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February In Shelburne 2015

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Tuesday, February 18th, 2015

The Shelburne Freelancer                     Wednesday, February 17, 2015

Good Morning Shelburne!

Photograph kindly provided by Ralph Evans

Shelbrrr Fest Update: Success! So far, The Good Guys (dog cart pulling) Charity raised close to $450.00 including $60.00 from the Jr. Schooner's Minor Softball which translated into 30 free rides for kids to enjoy! All proceeds go to Shelburne's Foodbank, The Shepherd's Cupboard helping those in need feed their pets.

     The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                                       February 16, 2015

Hockey Legend Aaron Downey & Family Day at Dufferin County Museum & Archives

Shelburne born, retired NHL Hockey Legend, Aaron Downey volunteered his time during Family Day and played hockey with kids from Dufferin County at
Dufferin County Museum & Archives' Family fun Day Event.

Four year old, Zackery Gee played hockey with NHL great Aaron Downey during Dufferin County Museum & Archives' Family Fun Day, February 16th. Not even frigid temperatures would deter the youngster from his goalie responsibilities.

Even Hockey Legends take their turn on the sidelines as 

Aaron Downey waits for his line to return to the game .

There are two amateur videos posted on Youtube featuring Aaron Downey. Type: The Shelburne Freelancer  in the Youtube search bar and see what the Hockey Legend had to say about spending his day palying hockey with the kids of Dufferin County or click play and watch now!

Shelbrrr Fest Success! Shelburne Kinsmen and Kinettes Raise money for Shelburne's Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard

Five year old Henry Mountjoy just loved Olaf, Snowman from Disney movie, Frozen.Henry did discover he is a bit camera shy, but at least he got a hug in during Shelbrrr Fest hosted by Shelburne Kinsmen and Kinettes held at Fiddle Park during Family Day 2015. Henry's father, Mark, commented,"This is the first Shelbrr Fest I've been to and I will come again next year. It's a great time for the kids to get out, play, try new activities and it's great for Shelburne. 

A Charity That Raises Money For Other Charities Has Gone To The Dogs,
 and the dogs couldn't be happier!

Dog Handler and Volunteer, Carol Ralston helped lead the dog that pulled five year old, Ruaidhra Halkettg and stopped his ride for a quick photo opportunity with older brother, eight year old, Noah as they took part in Shelbrrr Fest, an event hosted by the Shelburne Kinsmen and Kinettes raising money for Shelburne's Food Bank helping people in need to feed their pets.

Ralston is one of many volunteers from The Good Guys, a dog carting (dog pulling)charity organization ran by volunteers who help raise money for community charitable events like Shelbrrr Fest. 

Volunteer, Ross Hamilton regails the orgainzation as a win-win situation commenting, " We hold 8 week classes in spring for a fee to cover the costs for the trainers and also to ensure we get volunteers who are serious about the training. We are always looking for new volenteers who wish to be new handlers and we're based just in Schomberg. Anyone can visit our website and I recommend they take a look at the photo gallery at People will see that all sizes and any breed of dog love pulling. It's great exercise for the dogs and the volunteers, kids love it and it's great for the community. " Hamilton reports all funds raised for this event will go to the Shelburne local Food Bank, raising funds for dog food and help people in need to feed their pets. Hamilton mentions that this charity usually works in spring, winter, and fall but takes the summer off as it is too hot for pets to pull carts. Whether the cart has wheels or is rigged for winter, there is a size of cart fitted for even the smallest breeds. To see the amateur video interview with Volunteer Ross Hamilton by The Shelburne Freelancer, go to Youtube and type The Shelburne Freelancer in the search bar.

Supporting people in need has always been a topic of great debate and one arguement often heard reflects the judgement of those who may not have realized how a person using a food bank could even own a pet. To that, Kinette Nikki Williams has a great response to consider by simply imagining walking in another person's shoes, commenting, " Some people don't know how quickly life can happen whether you have pets or not!"  Williams provides a very accurate reflection when considering today's economy and the number of people who's lives can take an economic and unexpected 360 degrees in just a day.Williams also mentioned Kinsmen and Town Councillor Dan Sample, his wife, Kinette Cherie in addition to herself are responsible for the organization of this very special day. Ironic to think that The Good Guys are also dogs, helping other dogs. Just another reason Shelburne is one of the best places on earth to live!

Upcoming Events
 To Keep In Mind

                                                                 February 16, 2015

*Don't Forget to Donate Blood! Wed. February 18th at the CDRC.

*Shelbrrr Fest TODAY! Fiddle Park 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.

check out Dufferin Country Museum & Archives Family Day Events

*Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon February 19th at the Legion 220 Branch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 pm

*Muskies Jamboree March 15 (2nd Sunday) at 1 p.m. at Center Dufferin Recreation Complex(Arena)

*Public Speaking at Legion 220 Branch March 1st. 

Please call for more information.

*My Crafty Neighbour will be hosting a craft Show on April 25th at the Legion 220 Branch -Facebook for more info.

