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The Shelburne Freelancer                        Saturday, January 30, 2016

Meet New Music Teacher To Shelburne, 
Tyler Reed of Jelly Street Studios

Meet Tyler Reed of Jelly Street Studios, a new music teacher to the Town of Shelburne. Originally from Orangeville, Reed has re-located to Shelburne and has set up shop.

Not just a teacher, but a telanted musician in his own right, Reed is very qualified and has many aspects of the music industry to share with other musicians including recording. 

Located at 371 Jelly Street South, Reed is ideally located for Shelburnites interested in music lessons. Welcoming all ages, Reed can easily customize individual and personal lessons for everyone making lessons fun and easy. Whether you are brushing up on your skill or wanting to learn from scratch, Jelly Street Studios is the perfect, comfortable environment to hone in on your skills. 

For more information, visit Jelly Street Studios on Facebook, or call 519-943-2778. Click on the video below to meet Reed, and get a chance to hear an original performance at the end of this exclusive video interview. 

Meet New

 Music Teacher 

Tyler Reed 

of Jelly Street Studios

The Shelburne Freelancer                        Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Special Feature, 100 Years In The Making, Highlighting Nellie McClung, Mother of Five, Wife, Published Author, One Of The Famous Five, Suffragette, & Big Reason Women Today Will Never Be Classified, " A Non-Person" !

"Celebrating 100 years of Women's Rights and the evolution of Feminism, Political Activist Nellie McClung's place in history is forever cemented in the hearts and minds of anyone who recognizes a Suffragette's struggle in history to just be acknowledged as a person, a person with a mind, a person who can vote, become contributing professionals in society. To clearly understand the gravity of the struggle, fast forward to 2016, ask any young woman on any street, young or older how they would feel about being classified from this day forward as " A Non- Person", no longer able to vote, become a professional of their choice, and are no longer considered to have a mind yielding enough intelligence to understand the complicated male world of politics and government. The entire notion of any of those eventualities would be considered idiotic, ridiculous, absurd, humorous, and unfathomable. We as a society,men and woman alike must always be grateful to Nellie McClung's tireless efforts on behalf of all Canadian Women. "

Alex Sher 

"In 1912, Manitoba women formed the Political Equality League to improve women's working conditions. The League convinced Premier Roblin that factory conditions for women were indeed terrible, but in spite of McClung's eloquence, the League did not convince him that female suffrage was the remedy for such abuses.
To rally public support, the League held a Mock Parliament on January 28, 1914. The subject of debate was whether or not men should have the vote. A male delegation presented its case for male suffrage, and then "Premier" Nellie McClung rose to speak. She complimented the men on their splendid gentlemanly appearance, then she launched into her satiric attack: "Oh no, man is made for something higher and better than voting...Politics unsettles men, and unsettled men mean unsettled bills ? broken furniture, broken vows, and ? divorce!" The resounding success of the Mock Parliament lent energy and support to the League's campaign. 
The 1915 election saw the defeat of Roblin's Conservative government, and on January 28, 1916, Manitoba became the first Canadian province to give women the vote. Nellie McClung continued to fight for women's suffrage in other provinces, and saw, slowly but steadily, tradition giving way to equality. " The above taken from the Historica Canada Website. 
"Chivalry is a poor substitute for justice, if one cannot have both. Chivalry is something like the icing on cake, sweet, but not nourishing.
- Nellie McClung 

Never retract, never explain, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl.
- Nellie McClung 
This proves what a purifying effect women would have on politics.
- Nellie McClung 
By nice women . . . you probably mean selfish women who have no more thought for the underprivileged, overworked women than a pussycat in a sunny window for the starving kitten in the street. Now in that sense I am not a nice woman, for I do care. Nellie McClung 
The economic dependence of women is perhaps the greatest injustice that has been done to us, and has worked the greatest injury to the race.
- Nellie McClung
Women who set a low value on themselves make life hard for all women."
- Nellie McClung

The above photos featuring Nellie McClung, Women's Rights Activist taken from the book, Chronicle Of Canada,conceived and co-ordinated by Jacques Legrand

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is The Flu Shot Effective? 
Find Out What Shelburne Town Pharmacy Business Owner and Pharmacist, Sanjay Lekhi Has To Say!

Watch the exclusive video interview with 

Pharmacist, Sanjay Lekhi and find out if

 you are too late 

to get your flu shot!

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Monday, January 25, 2016

The Community Of Shelburne
 Rally Behind Young Family In The Fight Against Cancer

On Saturday, January 23rd, a Fundraiser held in the Museum Room at Shelburne's  Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch raised $1,600 for the Pinkney family towards the fight to end Cancer. When Cancer hits this close to home, the journey can be devastating, and perhaps even more of a mental strain, just processing this new life challenge when children are involved. This brave, young family faced cancer head on when confronted with their daughter, Annabelle's diagnosis.

