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The Shelburne Freelancer            Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tipling Stage & Rehearsals Are Afoot!

Rehearsing Barefoot at Grace Tipling Hall...

Yes, the weather is great, but we're really not that crazy. It's rehearsing Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park that we're doing at Grace Tipling Hall... although Jess Walker has been known to kick off her shoes while remaining in character as the  impulsive, enthusiatic, romantic newly-wed Corrie Bratter.

The very antithesis to Corrie, her new husband Paul (Jan Gumulka) is a proper and rather stuffy young attorney highly involved in his budding legal career. A surprise visit from Corrie's loopy mother Ethel, played by Wendy Walker, sets the scene for some matchmaking destined to go wrong, when Corrie tricks Ethel into a blind date with their eccentric neighbour. Repercussions lead to all those differences that the attraction of opposites initially hides away, coming to the surface and quarrels escalate until... well, until Paul walks barefoot in the park!Barefoot in the Park is directed by Denis Stephenson, a man who's A-okay with going barefoot in the park! Denis also plays the part of Ethel's blind date, Victor Velasco.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Caravaggio IDA, Holmes Appliances & Music Shop and Shelburne Town Hall or online from our wesite at If you are interested in booking for a group of more than ten people, please contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange a discount of $5.00 per ticket.

More information by email from [email protected]
The above message generously provided by Tipling Stage Company

The Shelburne Freelancer              Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dufferin County Museum & Archives (DCMA) The Backdrop For Mystery & Mayhem 

Former Curator for the Dufferin County Museum & Archives, Wayne Townsend,(L) prepared to face mystery as Dr. Watson, companion to Sherlock Holmes, as DCMA was the backdrop to the highly anticipated and completely sold out event, The 2nd Annual Authors In The Hills Of Mulmur, 

Mystery & Mayhem. 

Featured Authors were Steve Burrows, Ian Hamilton, Inger Ash Wolf/ Michael Redhill and moderated by Ken Weber. ( Nancy Frater, owner of BookLore, Orangeville) stepped in for Inger Ash Wolf)

Catered by The Globe, the event exuded grandeur and elegance along with wine from Southbrook Vineyards and beer from Steam Whistle Brewery creating the perfect mysterious ambiance. 

Following speeches from the authors and questions taken, the audience was treated to their very own original mystery to take part in. 

Click image (L) to see brief reading by celebrated Author Ian Hamilton who attended the 2nd Annual Authors In The Hills of Mulmur Event 2016 themed Mystery & Mayhem.

Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award, Hamilton chose to read from his 7th book in his wildly popular Ava Lee Series. Enjoy! 

(LtoR) Nancy Frater, Owner of BookLore in Orangeville, filling in for Inger Ash Wolf ( Author of the Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef Series) Ken Weber, Author of best selling Five Minue Mysteries, Ian Hamilton,Author of 8 books in the Forensic Accountant, Ava Lee Series, Steve Burrows, Author of 3 books and winner of the Crime Writers of Canada Award. For more information on these celebrated authors, visit their websites, facebook pages and contact Dufferin County Museum & Archives. 

Click on image (L) 

Find out what Troupe-Adore has to offer you with live performances in Jack Downing Park located on Shelburne's Main St. 

Treat Yourself & Support The Arts 


Live Art In The Park!

The Shelburne Freelancer                Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Heritage Music Festival Unveils
Big Plans
Taking Place In August

A Message

 From Linda Buffett,

 Heritage Music Festival 


" THE JIM CUDDY BAND will be the festival’s first major headliner on Friday August 5 at the CDRC (Centre Dufferin Recreation Centre) The concert will start at 8pm and doors open at 7pm. All music events at this site are presented by The Rotary Club of Shelburne and this will be a first for Shelburne and we are all very excited as a Rotary Club, to be bringing such a top named Canadian entertainer and Juno Award winner to our new festival.” said Buffett. 

"The concert was announced on website last Friday & fans are purchasing tickets on their “Ticket Pre-Sale” hosted on the website. The public sale of tickets will begin this upcoming Friday May 20 th when the Rotary Club launches it’s new website @ In addition to ordering tickets here, members of the public can also pre-order tickets at Holmes Music and Appliances in Downtown Shelburne. 

And as for our Fiddle Fans, they will continue to enjoy our Canadian Open Fiddle Championship events once again this year, as we move into our 66th year. This event is the basis of our established musical heritage in Shelburne and it will continue as part of our festival for years to come. After all,” commented Buffett, “This event put Shelburne on the map!"

