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The Shelburne Freelancer               Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Black History Feature:
 Did You Know About

The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery Circa 1849 & The Black Settlers Who Were Welcomed To The Area.

Old Durham Road, according to the South Grey Museum, saw many firsts in it's day. Circa 1849, a simple cemetery, now called The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery was situated across the street from the Durham Road School House found at the corner of Durham Rd. 8 and Grey Road 14.
A Church sat on the property, but was later lost and forgotten. In 1861, Black settlers received land grants that ran along Old Durham Road and as most who arrived to a new land, were filled with all the possibilities of bright futures. 

Above: The Monument Stone Dedicated To African Settlers and those referred to then as "Loyalist Stock".


According to the information found on South Grey Museum website, most of the headstones in the cemetery had simply disappeared over the years and especially in the 1930's when a potato farm took it's place. Rumor has it, which cannot be substantiated, that a farmer had removed the headstones and placed them on the floor of his barn. Regardless of truth or rumor, a desecration occurred of a most serious nature. 

When descendants of the early black settlers were tracing their family histories in the 1990's, four headstones tossed on a rock pile were found which happened at the  time, then  Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander was preparing an dedication to the Black Settler Burial Site. In honor and in tribute to the Black settlers who were most likely thought to be former slaves, a pavilion was designated to be designed and money from a  Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant made it all happen. 

The Pavilion (L) is a beautiful work of art that forever houses the remaining headstones and is well worth visiting.

The Pavilion itself is a wonderful and symbolic expression of future, hope, light and tribute, trickled with awe inspiring architectural features allowing light to stream through the roof and walls forever revealing the fact that people, early settlers, lived, raised families, worked the land, died and were buried in this quiet, peaceful place on a quiet corner in Grey County that many drive by and never stop to take a moment to notice that as difficult as our modern lives can get, others stood on that very spot so long ago with uncertain futures, some experiencing freedom for the first time in their lives. 

Special thanks to Shelburnite, Don Batchelor (L) who was gracious in sharing his historical knowledge with The Shelburne Freelancer and as a result shared a crucially important historical story with his community and those around the world. 

Photos taken for this feature were taken by Alex Sher.

Click image (L) for more information on the Pioneers of South Grey County and in case you are wondering, there is so much more to know!

With March Break approaching, this site might be a great destination place for a morning visit!

Shelburne, The New Location of Walk In Clinic
Due To Open In March 2017 At Giant Tiger Plaza
& Why 
Shelburne Town Pharmacy Is Making It All Happen!

Shelburne Town Pharmacy Owner and Pharmacist, Sanjay Lekhi is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new Shelburne Walk- In Clinic due to arrive in March 2017. The Walk-In Clinic will be located in the open office space of Shelburne Town Pharmacy and Lekhi is offering the space for free to the Good Doctors Medical Clinics, an online organization offering online medical advice from real doctors. 

"First, a client will be greeted by a secretary at the front desk to fill out the regular paper work and will then be seen by a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Registered Practical Nurse(RPN) followed up by an online visit to one of the Doctors on call. This technology is referred to as Telemedicine and people can actually engage in a real face to face conversation with a doctor over the internet. If a prescription is required, it will be printed up and then the patient can have it filled wherever they like, " explained Lekhi. " And there is no fee to consult a doctor online. It's covered with O.H.I.P."

When asked why Lekhi would offer his office space to Good Doctors Clinics his answer was matter of fact, commenting, " Shelburne should have a Walk-In Clinic. It's the right thing to do." Perhaps modest, but the gesture will not go unnoticed by the Giant Tiger Plaza businesses that are presently doing well and will undoubtedly benefit from the increased traffic created by the Walk-In Clinic. Residents of Shelburne are very excited to hear this news, just as excited when doctors first arrived at the Shelburne Medical Centre For Health and is a very clear indication of Shelburne's continued growth.Visit the Good Doctors Clinics website at  For more information, contact call Shelburne Town Pharmacy at 519-306- 5500 or visit their website

Dufferin County Museum & Archives, Family Day
 & Street Hockey With Retired NHL'R Aaron Downey!
Click image below for video coverage. 

