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The Shelburne Freelancer             Monday, February 29, 2016

Did You Miss Out On The Down & Derby Over The Weekend?

For more information contact the 1st Shelburne Scouts Group by clicking on the photo above and go directly to their website. 
(Above)1st Shelburne Scouts Group, Group Commissioner, Graham Halkett.  Click on photo for video interview where Halkett explains the evening's event.

(L)Showing a little leg, the Clans of Tecumseth Pipes And Drums Band provided live entertainment for the evening. Click on the Photo(R) to go to the bands website. 

A dedicated group of parents decided to hold a fund raising event in support of Scouts Canada in the hopes of raising enough funds for the Shelburne Scouts called the 1st Shelburne Scouts Group to purchase a trailer that could hold all of the organizations' traveling, camping and other necessary supplies the group uses on a regular basis. 

"The Down & Derby",  was created, a fun filed event that included a full night of live entertainment featuring The Clans Of Tecumseth Pipes and Drums Band,dinner,silent auction, starting the evening off with the Cub Car Derby Races!  

This successful event brought in over $5100 exceeding expectations, bringing in 200 people by the evenings end. 

 The car kits did have a few regulations, but the finished products were an often over the top, startling feats of ingenuity coupled with artistic design that could in some cases rival a real automobile. The caliber of the professional level of creativity was both astounding and exciting.  

Click On The Photo (Above) For Video Coverage Of These Winners, Video Of The Race And More!

(Above)Town Councillor, Dan Sample's Event Winning 

Liquid Concrete Filled Beer Bottle Cub Car!

There is talk about this event becoming an Annual event! That's just how much fun it was!

The Shelburne Freelancer            Monday,February 22, 2016




The Shelburne Freelancer           Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shelburne BIA Introduces Shelburnites To
 Linda Armour Grant of Lyngrant Financial Services Inc.

Click on photo for full video interview.

Communities Rally Together Providing Clothes For Syrian Refugees

In a special Press Release, Provincial Long Term Care Inc. (pltc) which includes The Shelburne Residence, extended heart felt thanks to all communities who contributed in collecting clothing for Syrian Refugees. 

Press Release

Shelburne Residence wants to thank the community for all of their support for the clothing donations for the Syrian refugees. “It was an overwhelming success” says Christine Ozimek, CEO of PLTC parent company of Shelburne Residence. “It was such a great 

community effort and so many clothes were collected and dropped off that hundreds of families will benefit from”. Shelburne Residence set up a clothing donations drop box in December and clothes were collected throughout January. Early February clothes were picked up and dropped off at Canada’s Immigration drop off distribution center – New Circles - in Toronto.

“It took two trips and two full van loads each with thousands of pounds of clothing dropped 

off from all our homes, Shelburne included” say Richard Sullivan, Manager of Public Relations for PLTC. 

“Staff from New Circles came out and welcomed us and helped unload each of the bags and wanted to make sure that we send their thanks back to each community”. 

“Although this winter turned out much better than past winters, these clothes will still be a welcome addition to each family that receives them” says Christine Ozimek. “It was what we intended to do and help and the community pulled through for us.”  PLTC has always 

been supporting the communities that our homes are in and with something like this we 

could not do it alone. It took a great community support to make this happen.”

For more information, please contact: 

Cathy Stewart, General Manager (519) 262-2830

Pauline Douglas, General Manager  (519) 527 – 0030 x 5 

Richard Sullivan, Manager of Public Relations 905-567-6675 x 226

21-2370 Britannia Road West, Mississauga, ON L5M 6G3     

905) 567-6675   (905) 567-0593 fax

[email protected]

Photos and Press Release provided by 

PLTC Inc., Manager of Public Relations, Richard Sullivan.

The Shelburne Freelancer        Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shelburr Fest Family Day 2016

Shelburr Fest 

Shelburne 2016

Shelburrr Fest 2016 is certainly a feather in caps of event organizers, The Shelburne Kinettes and Kinsmen, drawing a record number 500 people from as far as Toronto before the day's end. 

