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The Shelburne Freelancer             Thursday, March 24, 2016





To John's 


The Shelburne Freelancer        Wednesday, February 10, 2016

John's No Frills Offers Community Support Reminding Shelburne to give blood in support of  Canadian Blood Services. 

The Next Life You Save

 Might Be Your Own!

This signage is located at John's No Frills.

The Shelburne Freelancer             Monday, January 18, 2016

John's No Frills, Key Chain Quarter Success, 
& The Shepherd'c Cupboard
It's The Good Stuff!

It's The Good Stuff!

John's No Frills and the community of Shelburne are making a positive impact for Shelburne's Food Bank, the Shepherd's Cupboard. (LtoR) Reverend Stephanie Pellow, on behalf of the Shepherd's Cupboard, accepted $496.00 check from John's No Frills owner, John van Teunenbroek.  John's No Frills recently began their fundraising incentive in December . For every John's No Frills key chain quarter (replacing an actual quarter,) sold for $2, one dollar will be donated to the Shepherd' Cupboard. 

As the economy and society forces many to find themselves in need of the Food Bank, and this "need" is forever growing in number, this generous act, a combined effort, is a continuous good deed and support for the community. Get your $2 Key Chain Quarter today, support your community, and never worry about struggling to find a quarter for a shopping cart again!  

Scroll down for links to John's No Frills website.

Find current flyers and coupons, recipes

 and so much more!

The Shelburne Freelancer        Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New stock has arrived! 

Get your John's No Frills  key chain quarter for $2 ! One dollar goes directly to the Shepherd's Cupboard and you never have to rummage around for a quarter again!

(LtoR)Paul Taylor Sr., Owner of C.A.R.S(Canadian Automotive Restoration Specialists) & John van Teunenbroek, Owner of John's No Frills, work together filling the #17 DeWalt Ford of Matt Kenseth with food for the Foodbank, The Shepherd's Cupboard. . 

The Shelburne Freelancer          Monday, November 30, 2015

                         John's No Frills New Key Chain Quarter
Will Help Support Shelburne's Local Food Bank
The Shepherd's Cupboard

It's The Good Stuff! 

It's not everyday society gets to hear about a gesture of kindness the likes John's No Frills is going to in order to support a charity. This year John's No Frills had introduced it's very own Key Chain Quarter for only $2. Struggling to find a quarter for a shopping cart has caught many off guard and this key chain quarter works exactly the same way except you keep it, re-use it, and for every purchase of the John's No Frills Key Chain Quarter, $1 per unit of every sale will go directly to Shelburne's Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard. 

As seen in the group photo, (LtoR) John's No Frills Store Owner, John van Teunenbroek, Shepherd's Cupboard Food Purchaser, Beth Brown, and Cashier, Dorota Karwowski, are surprised to know there have been 327 Key chain Quarters sold in just two days! Get your's today!

The Shelburne Freelancer    Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet John's No Frills Newest Addition To The John's No Frills Family
President's Choice CIBC Bank Machine

Over the summer months of 2015, John's No Frills experienced renovations, upgrades and a new appearance. Now even more convenience can be found at Shelburne's John's No Frills with the addition of the President's Choice CIBC Bank Machine. Deposit, withdraw, banking needs can now be performed while on a shopping trip to John's No Frills!

What Does  John's No Frills Do for Shelburne?

Sponsored and provided all Halloween Candy for the first

 Little Family's Halloween Haunt In The Park

Welcomes Charities To John's No Frills as a venue to raise funds.


  part in 





For More information Contact John's No Frills At  Phone:+1 800-296-2332