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The Shelburne Freelancer                    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

 Treat yourself today and tell them 
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 Ice Cream Shop 


Surprising to Shelburnites, Blitzfull Treats, located on Main Street in the Ultramar Gas Station Building, is not new as 2016 marks Blitzfull Treats' 4th year in Shelburne. The Sullivan family own and operate this wonderful, quaint Ice Cream Shop featuring Chapman's Ice Cream Products to the tune of 24 flavours to choose from and that's not all!  (Lto R) Gavin Sullivan and his daughter-in law, Kristen Sullivan also offer Chapman's signature Slice Cream, and Sundaes. For more information call 647-997-4717.

(Above: L ) Business Owner, Shelburnite, Gavin Sullivan and his son, Stephen Sullivan, (Above : R)

The Shelburne Freelancer                        Friday, April 21, 2016

Veterans Actively Looking For New Members of The Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch & Springbok Militaria- Buying Selling &Trading Historical Military Memorabilia.

Click image (L) and Visit Shelburne Legion News.

DO YOU LEGALLY NEED TO HAVE A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR IN YOUR HOME?  Shelburne & District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich has the answers. " CO alarms are mandatory in ALL homes with a fuel burning appliance AND/OR an attached garage - HOMEOWNERS and LANDLORDS MUST install and maintain them! There must also be a working smoke alarm installed on each level and outside of sleeping areas in EVERY home, and again HOMEOWNERS and LANDLORDS MUST install and maintain them. Do the smart thing, install them and be compliant, or, get caught, pay the fines, and then install them....." commented Lemaich.

The Law was passed in October 2015 and provided a six month grace period for homeowners to follow up. Anyone who fails to comply stands the chance of facing a $50,000

fine, a huge fine that could have easily been avoided if only one had purchased the life saving device. Of course the alternative of losing your life to the silent killer is far worse.

Click above to visit the Shelburne & District Facebook Page and to the left on the examples of different priced detectors on Google  and go to the  Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management's information page filled with emergency questions and answers.

For those who thought the installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors was not mandatory, now you know to get on top of the situation before "it" gets on top of you and your family. 

Hearts Wide Open For Autism Proudly Presents The Check To 

The Upper Grand Learning Foundation

Both Photo and comment provided by Hearts Wide Open For Autism Founder, Deanna Avison.

"Today I am proud to say that HEARTS WIDE OPEN FOR AUTISM presented a cheque for $5200. to the UPPER GRAND LEARNING FOUNDATION for our four elementary schools SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, they are HYLAND HEIGHTS, CENTENNIAL HYLANDS, GLENBROOK and PRIMROSE,"commented Avison, Founder of Hearts Wide Open For Autism.
Pictured from left to right, Deanna Avison, Bonnie Talbot - Superintendent of Education, and Jan Stokman UGDSB. Unfortunately Megan Young was unable to attend. Check out UGDSB twitter at
Click on image (L)to visit their FB page.

Queen’s Park) – Today, Sylvia Jones MPP Dufferin-Caledon asked the Premier to not cut-off the 85 per cent of children over the age 5 that are currently receiving Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) therapy.

On March 29th the Government announced that children with Autism over the age of 5 will be ineligible to receive IBI therapy. As a result, approximately 3,500 children that are on the waitlist or currently receiving therapy will lose out on receiving IBI therapy.

“Government documents have shown that currently 85 per cent of children receiving IBI therapy are over the age of 5. Now families are being told their children will be cut-off from receiving this much needed support as of May,” Jones said.

“I have heard numerous firsthand accounts of children benefiting from IBI therapy even after the age of 5. Now the Government is closing the door on these children from reaching their full potential,” Jones said.

“Premier it’s never too late to do the right thing. Announce today you are reversing your decision and allow kids over 5 to access IBI therapy,” Jones said.

Watch Cliff’s conversation with the Premier:

To read more about what Jones is doing in the Legislature please visit:

MPP Sylvia Jones Working For Those Who Are
Traumatically Affected By Recent Government Cutbacks

To Autism Health Care

Today, Sylvia Jones MPP Dufferin-Caledon asked the Premier to not cut-off the 85 per cent of children over the age 5 that are currently receiving Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) Therapy.

On March 29th the Government announced that children with Autism over the age of 5 will be ineligible to receive IBI therapy. As a result, approximately 3,500 children that are on the waitlist or currently receiving therapy will lose out on receiving IBI therapy.

“Government documents have shown that currently 85 per cent of children receiving IBI therapy are over the age of 5. Now families are being told their children will be cut-off from receiving this much needed support as of May,” Jones said.