"I am sure anyone who travels and gets asked where they are from, experience the same thing as I do. No matter where you travel in North America when you say you are from Shelburne, everyone always says: “Oh I know where Shelburne is- isn’t that where the Canadian Open Fiddle Championship takes place? So you know it’s been a great tourist event for the town” said Buffett.

“Our Thursday evening performance launches the Canadian Open Fiddle Championship and will feature “The Next Generation Leahy,” then on Friday the contest will be hosted from 10 am till 5 pm, followed by the Jim Cuddy Band concert . 

And the Saturday evening contest finale will feature “McLeod”- a group that’s coming together once again to entertain the crowd. The group consists of four former contest winners: Scott Wood, Shane Cook, Matthew Johnston & amp; James Bickle”.

“We will be making ongoing updates about other events taking place in the festival on the new website, so the public can check back regularly to get all the information they need”.

This message generously provided by Linda Buffett featured (Above)

The Shelburne Freelancer                 Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Embracing The Arts & Live Performances
 At Jack Downing Park With Troupe-Adore
On Shelburne's Main Street

Shelburnites are treated to a wide variety of Artists and Live Performances Courtesy of Troupe-Adore, a group who embraces the arts and is sharing that passion with Shelburne. Click on image below and get treated with a live performance by K.C Carruthers. Troupe- Adore's, Sohayla Smith reflected on the first weekend of performances.

"We are all very proud of what we put together in just over 3 weeks. The talent was amazing! The sponsors were supportive. The crowds had a great time! Our locations were fantastic, despite the change of weather, everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped! Troupe-Adore is looking forward to putting on many more integrative arts & culture events. Upcoming, we have our regular open mic night at Main Street Cafe on May 12th from 7:30-10 pm, May 25th we 
perform at the Shelburne Residence, May 26th we open the Shelburne Farmers' Market from 3-7, followed by the second open mic of the month at Main Street Cafe in the evening from 7:30-10pm, and May 28th we're providing musical entertainment for Shelburne Town Pharmacy's fundraiser for Sick Kids. We have many more dates booked for the year already, and we look forward to bringing the Arts Community and the residents of Shelburne & surrounding areas together to celebrate our wonderfully rich and diverse creative culture. For more information on upcoming events, please visit", commented Troupe-Adore's Sohayla Smith. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Tipling Stage Company Presents, Murder Mistaken
By Janet Green & Directed By Bev Nicholas

Well, What's It All  About?

Edward Bare, an attractive, charming and likable, but ruthlessly ambitious young man married to a rich, doting wife many years his senior, thinks she is about to change her will and decides he must hasten her end. Unfortunately he finds himself with less than he had when she was alive but quickly finds himself a wealthy widow. She’s wise enough, however, to keep a tight hold on the purse strings to his increasing frustration. Then, another rich woman arrives on the scene...Click on image below to visit The Tipling Stage Company's Website which is where the above message originated.

During dress rehearsals, these seasoned actors hone their craft for the upcoming presentation of Murder Mistaken, by Janet Green and Directed by Bev Nicholas. (LtoR) Jean Jardine Miller as Monica Blair, Jo Hubbard as Emmie, Chris Wright as Philip Mortimer and Josh Oatman as Edward Bare. Remaining actors include, Michelle White as Freda Jefferies and Lori Stringer as Charlotte Young. 

Director, Bev Nicholas                              Actor, Jo Hubbard                            Lighting/ Sound                                                                                                                                      Technician, Jameson Saleta

Performances will take place at Grace Tipling Hall 

             May 6th, 7th, 13th & 14th, 2016 at 8 p.m. & on the 8th at 2 p.m.       

Proceeds from the Concession during intermission will go to 

                        Sharon Morden's  Shelburne's Feral Cat Rescue                                                    

"This is not a

 'Who-Done- It'

 but a 

' Will -He- Get- Away 

-With- It '! ", 

                                                    Bev Nicholas

The Shelburne Freelancer                     Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fan Fiction Novelist,

 E.K. Johnston 


The Shelburne Public Library

Much To Her Fans Delight!

Johnston is a refreshing, creative and inspiring Author with a zest for life and expresses a committed joy for her craft. 

Fortunate qualities for her readers as her novels are for the most part enjoyed by young adults. Click on image (L) to visit the Johnston's website.

Because of Johnston's engaging style, her work is also enjoyed by all ages, a wide audience which is easily explained upon meeting the talented author. "I basically try to write about strong female characters without other female competitors.I like seeing more "girl" characters in fiction. I'd like to read about not just one girl character in a book, I'd like to see 10 great girl characters in a book!", commented Johnston. 

