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Update From Tyke 2 Wolves Hockey Team

After collecting clothes for donations, the Tyke 2 Wolves Hockey Team waited a few weeks to see the fruits of their labour that they collected for the Kidney Foundation of Canada and the results are in! "We got our final numbers back from our fundraiser. We collected just under 2500 lbs of clothes and raised $321.88 for the Tyke 2 hockey team! It was for the Kidney Foundation of Canada," commented Genny Chicoine-Geiring, parent volunteer for the Tyke 2 Wolves Hockey team. WAY TO GO TEAM!!!

Print It! Screen Shot It! Either Way, Let The Savings Begin!

                       Shelburne's John's NoFrills & Big Surprise For The Shepherd's Cupboard,
                                                 Shelburne's Local Food Bank
It's The Good Stuff!!

Shelburne's John's No Frills had a big surprise for Beth Brown, volunteer for Shelburne's Local Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard presenting money raised from donations generously supplied by John's No Frills customers with random donations. A surprising $1,164.20 was presented to Brown for a shopping spree for the Food Bank, a tremendous lift of unexpected and greatly appreciated goods will now line the shelves of the food bank. "Sometimes it's the simple things that we take for granted like toilet paper, ketchup and Mayonaise which are extra special treats that we'll have now but are not normally able to supply," commented and astounded Beth Brown. 

In truth, John's No Frills is not new to philanthropy and unwavering support of the Shelburne Community, continuously running fundraisers, allowing other fundraising groups to use the No Frills Parking lot to raise raise money and even supporting Canadian Blood Services allowing signage to alert Shelburnites to the next blood donation run which is paramount in importance this time of year. 

Even more surprising, earlier the same day, Owner of John's NoFrills, John van Teunenbroek presented Brown with a check for $1,468.67 for the Food Bank raised from Cashiers asking for donations at the checkout. NoFrills typically runs 3 " Ask" promotions annually, (where cashiers ask customers for a donation on the way out) and two for President's Choice Charities and one for a local charity. There is no question, that this Shelburne Business Owner, store employees and Shelburnites care. Thanks to all who work so hard on a regular basis to ensure ALL Shelburnites are cared for. 

The Shelburne Freelancer        Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shelburne's Christmas Hamper Program is the result of the collaborative effort and very hard work from four Shelburne Service Groups, The Rotarians, The Lions' Club, The Kinettes and the The Kinsmen.  Centre Dufferin District High School Students also volunteered their time organizing donations and together all the hard work and generosity has produced an astounding 60 Hampers thanks to the generous donations of local businesses, Shelburnites, and many behind the scenes donators. Above:((LtoR) Lions Club Volunteer, Lauwrie Rutledge and Rotarian Volunteer, Bobbi Ferguson take stock as they awaited turkeys donated from Dufferin Wind Power. This photo taken on December Thursday, December 15, 2016 at Mel Lloyd Centre. 

The Shelburne Freelancer            Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Slew Of Drugs Seized During R.I.D.E Spot Check In Shelburne -Two Charged!
click image above for more information. 

Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's Kids Day With Santa Saturday, December 10, 2016, 

Was Fun ! Fun! Fun!

(LtoR) Griffin O'Donnell 4, Santa and Santa Elf, Sam Haire. 

Click on image (L) to visit our Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre's page for more photographic coverage. 

The Shelburne & District Fire Department's Annual Toy And Food Drive 2016

The Shelburne & District Fire Department collected donations for their annual Toy & Food Drive on Saturday, December 10, 2016 at Shelburne's John's NoFrills. 

The Shelburne & District Fire Department will be at Giant Tiger and Foodland On December 17, 2016. Each year donations make a huge impact on so many and is a wonderful way to express your generosity during this holiday season! 

(LtoR) Captain Mike Morrell, Captain Dave Hardick, Firefighters Devon Suttell, Aaron Ferguson, Mark Elderfield and No Frills On duty Manager, Mike Karwowski. 