“I have heard numerous firsthand accounts of children benefiting from IBI therapy even after the age of 5. Now the Government is closing the door on these children from reaching their full potential,” Jones said.

“Premier it’s never too late to do the right thing. Announce today you are reversing your decision and allow kids over 5 to access IBI therapy,” Jones said.

Watch Cliff’s conversation with the Premier:

To read more about what Jones is doing in the Legislature please visit:

This media release kindly provided by MPP Sylvia Jones.

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mark Robinson, Weather Network's Storm Hunter
& Presentation Dufferin County Museum & Archives(DCMA) on Saturday, April 16, 2016 Most Enlightening!  

(LTOR) Storm Hunter, Mark Robinson gave an "enlightening" presentation at Dufferin Coutny Museum & Archives (DCMA) and Nanci Malek, in charge of Marketing & Events is responsible for bringing in Robinson, a most dynamic and engaging speaker. Tornadoes are not the only type of weather Robinson chases as this Meteorologist hunts all kinds of weather. Click on image (L) to visit Robinson's Blog on the Weather Network. 

Many turned out for this incredibly interesting presentation which included discussions on lightening storms, massive flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes and more. One question posed to the audiences that everyone got wrong, "Does a tornado in Australia actually rotate the opposite way to other parts of the world?" And the answer is, yes! 

Also discussing horrific experiences encountered by people who face tornadoes, a question from the audience got personal when a gentlemen asked how this work affects Robinson, seeing and meeting people on what could be the worse day of their lives and then reporting about it, and how does Robinson feel about it.

Robinson explained he has grappled with the moral issues, but telling people stories is way to respect them, share the story with the world and that way we all can learn from the experiences of others. Robinson also reflected that while it may appear to be a moral issue, it's also about the science and the more we learn, the better we can help people be prepared should they encounter such weather conditions and threats. 

Robinson also mentioned that lightening can kill a person speaking on a land line telephone and for those who can't remember a time before cell phones, this type of phone is attached to the wall. One of the most dangerous places to be during a lightening storm is in the shower and surprising to most was the myth that the rubber tires of a car can protect you from becoming electrocuted if your car has been struck by lightening. The wheels are not enough of a conductor to save a life as the electricity is travelling around the outside of the vehicle repeatedly. Best to remain in the vehicle and sit tight until first responders arrive to ensure safety. 

Broken ribs, cuts, bruises and and on rare occasions, loss of life to co-workers does not deter this Storm Hunter from his ultimate passion of storm chasing across the planet and he Tornado chases a remarkably high number of times in the Shelburne area. Keep your eyes open as Tornado Season approaches and you might meet, Storm Hunter, Mark Robinson. 

Below are just a few of the devastating visits from horrible weather Grand Valley has experienced. These examples are found at the Dufferin County Museum & Archives for more information. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                       Monday, April 18, 2016

Be Safe Shelburne!  New Stop Signs In Place!

One location was Jelly St. Sth  and Andrew St. on the south east corner, ( at the top of a slight incline) making that intersection a four way stop, east bound on Jelly Street N. and First Ave., making that intersection a four way stop, and west bound on First Avenue, be erected at First Avenue and Jelly St.  

Free Pep Rally Held On Saturday, April 16, 2016 At The Dufferin County Museum, Has Everyone Talking About Mulmur! 

Mulmur Mayor, Paul Mills Welcomed Those At The Pep Rally At Dufferin County Museum Encouraging Everyone To Vote For Mulmur. Click on the Image (R) for exclusive video interview with Mulmur Mayor, Paul Mills as he explains how it all hapened. Click(L) to register to vote!

And how did Mulmur get chosen as one of Air Miles Detour Concert choices when looking for five Historically Musical Communities? Mulmur's Rock Hill Park Had a lot to do with it! In the 1970's and 80's Rock Hill Park was THE place to go to see huge names perform. Some refer to Rock Hill Park as their very own Woodstock, and performers must have thought so as well making the trip to the beautiful country side of Mulmur with its scenic vistas, proximity to the Bruce Trail, and vast variety of local talent. Mulmur's unusual history is wrapped around music, famous kitchen parties, barn dances and even today, music is such an integrated, essential factor of every day life. Home to many artists, no shortage of talent originated from and gravitates towards Dufferin County's Mulmur Township and surrounding areas, including Shelburne, commonly referred to as Fiddle Capital of Canada. Below are highlights from Dufferin County Museum & Archives' Free Air Miles Detour Concert Pep Rally, held on April 16, 2016 which not only encouraged people to vote for Mulmur but is a fine example of Music bringing people together like it always has done. A super fun day, filled with music from the famous to those who just love to play, it's a day to remember and be shared with the world! 