Originally from the small Canadian Town of Seaforth, Johnston can rely on her vast experiences and channels that knowledge into her completely imaginative work. As a result and coupled with a deep belief in the power of youth and what they can accomplish, why shouldn't a dragon slayer named Owen receive instructions from a female dragon slayer while attending a High School in Clinton,Ontario? Click on image (R) to see books featured on Johnstson's website. 

Definitely an Author to keep your eyes on, it would appear that fans will not be disappointed as  The Story Of Owen, Prairie Fire, Exit, Pursued By A Bear, A Thousand Nights, Spindle, are just a few tales of what is to come from this exciting, Fan Fiction Novelist, E.K Johnston. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                 Wednesday, April 27, 2016

With A Warm Welcome To New Sheburnite, 
Meet Brampton's Critically Acclaimed
 Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist,
David Record 

& Click On Image Below, Hear Record's Personal Message.

Meet David Record, Brampton native and award winning Hip-Hop Artist who has recently moved to Shelburne. Practically a poster child and advocate for hard work, resilience and determination coupled with an inherent and genuine desire to "do good", Record's music is as genuine as his intentions and persona.

It's not every day an artist of this caliber moves to Shelburne, sets up shop and desires to hire locally in support of his new community. Rise Again Entertainment is the name of Record's Company and while still growing and maturing, Record's accomplishments are just about countless(List Of Accolades Listed Below) and yet Record is extremely humble, never forgetting all the hands that helped to raise him to the stardom and career he enjoys today. As a result, one of Record's goals in not surprising. Record hopes to help inspire young people, help them if he can, following his own journey of true grit, resilience, determination, and as he would say, "love". Record's life journey has been filmed in a documentary which recently premiered to a sold out audience, in Record's home town of Brampton, On. 

While so many planned events are in Record's future, he is presently gearing up for a National Tour and is looking to hire professionals from within his new community. Why come to Shelburne? Isn't it true that people could be surprised even skeptical to imagine any reason for so celebrated an artist to relocate to Shelburne? Well, it's just possible that others see Shelburne the way locals see Shelburne and guess what? People LIKE what they see! Record found Shelburne to be a perfect place to settle, affordable, growing, but still, a small town feel. After all, what's not to like?
The Town Of Shelburne welcomes Record and is looking forward to Record's continued success and bright future. 
Written by Alex Sher
All contact information is available on records Website for more information. Initial Media Release below, scroll down.

Click on image (R) to visit Record's Webpage 

Discover Videos, Biography, and more about this talented artist. 

List of Accolades from Record's Website!

*Performed at Caribana for the 2010 Irie Festival in front of 15,000 people

*Filmed MTV commercial with Drake for MTV’s 2010 Video Music Awards

*Mentored by 3 x Juno Award and Grammy Award winner Liberty Silver

*Collaborated with Liberty Silver on multiple musical projects

*In August 2010, created the theme song for The Herbert H. Carnegie

*Future Aces Foundation, which is a registered non-profit charitable organization established by Herb, Audrey and Bernice Carnegie in 1987

*Enrolled in Metal Works Institute and studied Entertainment Business Management

*Acted in an Urban Legends TV show episode as on of the main characters

Spoke a few lines in The Break Out Kings movie 2010

*Has had multiple songs played in rotation on CKLN Ryerson University Radio, CHRY  York University Radio in Toronto and WBLK Radio in the U.S

*Opened for Maestro Fresh West at Culture Week event on March 19th 2011

*Worked for the 2011 Canadian Music Week March 16th – 21st

*Worked as stage help for the 2011 Juno Awards

*Was interviewed on Daytime television April 7, 2011

*Performed with Swollen Members at the Drake Hotel May 22nd, 2011

*Performed for Camp Jamoke festival in front of thousands at Queen’s Park May 26, 2011

*Featured in Sway Magazine April 13th and August 14th 2011 issue, and performed at the 13th  issue launch party

*Filmed a Reality TV show called Pranked by Science

*Performed at the Caribean Festival to an audience of 1500 people August 6, 2011

*Invited to perform at a Phillipean style wedding August 26, 2011

*Performed at the Multicultural Beauty Pageant at the Delta Chelsea Hotel September 11, 2011

*Invited to Perform at an Indian style wedding September 3rd, 2011

*Interviewed and performed for online TV show “The Beat Goes On” with Nikki Clark September 17, 2011

*Spoke a few lines in break out kings series

*Released Official Video for new Single “Submit To Me” August 2nd, 2012

*Member of the Mississauga Arts Council Committee September 2012

*Founded the David Record Scholarship for the Creative Arts granted annually to post-secondary students September 2012

*Received Certificate on Behalf Of The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario recognizing his music talents December 14th 2012

*Performed at Martin Luther King Celebration held by BBPA, EFCCC, FAY and filmed/broadcasted by Rogers TV January 12, 2013