Organizer ,Town Councillor and Kinsmen member, Dan Sample reviewed the day commenting,

What a day, the soccer sling shot, baseball throw, hockey slap shot all hosted by local sport groups. Thanks everyone. Trillium Ford was out for the day giving away cotton candy and popcorn to everyone that stopped by to say," Hi." LP productions were singing in the afternoon warming everyone’s hearts in the brisk winds at the park. Glenbrook, Hyland Heights and Centennial Hyland elementary schools all used their imaginations and working together as a team to build their school castle. 1st place prize of $800.00 goes to Glenbrook , 2nd place $300.00 goes to Hyland Heights and 3rd place of $200.00 goes to Centennial Hyland. Great work and thanks to all that supported the kids. 

Thanks to Town Council for judging the contest, council was impressed with everyone’s hard work and team work. Great job everyone. "



Glenbrook Elementary!

Winners of the 

Building a School Castle Contest!

So much effort went into the planning of this community event, Sample was eager to thank everyone involved. "Thanks again to the Good Dog Carting for coming out and giving our little ones rides, thanks to Ken Galbraith for bringing his team of horses and sleigh to give everyone a ride in the park. Hope everyone stopped by to have a chat with our local police and fire department, hope everyone enjoyed the displays.Thanks to Shane Hall for displaying his vintage snowmobiles, what a collection he has. Country 105 was out broad casting from the park letting everyone know that we were their having a great day. 

Hope everyone took a look at our sponsors for this year’s event as if it were not for them this day would not happen thanks everyone for your support.  

Behind the scenes the Town Public Works, along with Steve Arnold and Nelson trucking for hauling our snow from KTH and CDRC to make our snow mountain and school snow hills, they spent a lot of hours building those hills for us. 

Thanks Nikki Williams from the Kinettes for supplying our music and Holmes Appliance and Music for lending the sound system so everyone could enjoy music throughout the day. Mad River Photography was out snapping pictures of everyone having fun throughout the day, stay tuned to our facebook page for this year’s updates. 

Stump Busters supplied the wood for our warming station manned by Lionel Chenette from LC Creations and Bob Train from Train Farms. Allan Walker set up a log cutting display that the kids could saw some wood like they did before gas engines were built.   The Kinsmen were busy keeping our parking lot safe with directing cars to their parking spots, good work guys.

Kinette kitchen was busy supplying everyone with hot dogs, fries and hot chocolate, thanks ladies for keeping everyone warm with your hot food."

The Kinettes also raffled off gift baskets in addition to their hard work as seen in the photo below.

" I Councilor, Dan Sample(L) would like to personally thank everyone for supporting this event and I look forward to organizing next year’s event.

Feel free to email me your comments to [email protected] I look forward to 

hearing from you. 

Thanks Everyone."

Please enjoy this video, a compilation of interviews during Shelburrr Fest 2016!

Get caught up on other Youtube videos you may have missed by The Shelburne Freelancer.

Dufferin County
 Museum & Archives, 
Family Day Fun 2016
& Hockey With Retired NHL'r Aaron Downey(L)

Family Day Doesn't get Any More Canadian Than Stick Hockey With Aaron Downey On A Blustery, Cold, Winter's Family Day at
 Dufferin County Museum & Archive's Family Day! 

As seen in the photographs below, nothing could deter these youngsters from taking on Aaron Downey, retired, Professional Hockey Player for a fun game of Stick Hockey on Family Day. Learning sportsmanship, teamwork, the value of fitness, Downey instructed these eager youngsters during a pre-game a warm up session and once the game began, one youngster expressed it best shouting, "I'm playing hockey with Aaron Downey!!!" 
A fun filled day of activities also included a hot chocolate station outside, while inside, other activities were lined up including arts and crafts, the making of acorn bird feeders, (event sponsored by Sawyers Feed Mill in Shelburne) a quiet reading area for those in need of a break and more. Spencer's Kids helped to make this year's Family day even more memorable. There was a little something for everyone who attended and all ages enjoyed the DCMA''s 2016 Family Day Festivities despite the frigid, blustery, unpredictable winter weather, making this year's event a typically perfect Canadian Family day. (Be sure to enjoy the video coverage below, just scroll down. )


Watch Aaron Downey get these youngsters ready for Stick Hockey during Dufferin County Museum and Archives' Family Day Festivities 2016 and find out why these kids can't wait to do it again next year. 