The Shelburne Freelancer                         Friday, April15, 2016

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Police News.

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Classic Cars 2016

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The Shelburne Freelancer                    Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Provincial Government Cutbacks In Autism Care Brought Parents To Queen's Park To Fight
For Intensive Behaviour Intervention(IBI) To Be Re-Instated. 
But Did Anything change? Parents Speak Out!

Click image for video. 

Parents living with children on the spectrum of Autism will have to buckle up for a bumpy ride in the fight to have IBI (Intensive Behaviour Intervention) re-instated into the newly announced Autism Health Care Programs by the Provincial Government. 

Already an established fact that children with Autism can thrive with IBI, parents are in shock over the cutbacks that will restrict children over five years of age from receiving care, bluntly deciding there is no evidence children over five years of age are simply not capable to benefit from IBI. A crushing blow to Ontario parents who have inundated social media with video evidence to the contrary. Click here to read more. 

Shelburne's Annual Economic Development Committee Breakfast Coming Up Fast! Do you have your Ticket ? 

(Above)Meet Economic Development Committee Member, and owner of Auto Centre Dufferin In Shelburne,  Steve Bowles. 

Click on image above for the Exclusive video interview of EDC Member and owner of Auto Centre Dufferin, Steve Bowles. Find out where you can get your ticket. 

Shelburne 2016 is looking bright! Shelburne's Economic Development Committee hosts an Annual Breakfast followed by networking and  keynote speakers revealing important facts, strategies and plans for the future of Shelburne and the Shelburne Business Community. EDC Member, Steve Bowles, owner of Auto Centre Dufferin, provides a warm welcome encouraging anyone and every one to attend the event on April 28, 2016 at the Shelburne Legion 220 Branch at 6:45 a.m.

Click on image(Organiser Jamie Doig) above for video coverage.

Click on image above, Treasurer for Honeywood Minor Hockey League, Kim Fraser to visit Photo Gallery.

Ads By Google 4

The Annual Bryan Trott Memorial Hockey Tournament In Support Of Honeywood Minor Hockey A huge Success!

While this annual Hockey Fund Raising Tournament has been happening for over twenty years, for the passed seven years, Jamie Doig (L) has been one of the organizers making the Bryan Trott Memorial Hockey Tournament in support of Honeywood Minor Hockey a continued success.

Treasurer for the organization, Kim Fraser reports that while donations are still trickling in, the fundraiser can boast having raised $3000 this year thus far. 

The arena in Honeywood is a must see, being one of the most beautiful old wooden Hockey Arenas in Dufferin County. While this community is small, Honeywood is powerfully and positively impacting the lives of young boys who play hockey as men play hockey for this tournament in support of  Honeywood Minor Hockey. If by setting an example displaying fortitude,skill, talent and drive by the men participating in the annual event,  these young boys can look forward to skill, strength and a bright future in Canada's favourite pass time, the sport of Hockey.

The Shelburne Freealncer                      Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Canadians Have To Start Really Looking At Their Money!
Could You Be Carrying Counterfeit Money?
Do You Know How To Tell The Difference? 

Shelburne Police Services, Constable Paul Neumann (L)Held A Free Training Session On How To Detect Conterfeit Money & What To Do About Fraud!

When Shelburne Businesses began noticing counterfeit money in their tills, it was time to take action for Shelburne's Police Services, Constable Paul Neumann who organised a free training session Fraud & Counterfeit Detection held at the Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex, April 6, 2016. 

Most surprising to the large crowd the session drew, was one of the simplest things Canadians forget to do every day and that is looking at the money instead of merely noticing the color. Manuel Parreira, Bank of Canada, Senior Regional Representative (L) pointed out many Canadians never even look at the money in their hands and that kind of oversight can cost Canadians who get stuck with counterfeit bills. Simply being sure to feel the bill, hold it up to the light, tilting it so see certain embedded images can make a difference.

Click on the image(R)  and visit the Bank Of Canada website & Interact Digitally discovering how to detect counterfeit money on their website. 

(L) Owner of Shelburne Town Pharmacy, Sanjay Lehki, was one of the unfortunate business where counterfeit money had been received. What did Lekhi think of the Counterfeit Detection Training? " I  learnt key features of legal US  and Canadian currency and shared the knowledge with my family that  a few simple steps of touching and tilting the bills differentiates between original and fake bills," commented Lekhi. Click on image(L) to visit Shelburne Town Pharmacy Website.