Shelburrr Fest 2017
 Saw Approximately 1000 In Attendance
 During Family Day Festivities

Click image above to visit February photo gallery. 

Special overview from Shelburne Town Councillor, Kinsmen and part of the Shelburrr Fest organizing team, Dan Sample: 
" Shelbrrr Fest 2017 on Family Day, Feb 20th was a huge success! The day was great and everyone kept busy, we had over 1000 people in attendance throughout the day. The Kinette Kitchen was a steady flow selling hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries and deep fried pickles. Fiddlehead's Pub was also on site raising money for the dog park with their samples of pea meal on a bun or stew. The Dog cart group was steady all day, all money raised will also go to the dog park. Ken Phillips horse wagon rides were also a huge success and were also busy all day. The elementary schools worked hard from 11 to about 1:30 building their Canada Day 150 themed snow objects. Third place winner was Hyland Heights with their hawk nest carved into the snow hill won $200, 2nd place, Centennial Hylands with their sports themed canoe they made out of the snow pieces won $300,and in 1st place, Glenbrook, with their bear cave with every child from the school making a Canada flag to be posted on the bears head,won $800. Good job everyone! Steve Arnold manned the fire pit all day, and wood was supplied from Stump Busters for people to stop by to just take the chill off. The Shelburne Fire Department and Shelburne Police Services were on site for everyone to take a look at the displays and ask questions about how to keep the town safe. Country 105 was broadcasting live form the event most of the day, Kinsmen were busy directing cars in the parking lots and helping with the horse wagon rides. Greg and Heather Holmes supplied and maintained all the music for the day, LP Production performed at 1p.m. with their musical number for everyone to be entertained. I extend a big, huge thank you to Shelburne Public Works for moving the snow, creating snow mountain, school hills, clearing the parking lot and designing the tube with assistant from Dufferin Drift Busters, grooming the hill that was manned all day from the Shelburne Scouters.
A big thank you for everyone's help and volunteering for the day. If it was not for our volunteers, events like this would be difficult to plan and maintain. I would like to thank our sponsors in supporting the elementary schools of Shelburne, Dufferin Mutual Insurance, Stutz, Brown & Self, Shelburne Royal   Canadian Legion, Timmerman Haskell & Mills, Crewson Insurance, Shelburne Family Dental, Shepherd, Osyany & King, and promoting team work. Great day everyone and thanks", Shelburne Town Councillor, Kinsmen and part of the Shelburrr Fest organizing team, Dan Sample. 

Quilts of Valour- Dufferin Making a Difference To Veterans

Quilts of Valour- Dufferin are a group of dedicated quilters sharing their talent and devotion with Veterans FOR FREE. As part of their mandate in appreciation of WWII Veterans and eventually all veterans, it's this group's goal to ensure veterans are gifted with one of their beautiful hand crafted, artisan quilts. The difference is this group makes to Veterans is astounding as the impact of being remembered with an object that is not only beautiful but supplies comfort and warmth is an emotional exchange that is felt profoundly by the veterans and the quilters. Click on image above to visit their Facebook Page and find out what these wonderful volunteers of this non-profit organization are up to. 

This photo was taken at Shelburne 's Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday February 18, 2017 during one of the groups Sewing Saturdays. If you would like to join, reach out. There is much good work to be done and any level of quilter is welcome. 

It's Official! Town Of Shelburne Proclaims
 February 14th, Valentine's Day, 

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington presented 2 year old Penny Clarkson and 8 year old Tyson Kottelenberg with Official Proclamations stating February 14th, Valentine's Day is Officially Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day. 