Shelburne Police Services Annual Stuff A Cruiser Toy & Food Drive 2016

Shelburne Police Services Annual Stuff A Cruiser Toy & Food Drive collected donations December 3, 2016 at Giant Tiger Plaza in Front of Foodland.  Stuff A Cruiser will be at John's No Frills Saturday, December 17, 2016. 

(LtoR) Auxillary Constables, Ryan Hubbart, Stephanie Colarossi, Foodland's Aislyn Thornington, Heather Hunter, and Assistant Front End Manager, Babara Hewlett. 

More information on complete tallies of donations to follow as Giant Tiger, Foodland and John's No Frills are usually massive contributors to both of the these wonderful drives by The Shelburne District Fire Department and Shelburne Police Services. 

Click on images above to visit the Tipling Stage Company Website. This media release provided by Tipling Stage Company. 

Tipling Stage Company is back on track...

Despite twice this season having been forced to abandon plans for the scheduled production due to casting difficulties, Shelburne's community theatre company is forging ahead with its 2016-2017 season. Patrick Hamilton's Gaslight has been selected, cast and is in rehearsal under the direction of Bev Nicholas for a two weekend run opening January 27th.
The classic Victorian-style thriller was a sensation when it opened in London's West End in 1938 and catapulted its creator to fame and fortune. The Shelburne productions features Jess Walker as Bella Manningham, a young recently married woman who is more than half convinced that – like her mother who died insane – she, too, is losing her mind. In fact, Jack Manningham, played by Tipling Stage Company newcomer Michael Bedford, is slowly and deliberately driving his wife insane. He has almost succeeded when Peter King, as the former detective Rough, visits her while her husband is out of the house. Rough believes Manningham to be a maniacal criminal – a thief, and the murderer of a former occupant of the house. Gradually he restores Bella's confidence in herself and, as the evidence unfolds, proves her husband's true identity, and Bella achieves a few moments of sweet revenge for all the suffering inflicted on her.
Gaslight - 8:00 pm January 27th, 28th, February 3rd, 4th and 2:00 pm January 29th at Grace Tipling Hall, Shelburne.

Tickets at $15 are available from Shelburne Town Hall, Caravaggio's IDA and Holmes Appliances and Music Shop, and online at

More information is available by contacting [email protected]

The Shelburne Freelancer              Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Cards Sent To Seniors At Dufferin Oaks! 
It's The Good Stuff!

When Tara Foulger, Activationist/Program & Support Dufferin Oaks , 2nd Floor  first came up with the idea of reaching out to the Shelburne community in the hopes that people would send Christmas cards to seniors at Dufferin Oaks, little did she know the impact her very thoughtful idea would impact so many and in so many different ways. Below: The wonderful flyer that started it all, simply called, Mission: Christmas Mail!

Above (LtoR)  Tara Foulger,  Activationist/Program & Support Dufferin Oaks , 2nd Floor and Dufferin Oaks Resident, Eileen Christie admire the homemade Christmas card they just received made by an elementary student.

Foulger's idea may sound simple. Inversely, the idea was anything but simple. To see the joy on the seniors faces upon receiving Christmas cards is absolutely magical and very exciting. As Eileen Christie stated, "Christmas is a magical time. I think receiving these cards is an acknowledgement of reaching people. It's important."  At age 93, Christie knows more than a little about life and thinks an online newspaper is as she puts it, "Wonderful!"

As for Foulger, this field of employment is very satisfying and extremely special. "I love my job! When we started receiving the cards, I wasn't prepared for the huge response and our residents love getting them. What I was also surprised 

about and not quite prepared for was the sincere notes that came hand written in the cards from people as far away as The Netherlands. Kids shared photos of their pets, some people sent musical Christmas Cards, and I think the cards express a real empathy for seniors." 

The halls of the second floor in Dufferin Oaks are lined with Christmas cards and residents marvel at them everyday impressed with all the hard work and that complete strangers took the time to make cards for them. 