Keynote Speaker Cst. Scott Thompson - RCMP Investigator – Greater Toronto Financial Crime (Below) had a simple message that many refuse to report if they suspect they have experienced Fraud-Report it! Don't Delay!

If you suspect you have encountered Counterfeit Money or have experienced Fraud, contact :

The Shelburne Freelancer                       Monday, April 11, 2016

The 9th Annual Jennifer Widbur Memorial  Hockey Tournament Another Resounding Success!
When compared to years in the past, The Jennifer Widbur Memorial Hockey Tournament, which takes place in Honeywood, ON, a small community with one the oldest and most beautiful wooden type arenas, you will see the same wonderful volunteers and players, year after year. 
Difficult to imagine how this tiny group of organizers can manage to pull in such a big draw every year raising close to $50,000 to date. 
This year, new additions to the fundraising efforts included young players, as young as six to be a hockey playing force to be reckoned with. Important to note that this fundraiser was conceived by Hockey Mom's who knew and love Jennifer Widbur, and it's an all girl power game! When commenting about the work involved in organizing the annual event, Mike DeLaat, Widbur's husband had this to say, " It's a couple of very long days a year at the arena and when I see all the good we've accomplished, it amazes me. We see the same faces every year, Honeywood is a small place and this event attracts teams from all over. It's really wonderful."
   Click on the photo above for video of hockey game snippet!

Click on the Photograph generoulsy provided by Job Shadowing Sheridan College Media Student, Amelia Sher to visit the Jennifer Widbur Memorial Hockey Tournament Website for more information and find out how you can donate to this worthy cause in the fight to end Cancer.

Did you miss The 8th Annual Jennifer Widbur Memorial Hockey Tournament Coverage 2015?

Click here

The Shelburne Freelancer                         Friday, April 8, 2016

(Above)Town Of Shelburne COA/Clerk, John Telfer

The Town Of Shelburne Issued The Following Press Release Regarding  Long Term Accomodations  

For The Shelburne Police Department

Chair Wade Mills and the Police Accommodations Sub-Committee have been investigating options for the long term accommodations of the Shelburne Police Service. As part of the task at hand, the sub-committee has evaluated their needs for accommodations. The year 2035 

horizon was identified as the needs basis for the review. The sub-committee has broken the workload into three areas including Public Relations, Finance and Building Evaluation areas.The sub-committee will continue to meet monthly until a report and recommendation is presented to Council on next steps in the accommodation review.

The current sub-committee consists of Mayor Bennington, Councillor Mills, Councillor Chambers, Carol Sweeney, Treasurer, John Telfer, CAO/Clerk and Chief Moore, Police Chief.

Any further questions can be directed to the Chair, Wade Mills at [email protected]

Click on image (L) to to Town Of Shelburne News for more coverage of INSIDE TOWN COUNCIL

Sunshine List For 2015 for Town of Shelburne Employees in the Public Sector are available. 

Click on the Sun Image to go to Town Of Shelburne News

Usher in Spring

 With Big Savings AT

Consign it Plus .Com

Click on images above for more information.

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Thursday, April 7, 2016

Click image above to visit Hydro One Website.

Tiziana Baccega Rosa, Spokesperson for Hydro One explains just what Hydro One is able to do for you following a power outage. In the following days since Shelburne's experience with the Ice Storm of 2016, many Shelburnites were unaware of just what homeowners are responsible for and what Hyrdo One is responsible for regarding repairs to power. 

In an earlier article(scroll down) The Shelburne Freelancer brought to light many facts, starting with Hydro One being unable to restore power if there is damage to a homeowners house mast,  (tube that help bring power to a house) meaning damage on a house such as loose nuts,and mast damage etc, is the homeowners responsibility. 

The homeowner must first contact a licensed ESC electrician, then an ESA inspector must sign off on the repairs enabling Hydro One to then restore power safely to the home.


First a homeowner has to place a call to Hydro alerting the utility company to their power outage.

 FACT: According to Baccega Rosa, " A smart metre does not indicate to the utility company if power is out in any individual home. People have to call Hydro One and alert them to their concerns. That has always been the course of action to take."

Baccega Rosa mentioned Hydro One is actively involved in studies and pilot programs that could make a difference in pursing avenues to reach people in the future during times of crisis. Hydro One is willing to work with people in any situation, but reminds Hydro One must be alerted. 


