compliments from audiences such as “the cast genuinely looked like they were best friends” you know you got it right.” Bobbi Ferguson OMT

Watch for details of OMT’s June 2017 shows: All Shook Up (featuring Elvis songs) and Disney’s Aladdin Jr.

The above press release provide by Bobbi Ferguson and  MG Photography re: photo credit.

The Shelburne Freelancer               Wednesday, March 8, 2017 

Happy 90th Birthday 

To Shelburnite

Wilena Flear! 

Shelburnite, Wilena Flear Celebrated her 90th Birthday surrounded by a cavalcade of family and friends on Sunday, March 4, 2017 at the Shelburne Curling Club. 

Flear has lived in Shelburne for 30 years, and before that took residence in Hornings Mills and was originally from Honneywood. "I've lived in the area all my life and I love it," commented Flear. in flear's opinion, there's no secret to living to the age of 90, but did think to mention that her own parents also lived very long lives as well.  

And what does Flear think the biggest difference is between how kids grow up today as compared to how she grew up? "I think the biggest difference would have to be their education. Kids are educated by T.v and things they learn from computers. I really think it makes them more educated compared to what we had growing up," commented Flear. With a twinkle in her eye, and a beautiful face like hers, it's difficult to image this woman is 90! "All my kids are here today and it's great!," commented Flear. 

(Lto R)Wayne Flear, Lorne Flear, Paul Flear, Donna Flear, and proud mom, 90 years young, Wilena Flear. 

Click image(L) visit City News Website

 for more information. 

The Weekly Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion 

Update Is Now Available from Lesa Peat, Legion President. Click image (L)

Town Of Shelburne Makes Good On Promise To Correctly Spell Name On Signage Dedicated To Veterans. 

On occasion very serious incidents can occur even when the greatest of intentions are involved. 

When the Town of Shelburne decided to honour it's Veterans and name street signage in a  then new building development after them, no one could have predicted the shock to one family when the name of former Shelburne resident and war hero, Brigadier General Elgin McKinnon Wansbrough was mispelled as Wansburgh.

Not a necessarily easy task to rectify in changing a street name, Town Council promised to repair this accident when addressed by the family in 2016 making their request, expressing their hurt and shock . 

As promised the street signage has finally been corrected much to the family's reported delight. Brigadier General Elgin Mckinnon Wanbrough began his Military career as a 17 year old who eventually would proudly and bravely serve in both World Wars and it was his courage serving as a machine gun crew member that won the hero a British Military Metal and is to date, Canada's most highly decorated Military Dentist. 

WWI, WWII Veteran, Brigadier General Elgin McKinnon Wansbrough, as seen (L) on this Hometown Hero Banner now proudly hangs in the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion's Warrior hall for all to view. 

The following quote provided by Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington following a Wansbrough family member's notice of the signage change. 

"Came north on Hwy 24 today and was delighted to see the new Wansbrough Way signs.Thank you very much for your support on this and the correction.The Wansbrough family thank you and will feel proud when we come up the highway to Collingwood that you honoured our grandfather and great grandfather," Nancy Wansbrough. 

And today, a wrong has been corrected. Just off Highway 124, the entrance into a new development in Shelburne will forever affectionately and respectfully be known as,

" Wansbrough Way." Lest We Forget. 

The Shelburne & District Lions Club,
Annual Effective Speaking Contest
 And A Proud Service Club History

Shelburne & District Lion's Club held their Annual Effective Speaking Contest on March 1, 2017 at Shelburne's Mel Lloyd Centre. Tough competitors and talented young public speakers made judging a very difficult task when reviewing topics such as , If I Ruled The World, Dreams, Dyslexia, Texting, Respect, Residential Schools, Hair, Extinct animals, Mindcraft, Procrastination, Discipline, 

and more. What made this year very unique was the additional impromptu category for the intermediate participants. 

Winners will carry on to compete on March 18, 2017 in Neustadt, Ontario. The participants came from all local elementary schools and included Shelburne's Centre Dufferin District High School students as well. The Shelburne & District Lion's Club is not a new organization and belongs to one of the oldest service clubs ever formed. Since it's inception in 1917 when a Chicago businessman, Melvin Jones, founded the first Lion's Club, it's mission was to improve local communities. Click here for the amazing chronological history of the Lion's Club.

The Lion's Club Foundation of Canada is owned and funded by the Lion's Clubs of Canada and is continuously raising money for  Lion's Club Foundation programs such as Lions club foundation Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, Hearing Ear, Autism Assistance, Service For People With Physical Disabilities, Seizure Response for people who have Epilepsy, Diabetic Alert and raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.  The Shelburne Lion's Club has raised $800,000 for community projects including Shelburne's Pickin In The Park's Pole Barn fundraising partnering with Shelburne's Trillium Ford Lincoln's fundraising Drive 4R Community in 2016. The Lions Club Motto is simple and is as important today as it was when the club was founded, " We Serve." 

The Shelburne & District Lion's Club is looking for new members. Anyone interested in helping your community thrive can contact Ferne Osborne at 519-925-2625, or email [email protected] or Jen Colley at 519-216-5238 or email [email protected]