Congenital heart Defects are the world's number one birth defect affecting thousands, and one in 70 in Ontario. This defect kills twice as many as those suffering from cancer often never allowing those with heart defects to reach their first birthday. Shelburne officially recognizes February 14th as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, a proud day for Shelburne residents celebrating those who fight each day to survive this defect. Both Penny Clarkson and Tyson Kottelenberg have endured many surgeries in their young lives and Shelburne is so proud of our young, brave Shelburnites. 

1 Shelburne Brownies Tour Shelburne Town Hall &
Speak With Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington met with 1 Shelburne Brownies during a tour of Shelburne's Town Hall where the Mayor had been presenting a Proclamation to 2 year old Penny Clarkson and 8 year old Tyson Kottelenberg, officially recognizing February 14th, Valentines Day as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day. The young Brownies posed questions to Mayor Bennington who happily answered. The exchange was enlightening as some of the questions the youngsters posed were thought provoking. When asked what the girls would like to see in Shelburne, one youngster answered how she would like to see a hospital. Click image above for exclusive video coverage of Shelburne's wonderful young Brownies.

Shelburne Street Festival's Motorcycle Show & Shine 2017 Planning 
Already Underway 
All rides are welcome to participate in the Shelburne Street Festival's Annual event, the Motorcycle Show & Shine, including those who are far too young to a real motorcycle as featured in the photo above.
Recently Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington released this comment to media regarding upcoming modifications to Shelburne's widely anticipated and popular summer time event which usually takes place on Father's Day weekend, The Shelburne Street Festival. 
"The Shelburne Street Festival is one of our premier events in the Town of Shelburne and I'm proud to be a part of the organizing committee.  Each year the festival continues to grow with more cars, more vendors, and attracting more and more people.  As with any entertainment event of this magnitude, some planning modifications are made to make the Street Festival bigger and better each and every year. In 2015, the committee added a ‘motorcycle show ‘n’ shine’ to our event. The past 2 festivals have presented some challenges involving the motorcycle portion of our Street Festival, and as such, the committee has decided to implement some changes regarding the planning and logistics to include motorcycles at the Shelburne Street Festival. Planning is underway for the 2017 Street Festival, and the organizing committee will continue to feature a motorcycle segment of the Street Festival for motorcycle enthusiasts both young and old. I hope to see you all there!", Mayor Ken Bennington. 
Typically the Motorcycle Show & Shine, initially conceived,organized and run by The Widow's Sons, Tattoo Addictions, and volunteers is a large draw to the Street Festival and all parties both passed and present are looking forward to the Show & Shine's continued success as The Widow's Sons and Tattoo Addictions will no longer be running the event. President of the Widow's Sons, Rodger Lawrence commented on the upcoming 4th Annual Show & Shine stating," I expect the Show & Shine this year will go well. We were glad to be apart of it, honored to put it on and had a great time doing it. We looked forward to it every year and have every confidence the event will go very well this year." Earlier in the week, social media revealed a tension regarding the worry the event may be cancelled. The Shelburne Freelancer is pleased to set Shelburnites' at ease knowing the Motorcycle Show & Shine is a welcomed event that is definitely going to be a highlight in the 2017 Shelburne Street Festival and will continue to bring fourth updates on the Festival. 
By Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer            Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shopping Online For Kittens? 

Buyers Beware

As more and more consumer purchases are made online, there are a growing number of scam artists who are just waiting for their next unsuspecting customer. Think of it this way. Scammers use the internet like an employee who never eats, never sleeps, never stops advertising and never stops waiting to reel someone in, NEVER!

For those suffering from the loss of a beloved pet,  the internet is at your fingertips just waiting to show you the sweetest, perfect, adorable, point of fact, waiting to show you exactly what you are looking for. Here are some tips when searching for reputable pet sellers, breeders and catteries. 

*Find out if they are registered breeders and check. A phone call to registration organizations is a simple task. * When making contact find out as much as you can without giving up too much personal information noting scammers are looking for the vulnerable and grief stricken. * Do they have a website and if so find out where are they actually located. If you cannot arrange a visit appointment, (which you would never go to alone,) then reconsider. *If they will fly pets to your address, find out what company they plan to use and look into them as well. *If they are forcing the purchase encouraging a rush decision, never pay in advance and take a step back immediately until you can afford yourself the time to make further inquiries. 