Read all about it! Excellent Local News Announcements

                Happy Valentine's Day from the Shelburne Freelancer                       February 14, 2015

Check out Vintage Glam, a new store on the outskirts of Shelburne, located at Primrose Plaza. Contact Vintage Glam at 519-925-6326. Visit Vintage Glam at or email [email protected]

This amateur video brought to you by the Shelburne Freelancer. Sharing Shelburne With The World! 

Note: Video taken with permission of store owner and permission of owners of all product viewed.

                                                     Thursday, February 11, 2015

Do You Think You Know?

Shelburnites likely drive by this building every day, but how many can actually tell its story?

Back in the day, this structure held a purpose and was a functional, necessary and useful part of daily life in the 1940's. This dilapidated building is located on the west side of Highway 10 just before Napa AutoPro,Roy's Service Centre. 

Mono resident, Veteran David Barr believes he is one of very few people who knows the rich history surrounding this particular building's use. 

According to Barr, this building was built by Sam Dermott in 1940. Sam and his wife Ethel lived on the1st Line of Mono and farmed on lot 24. 

Barr describes life as a farmer as a lot of work, but it was work he loved.  "It was a lot of work, but people, farmers could be self sustaining. A few cows, pigs, chickens, vegetables, horses and people could live very well, " commented Barr continuing, " Weekly shopping was different from today and it was an all day job."

Barr explained that the roads we see today were nothing like roads back then and winter weekly shopping involved a coordinated and very organized effort. Orangeville was far away for many farmers and people often made their way to Shelburne. Dermott would get the horses and the sleigh ready, or one horse and cutter, ride across the field, at least a forty-five minute jaunt until reaching highway ten where he would shelter the horses in this BARN. The Dermotts would leave their car, an Oldsmobile, parked on the side of road, and make the transition from horse to automobile, get groceries and repeat the entire process when returning home on the temporary winter roads across the fields as the roads were not plowed.

"Life could be hard then but we were all the same. We all farmed, so we were all living a similar lifestyle. We were equals in that way." Back in the day, this barn housed horses during weekly winter shopping during the lifestyle transition many experienced during the rise of the now coveted automobile.

By Alex Sher

Dufferin County Museum & Archives Hosted Dufferin Dance Weekend 2015 

Line Dancers visit Dufferin County Museum

(LtoR) Mulmer resident Kim Tesolin took advantage of enjoying a free workshop offered by Croc’s Country Kickers owned by Robert ‘Croc’ Young and Hope Young during Dufferin Dance Weekend 2015 hosted at the Dufferin County Museum over the weekend of January 17th.

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            Adorable Doris Cox Celebrates 100th Birthday at Dufferin Oaks

One of Shelburne's Centenarians. Adorable Doris Cox

When Shelburne resident, 81 year old Marian Jorgensen needed to have her mother, Doris Cox, a little closer, she decided, after great care and investigation , her mother would take residence at Dufferin Oaks, a home for Senior Citizens. Cox had been living on her own in Etobicoke and was welcomed to Dufferin Oaks with opened arms.

Change can be difficult but 99 year old Cox took it all in stride which is how she has lived her successful, well travelled, and wonderful life thus far.

On January 24th Doris Cox celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by friends, family. Mayor Ken Bennington was in attendance as well to present Doris with an n Official Birthday Certificate on behalf of the Town of Shelburne, commenting, “The Town of Shelburne wishes you a happy100th birthday and congratulates you as one of our Centenarians.”

While January 22nd was her actual birthday, Cox jovially acknowledges what being 100 years old means to her, commenting, “Oh it’s great! It’s great to be this age and still know who you are.”

Originally from Manitoba, having relocated, Cox started her career as a waitress at well known Bassel’s Restaurant, located at Young and Gerrard in Toronto. With an obvious flair for book keeping and figures, Cox quickly moved up the ladder becoming manager for more than 30 years. Cox also worked for Pinkerton, a security company, where she worked on payroll, later working for H&R Block and learning to use a computer well into her 70’s retired at the age of 85.

And what does Cox think of computers and technology? “I think computers are great! They are always the thing to come. Computers mean everything. You can’t stop progress!” Cox Commented.

Cox has travelled all over the world, particularly enjoying, Scotland, Austria, Greece, and Rome. Finding the world so fascinating, Cox treated her mind to four different languages she learned attending night school.

Carol Anne Jorgensen had this to say about her husband, Eric Jorgenson’s grandmother.

“Amazing cook, amazing seamstress, who enjoys discussing politics and history. She’s a wonderful mother to Marian, grandmother to Philip, Randy and Eric Jorgenson, great grandmother to David, Sarah, Emma and Peter Jorgensen and will be a great –great grandmother in May. She is an amazing woman and despite her opinion to the contrary, she did indeed set the world on fire!”

Shelburne welcomes our newest Centenarian and as Cox herself humorously puts it, “I was born in 1915! That makes me an old gazooney!” Perhaps humour is Cox’ secret to longevity.

                    That Mona Lisa Smile!

Shelburne's Newest Centenarian

Dufferin Oaks Resident, the adorable Doris Cox and Shelburne's newest Centenarian. A quick then and now proves Cox has the secret to longevity and it just might be her beautiful smile.

Shelburne's Mayor Ken Bennington gave Cenentarian Doris Cox a Birthday Certificate during her 1ooth Birthday Party!