So far, hundreds of beautiful cards have arrived and after Christmas, Foulger plans on writing a thank you to all who participated in this sincere exchange of the heart after Christmas commenting, " We are in awe of the thought that has gone into these cards and kindness shown by so many, making our Christmas Merry and Bright, and we are truly blessed to have felt the love and thought from so many. These cards have brought smiles, laughter, and some tears over the compassion shown. It has promoted discussion, reminiscing, triggered memories and most importantly reminded some souls they are special as one resident put it, "They wanted to make sure we were blessed." Similarly, it reminded us of the beautiful spirit that exists has pointed out that something that almost seemed to be disappearing, 'the sending of mail' is still very much a meaningful and powerful connection, one that should never be lost."

Dufferin Oaks has received cards from Shelburne and area Elementary students, Orangeville, Melancthon, Mulmur, Dundalk, Arthur, Erin, Harrison, Palmerston, Guelph, Stroud, Toronto, Markham, Quebec, Rosseau Muskoka Lakes Township, Cobourg, Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA, Courtney, British Columbia and as far away and the Netherlands. More Cards are expected daily and expected with excitement in anticipation. Foulger encourages visits to Dufferin Oaks if anyone wants to see in person just how appreciated their cards are and fortunately more are coming in everyday. 

 Suddenly not so simple an idea anymore.It appears the need to send cards to our special revered seniors is as important as the need to be reminded of just how special they are.

The Christmas Mail Mission will most certainly become a highly anticipated tradition at Dufferin Oaks and all thanks to an idea from dedicated,Tara Foulger, Activationist/Program & Support Dufferin 

Oaks , 2nd Floor, who loves her job and with a little sharing on social media, who can define the joy created?

 This The Good Stuff, And There's More! 

Each year Dufferin Oaks collects gifts to provide every resident with a gift. Already 30 presents have arrived but, over 160 are needed. If you have a gift you would like to bring, please do! 

What a wonderful time of year to share. 

Click in the image (L) to visit Dufferin Oaks December Calendar. 

The Shelburne Freelancer         Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Tavern & Retail Store Come To Shelburne 

Former Business Owner of Orangeville's well known, The Electric Garage Sale Consignment Gallery, Chris Petersons(L) has closed up shop and has re-located to Shelburne purchasing the Church on Main St. and will be opening a new Tavern and a retail Store in that space. 

Petersons appeared before the Shelburne Town Council on the evening of December 5, 2016, presented all information required, met the requirements, satisfied all questions and concerns and was welcomed to Shelburne unanimouosly. 

The church is a historical building registered with Shelburne's Historical Society but Petersons has no plans for changes to the outside of the building. The lower level of the building is set to become a Tavern called The Dufferin Public House, (A.K.A. " The Duffy"). The Upper level will become a retail store. Petersons hopes to encourage bands  to venue at the Duffy and host events. The Space can accommodate 70 people and while that might seem like a lot, Petersons is very certain the music will not so loud as to irritate neighbors. The church is the actually located in the retail section of Shelburne as stated by town Planner, Steve Weaver and many Shelburnites are very excited about the news of the new businesses arriving. Concerns over parking were alleviated  Petersons assured Council he will be keeping a close eye on drinkers ensuring there will be no drunk driving to the best of his ability. Hours of operation will be set in the near future and there is not a firm opening date as of yet due to some ongoing renovations on the lower level. 

Meanwhile, Shelburne welcomes Petersons, and looks forward to the grand opening of Shelburne's new Tavern, The Dufferin Public House, affectionately know as The Duffy! 

Santa will be making a stop at

 Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre!!! 

Join us on Saturday, December 10th 

from 10-2PM

 for Kids Day with Santa! 

Come enjoy the festivities

 and take a selfie with Santa! 

There will be 

gingerbread cookie decorating

 and a kids gift shop 

with gifts for mom,

 dad and siblings

 from $3.00 & up. 

Our elves will be happy to help 

with any questions. 

We hope to see you there!