*32 Show UK Tour where David Promoted his single “Submit To Me” also new mixtape “Step Into Destiny” March 10, 2013 – April 14, 2013

*Shot Video for song “Step Into Destiny” while in the UK April 8, 2013

*Single “Submit To Me” picked up by UK music station “Channel AK” April 10, 2013

*Performed at 3 day event held at “WIlderness Tours”  June 9-12, 2013

*Recieved Coverage in “Pembroke Dailey Observer” newspaper for performance at “Wilderness Tours” June 9, 2013

- See more at:

A New Music & Entertainment Company Moves to Shelburne, ON 

Rise Again Entertainment is seeking to hire applicants within the community  

(Shelburne, ON) April 19, 2016 – Rise Again Entertainment Inc. has expanded its operations to Shelburne. Founded in 2011, Rise Again Entertainment Inc. is a full-service entertainment company that specializes in music production and management; They foster artists and songwriters to facilitate music publishing, touring & merchandising. The company also provides services in film, television, and live events.The company presently houses an award winning, internationally touring hip hop artist David Record who has been constantly rising in his career. He has collaborated with Grammy and Juno award winning artists on multiple songs. He has filmed a commercial with superstar Drake for the MTV Video Music Awards. Being a Brampton Native, Record received the “Arts Acclaimed Citizens Award” from the city of Brampton, where he was honoured by the city’s former Mayor Susan Fennel for his accomplishments in 2014. 

Rise Again Entertainment has recently Premiered a documentary film at the Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate on March 24, 2016. The film is based on David Record’s music career and lifestyle within the music industry. The Premier had Special Guest Appearances from Catherine Guthrie from G 98.7 FM, Gee Wunder from Much Music. The well-received film was a sold out turnout. The Under Moonlight 

Documentary drew an audience larger than Batman V Superman movie. The Under Moonlight 

Documentary is in Preparations to be playing in Theatres on dates and Cities matching David Record's

Under Moonlight Tour which he is continuing for the remainder of the year. Mega rap super star 50 

Cent’s official website ( covered the Film Premier and created a Blog about it on April 17, 

2016. This is a major nod to Record’s career. 

Rise Again Entertainment is also partnered with producer Justar Bless who has produced for 

multi-platinum selling acts along with most of David Record’s material such as previous successful song 

“Submit To Me”, which received rotation on Much Music in Canada and Chanel AKA in the UK. Rise Again Entertainment is presently preparing for a National Canadian Tour for David Record and is 

seeking to hire members from the Shelburne and Orangeville community for various positions within the

company. They are presently seeking applicants with diverse backgrounds such as songwriters, artists,

fashion designers, editors, administration, marketing and sales. They are seeking to work with schools 

within the community also, to provide mentorship and motivational speaking to the youth wishing to 

follow their dreams and provide coop opportunities to students.

Rise Again Entertainment is very excited about becoming a part of the Shelburne community and has 

plans to hold multiple events here once the tour is through. The community can expect special guest 

performances, and an opportunity to showcase their talents also. 

Film Premier Recap:

50 Cent website post:

For all booking, resume submission or further information please contact our office: 

William Stephenson / [email protected] /

Click on image above to visit their website.

 The above Media Release provided by Rise Again Entertainment. 

Interview to follow shortly!

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The Shelburne Freelancer                  Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Meet Singer Hope Petican,
Shelburne's Newest Star In The Making!

The Shelburne Freelancer                Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's Next For The Tipling Stage Company

IJanuary 2016

Lots of casting, trawling and catching in comedy rehearsals

 at Grace Tipling Hall!

Yes, the cast of Norm Foster’s The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby is back rehearsing for the production next month of this rollicking comedy set in a lakeside town during its annual fishing derby re-energized by the break for Christmas and the New Year.

Of course, there’s lots to do in addition to rehearsing the play – props and costumes must be sourced and selected, lighting design and sound effects, music must all be assessed and re-assessed, set construction must be scheduled. Community theatre demands lots commitment from its actors, directors and crew, many working in more than one capacity. But members of the Tipling Stage Company, Shelburne Community Theatre love the challenge and... The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby is destined to be a star attraction in Shelburne this winter!

Then, in addition to all that work discussed in the previous paragraph, there are tickets to be sold. The group has help with that – Holmes Appliances and Music Shop, Shelburne IDA and Shelburne Town Hall all have tickets for sale.

They are also available on line at

Show dates are February 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th at 8:00 pm and February 21st at 2:00 pm. Plan to laugh away the winter blues…

For more information, contact [email protected] 

The above memo provided by Tipling Stage Company.