The above image was found on a classified ad page for pure breed Maine Coons. The Ad stated that the seller was TICA (The International Cats Association) registered, the kittens came with pedigree registrations, lineage proof, etc. The kittens were over $1000 each, and $800 to ship both. The negotiations and information exchange took place over email where the seller announced they were located in Manitoba.  

With a phone call to TICA, who are glad to help, it was clear the seller was not registered. There was no Sharon Pawel registered now or ever. Google address search couldn't find this person in Manitoba or even Canada. In fact google reverse look up of the email proved even more interesting, and apparently the seller was also selling Persians, Bulldogs, Siberians,and many other animals but not from Manitoba, Beirut! This person was featured on a number of ad sites with the same email, [email protected]

And what about the kittens in the photo? Well, they don't exist, not the way you might think. A reverse photo look up on google and these beautiful little Maine Coons are featured in Google photo stock photos examples of the breed. Yup, stock photos...

How do I know all of this?  It happened to me! 

After loosing our beloved Maine Coon/ Norwegian Forest cat after almost 16 years to Cancer, our hearts were broken and I started looking on sites, browsing, contacting catteries, and came across an ad that caught my eye. I was just making inquiries as I had never considered a breeder so far away and thankfully I was able to employ reporter investigation techniques to help figure out what was happening and fast. Grief can do a lot to people, even when just browsing, big, expensive purchases suddenly seem logical when weighed against a life time of love and companionship, thinking the cost can work out to $1 a day rationale.

 Do I feel duped? Absolutely! Even though I hadn't lost money, it was the heartfelt possibility of welcoming a new little love into our home that was exciting and everything good that implied is the exact sentiment scammers prey on. Very sad. 

My biggest tip: Stick with organizations and breeders who are reputable and do your homework. Don't forget Rescue Shelters and Humane Societies, and if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be too good to be true. Hopefully this story helps save someone from going down a path that will bring heartache. Although not all internet pet sellers situations go this way, it's a case of buyer beware. This week is internet safety week for kids, but adults can never be too careful also! 

Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer             Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hydro One Is Aware Of Financial Hardship Ontarians Now Face
With Increased
Electricity Bills.

They Want To Help!

Hydro One Director of External Relations, Daniel Levitan, (L) compassionate about what Ontarians are experiencing during these cold winter months commenting, "Hydro One is well aware that many Ontarians are feeling the pressure of increases on their monthly electricity bills and that affordability of electricity is a concern. We are paying attention to this, listening to customers and finding ways to do our part at keeping our portion of the bill as low as possible. We are doing this by becoming more productive, reducing costs and making prudent investments in our system so that we can continue to provide reliable and safe service while keeping the cost to our customers down.

In early December, Hydro One announced a Winter Relief Program to help customers that are facing extreme hardships get reconnected during the winter. We are committed to working closely with these customers to ensure they can stay on track and in good standing. There are numerous assistance programs available to help any Hydro One customer that may be in arrears or facing financial difficulties including the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, Ontario Electricity Support Program, Home Assistance Program and other counseling services. Hydro One encourages any customer experiencing difficulties paying their bill to contact the customer communications centre at 1-888-664-9376 to learn more about available programs."

Click image Above for video interview of Justin Besley.

Shelburnite and young Centre Dufferin District High School Student, Justin Besley, recipient of Shelburne RBC's #make150count incentive raised even more money and arranged an Anti-bullying event hosted at Centre Dufferin District High School inviting all local elementary students featuring anti-bullying Inspirational YouTube sensation Anthony McLean. The event saw more than 1000 children and was a huge hit focusing on key phrases like"Stand Up!(when safe) Reach Out (to the one being bullied) and Tell Someone!