Take A Look Inside Town Council In This Exclusive Video Interview With Shelburne's Chief Administrative Officer, (CAO) John Telfer. 

Click on Photo(L) of Shelburne CAO John Telfer

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The Shelburne Freelancer                     Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Surprising How Many Canadians Do Not Know Of 
The Canadian Space Agency

According to the Canadian Space Agency's Website, Canadians have been making scientific milestones since as early as 1839, stating ," In 1839, Sir Edward Sabine establishes the first magnetic observatory at the University of Toronto, to study the proposition made by Edmund Halley in 1716 that northern lights were formed according to the Earth's magnetic field. Sabine is first to determine that magnetic disturbances occur worldwide and are related to the number and strength of sunspots.

This same year, the Meteorological Service of Canada is set up, also at the University of Toronto." 

Many more astounding facts can be found on this website and youth are particularly encouraged to get involved as well. This is what their Twitter page looks like: (L) below 

The Canadian Astronaut Program began in 1983 when Canadians accepted an invitation to fly on the Space Shuttle.The Canadian Astronaut Program fell under the management of the National Research Council of Canada who then established Canadian Space experiments moving forward. Fast Forward to 2016 and space education can be shared across Canada via skype as students in Oakville held a skype conference on February 1 with Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Astronaut, Jeremy Hansen. 
If only Sir Edward Sabine had been able to skype! 
For more information click on the Canadian Space Agency's Website below. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                     Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Royal Canadian District E Tournament

was held at Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch on January 30, 2016. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                     Wednesday, February, 3, 2016

Suzanne Lyon, Owner of Guided By Nature Held Information Session On The Wonderful Qualities of Essential Oils

(LtoR) In attendance were, Anne Marie Roussy, Cynthia Bartlett, Sandra Williams and Judy Lyon, and of course, Suzanne Lyon.

Owner Of Guided By Nature, Suzanne Lyon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, held an instructional class discussing the uses and qualities of Essential Oils on the weekend of January 31, 2016. 

"At the class attendees learned about the power of essential oils and how they are a safe effective way to support their families health needs and goals," commented Lyon.

The next class held at Breathe Natural Health (formerly known as Soaring Hearts Wellness) will focus on mood management mentioned Lyon. For more information on upcoming classes, contact Lyon at 705-794-8956, or email at [email protected]

If you are interested in having having your own Essential Oil Health kit, contact Lyon and she can help you personalize your kit to suit you and your family's needs. 

Missed meeting Suzanne Lyon's in this passed summer's exclusive video interview with The Shelburne Freelancer ? 

Get caught up now! 

Shelburne Wolves Atom League 1

& Parents VS Kids Game 

Having Fun Before Playoffs!

The Shelburne Freelancer                         Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rock'n & Roll'n Strikes A Chord With Shelburnites As The Shelburne Kinsmen Sponsor Fundraising Event In Support of Raising Money For New Pole Barn In Shelburne's Fiddle Park 
Welcoming The Road Heavy Band In March Performance!

(LtoR) The Road Heavy Band Memeber Ryan Blake, Impact Kreative's Kyle Fegan, and The Road Heavy Band Member, Pat James.

The Road Heavy Band comes to Shelburne Saturday, March 26, 2016. Shelburne Kinsmen sponsored the fundraising event in support of raising money for the highly anticipated Pole Barn that will eventually be built at Shelburne's Fiddle Park. In addition to providing much needed shelter from the elements during the now wildly popular  Pickin In The Park annual event, Fiddle Park will then attract an even wider venue of upcoming attractions to Shelburne. Watch the video and find out which Town Councillor helped to make it all possible!