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The Shelburne Freelancer                       Monday, July 25, 2016

Foodland's Annual Schneider's Summer Cruiser BBQ & Donation to Shelburne's FoodBank, The Shepherd's Cupboard.

Carl Smith, Meat Manager at Shelburne's Foodland recently donated $129 to Shelburn'e Food Bank, the Shepherds Cupboard to Food Bank Purchaser Beth Brown. While some might think $129 is not a lot of money, a very grateful Brown, can assure the money makes a big difference. Foodland holds The Schneider's Summer Cruiser BBQ annually. For more information on this wonderful event, contact Foodland at 1 - 226 First Avenue East Shelburne, ON. L9V 2X4 Tel: 519 925-6032 or visit their website 

The Shelburne Freelancer                       Thursday, July 7, 2016

Liberal Government Forced To React & Reverse Wynne's Cutbacks To Autism Following Public Pressure

Following Wynne's decision to go ahead with cutbacks in autism care, public outcry coupled with anger, betrayal and suspicion into Wynne's motives forced the Liberal Governement to react, reversing Wynne's decision. Part of the public action to force the reversal came from parent activists, Kelly and Adrian McDowell who's young daughter lives with Autism and would have been gravely impacted by Wynne's decision and took action in creating a resolution for towns across Ontario to sign.  

The McDowell's not only created a resolution, they brought it to Shelburne Town Council where it was unanimously passed, making The Town of Shelburne the first Town to jump on board and set the stage for other towns and municipalities to follow. 

Although unable to attend the photo announcement, sent a comment, " I am delighted that the Government has listened to the outcries of the families involved and the resolutions to support several municipalities and agencies across Ontario, " adding, " We are so glad that issue was brought to our Council table and we are thankful for all the support from municipalities and regional government across Ontario who assisted with the revised decision that the Liberal Government has made on the IBI issue. Part of the cutbacks would have meant children over five would not receive the care they needed concerning IBI(intensive Behavioural Intervention) treatments which are crucial in Autism treatment. 

Shelburne's CAO, John Telfer, also very pleased with results commented, " The victory is that we are continuing to help children who should not be denied the access nor needed funding regardless of their age. It is noted that the program funding has been so effective in the development stages of children affected by Autism."

As for the McDowell's, the announcement although a load off their mind, feel the fight may not actually be over as they wait for an outlined revision revealing what changes are being made and how it might affect them and the thousands of other Ontario families living with Autism. 

(LtoR) Shelburne CAO John Telfer, Julian and Kelly McDowell, Town Councillors Walter Benotto, and Wade Mills. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's In Store for Grace Tipling Hall? 

Auditions for upcoming performances to be held at Grace Tipling Hall are in the works. A movement to generate more use of Grace Tipling Hall has resulted in brain child of Sohayla Smith and Kelly McDowell, of Troupe-Adore, " Centre Stage @ The Hall" in collaboration with the Town Of Shelburne. 

(LtoR) Performer Kelly McDowell, Shelburne CAO John Telfer, and Performer Sohayla Smith will try to shine a light on performance arts and hopefully attract other performers to exhibit their skills @THE HALL.

A group effort making Shelburne great! Click on the image (R) for a video explanation as First Venue held @THE HALL unfolds and brings a showcase for Shelburnites to express themselves and perform. An avante guarde approach to branding and marketing that will bring attention to Grace Tipling Hall and an added venue weekly in the near future to attend. 

Dufferin County Community Support Services &  Dufferin Oaks Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2016

Click( R) for Photographic Coverage.

Shelburne Was Alive And Out In Full Force during Shelburne Town Pharmacy's Community Fund Raising Event for Sick Kids Hospital held May, 28, 2016. During a very proud moment, the Lekhi Family were able to present a check for $4,527 to  Brianne Fodey, Sick Kids Foundation Events Coordinator on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. This wonderful acknowledgement reflects the goodness and caring disposition Shelburnites have and Sanjay Lekhi, Pharmacist and owner of Shelburne Town Pharmacy has often reflected and commented how he and his family enjoy facilitating events for their community especially for such an important charity. (LtoR) Shalini Lekhi, Brianne Fodey, Sick Kids Foundation Events Coordinator, Sanjay Lekhi, and Sanjay's Lekhi's Father, Bal Lekhi. Sanjay Lekhi includes in this presentation thanks to all the supporters, volunteers and contributors that made his 2nd Annual Fundraising Event a success and is already looking forward to 2017! (photo generously supplied)

Shelburne Canada Day At Fiddle Park

Click on image (L) and visit our Photo Gallery for Canada Day Coverage!

While weather was not entirely conducive to Canada Day Festivities, Shelburnites would not be deterred from enjoying themselves with friends and family at Fiddle Park during a sometimes damp day of fun and food leading into the night of firework displays that were by all accounts a fantastic display of night light magic. 

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