According to Neuroblastoma Canada's website, this particular form of cancer, a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, is generally associated with young children, claiming 50-75 children in Canada each year, ranking third in paediatric cancers, behind Leukemia, and Brain Tumors. Neuroblastoma Canada also reports the unfortunate situation that by the time the cancer is found, the cancer has spread beyond the tumor resulting in 12-15% of paediatric deaths and has the absolute lowest rate of survival of all childhood cancers. Click on the red outlined box below to hear the Pinkney Family share their story and get a very clear understanding of how the fundraiser made a huge difference to this young family. Annabelle is in remission thankfully, and the organizers of the fundraiser, Lindsay Wegener, Cheryl Devlin-Blasioli and Tara Blasioli were only too pleased to help out, welcoming vendors, the Shelburne Community, and the Pinkney family for a happy day, making a difference, valuing each and every moment.For more information, visit

This video generously forwarded by Lindsay Wegener, a key organizer of the fundraiser.

Event Organizers (LtoR) Lindsay Wegener, Cheryl Devlin-Blasioli and Tara Blasioli. 

MPP Sylvia Jones Hosted a FREE Family Skate For The Community Of Shelburne On Sunday January 10, 2016! Find Out Why!

(Above)MPP Sylvia Jones, hosted a FREE Family Skate for the community of Shelburne on Sunday, January 10, 2015 at Shelburne's Centre Dufferin  Recreation Complex.  Getting to the heart of politics, Jones reveals her country background focusing on the importance of physical activity highlighting her firm stand on what's important. A breath of fresh air, quite literally! 

(Above) MPP Sylvia Jones is thanked by one of the 150 Shelburnites who took advantage of enjoying themselves at the free family skate. With such a busy background of people, a grateful community share Jones' breath of fresh air attitude towards politics!

Be sure to find out why MPP Sylvia Jones decided to hold a FREE Family Skate. The answer may surprise you.

Click on the arrow. 

Country 105 FM's Weekend Host, 
Natalia Cordeau Hilliard & "Real" Country Dancing !

(LtoR)Country 105 FM's Weekend host, Natalia Cordeau Hilliard gets schooled on how to dance by Markdale gentleman, Jim Taylor at the Shelburne CDRC (Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex) during a Jamboree held on January 10th in support of a new Pole Barn for Fiddle Park hosted by Greg and Heather Holmes, of Holmes Appliances and Music Shop. This ongoing fundraiser has raised approximately $45,000 during the passed four years and has been a long time dream for Pick'in In The Park goers. This event has become wildly popular and continues to grow, attracting country music lovers from across Ontario and beyond. 

Eventually, Greg and Heather Holmes would love to see a complete building at Fiddle Park but will be anxiously looking forward to the Pole Barn which will provide a little shelter for performers and audiences alike. 

This event brings many travellers and is a valued tourist attraction to the businesses of Shelburne. 

Incidentally, now Natalia can hoop it up with the best of them with her new County Dancing skills!

Next Jamboree is set to be held Sunday, February 14, 2015 running from

2015! What A Year! 
Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Shelburne!

When I first moved to Shelburne three years ago, I never imagined what the future could hold and once I began integrating into the community, seeing its beauty, meeting the hardworking people in every field professionally and in every field literally, I came to know a community pride I'd never known before. I have lived many places across Canada and can honestly report, Shelburne is unique, Shelburne is beautiful and Shelburne is filled with good people. Other communities can have similar descriptions, even right down to the mention of good people, but there is a fabulous rich history here, a peace of sorts, and I can't imagine one member of this community walking away from someone who needed help. Shelburnites actually care.
In my three years here I have learned about cows, and what it means when a cow raises it's means move, something large and smelly is about to arrive! I have learned about fashion shows, fiddle championships, tremendous understanding and compassion for seniors of our community, the arts, the wonderful educators of our youth and the amazing talents our youths exhibit from the arts to sports, inventions, to admirable young advocates for good causes, flowers, history of old buildings, the very long hours Town Council keep, the issues Shelburnites care about, saving pets, our wonderful police, the exhausting hours required by kind volunteers for every event and festival, the astounding and well deserved pride our community have for our beloved veterans and the Quilts of Valour they receive. I've learned how special tattoos can make a positive difference to those suffering from depression, to the stories they can tell. I've brought stories to you covering business owners who continually try to serve Shelburne the best they can, and all of them do that every day, all year long. 
The best thing in the world for a writer is to be able to witness, stand back and appreciate the honor of being present during special times in the lives of people and the other great thing, writers get to acknowledge greatness and share the wonderful experience with the world. How could a writer like myself, even after being in Shelburne a short time, not want to share this wonderful community experience with the world? That is how The Shelburne Freelancer came to fruition. A combination of not just reporting, but writing and capturing moments with words, photographs and video. Together, you, being the community of Shelburne and I are doing something completely different. Other communities have community online newspapers, but not like ours! The difference is Shelburne and that difference is worth believing in, supporting and growing throughout 2016! 
It's absolute honour to record Shelburne's happenings, iconic stories, successes, and even the tragedies mark Shelburne with a resilience of spirit, a sympathetic community of belonging and caring so rare to be seen in this decade.  Lives that have passed are as alive as the present and every life in this community has a story, and a good one! Thank you so much for welcoming me into the community, allowing me to share your stories, and walk among you. 
Thank you to the community of Shelburne, all the Proud Sponsors of The Shelburne Freelancer,
Your Shelburne Freelancer, Alex Sher. 
I'll be seeing you! Happy 2016 Shelburnites!
Look forward to the return of Shelburne's Favourite Little Snowman, William Jelly Belly February 2016!