With so many in society relying on technology, many assume utility company's have a grid line computer map and can see if a certain house or neighbourhood does not have power. This is not the case. A community must buckle down and take of its own in times of crisis, check in on neighbours, alert Town Hall or Hydro One to any concerns and tackle a situation head on.  Vigilance is key. So many seniors and others, might not realize they have to make the call to Hydro One, are unable to follow the phone instructions to make their call, or like so many do not have funds ready to tackle a repair problem. A licensed ESA Electrician will have to by a permit which includes an ESA Inspection for approximately $87.00, an Electrician's time and nature of the repair to the home can cost upwards $100 and so much more.  If you know of a Shelburnite without Power, please act! Inform Town Hall, call Hydro One. 

Written By Alex Sher

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Royal LePage RCR Realty, Brokerage,Their Relocation & A Renovation You Will Have To  See To Believe 

(LtoR: above) President and Broker, Andrew Wildeboer, Mayor Ken Bennington, Owner and Founder, Bill Wildeboer. Click on image above to visit Shelburne Property Listings on Royal LePage Website.

Royal LePage RCR Realty, Brokerage has relocated! They have only moved two doors over, and are now at 126 Main St. East. Formally the building they now occupy was home to the SPCA thrift shop, Paws & Claws. Royal LePage has relocated, renovated and transformed this building into a modern interior you will have to see to believe.

With clean lines and a minimalist 'feel' to the sleek and modern offices, to the wonderfully decorated walls featuring actual photos from the Dufferin Museum & Art Gallery(DCMA), Royal LePage clearly understands creating a comfortable sensation of "home" which is great because that's the business they are in. 


Royal LePage RCR Realty!

Then And Now!

 What a transformation! 

Click on the Photo(above) of Royal LePage's New Location for short video that includes photos of their Grand Opening!

Visitors will be greeted by Suzanne Reed at the Front Desk !

Two Centre Dufferin District High School Students(CDDHS)
 Are Fundraising To Go To Kenya In 2017!

Click on image above to see video interview.

Click on image below to visit Skiffington and Clarke's Face book Page if you would like to help.

Meet CDDHS students Sara Skiffington and Elicia Clarke, two young ladies with big plans to go to Kenya with the Me To We Program in 2017. This very well know program allows young people to travel well outside their comfort zones in order to help others by building schools, digging wells and other aid.  Skiffington and Clark have a Facebook page to help them raise money. They need 

$5,500 for their flight and will be hosting many fundraisers in the future. 

Skiffington and Clarke's first official Fundraiser was held on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at Shelburne's Agricultural Center and featured below are a few of the vendors who participated in the venture organized by Cheryl Devlin-Blasioli. 

Look for more

Fundraising Events

 Coming Soon!

Mystery Dinner Theatre In Support of
Hearts Wide Open For Autism & Heart Felt Success!

During Hearts Wide Open For Autism's Mystery Dinner Theatre Fundraising event held on April 2nd at the Shelburne Golf & Country Club, Shelburne Town Council, Wade Mills,(LtoR), on behalf of the Town of Shelburne, presented Hearts Wide Open For Autism's Deanna Avison with a Proclamation officially stating April 2, 2016 is  Autism Day in the Town of Shelburne. 
The fundraising event featuring a Mystery Dinner Theatre Company called Murder For Hire mingled with guests creating a highly entertaining and interactive evening. With a stacked house of silent auction prizes to win, the event couldn't have been better organized and  Avison has a special message for all who took part in the Fundraiser, "HEARTS WIDE OPEN FOR AUTISM would like to extend our SINCERE THANK YOU to all the following people who helped make the Fundraiser a GREAT SUCCESS.
Words cannot say enough of a Thank you to my co-chair MEGAN YOUNG for all your support you have given throughout the months of preparation for the Fundraiser. You have been truly amazing.
I also we like to extend a HUGE  THANK YOU to the SHELBURNE GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB
for DONATING this BEAUTIFUL VENUE for the event.
GP CARPENTRY INC.                          Owner  - Greg Patton    
RBC Shelburne Bank Branch           Bank Manager - Josie Green         
Your support and faith in us  THE HEARTS WIDE OPEN FOR AUTISM  is truly appreciated.
 COTT REINHART TRAILER SALES- Scott Reinhart, RAWLCO SERVICES INC. - Pete Black,CHRIS REED - Ipro Realty Shelburne,STOCK TRANSPORTATION - site Manager Sarah Brake,LANA PULLEN PHOTOGRAPHY - Lana Pullen, SPEEDY AUTO GLASS - owner Lonny Gratto,NATIONAL BANK CANADA Orangeville - Manager  Sylie Atwell, ZEHR'S Orangeville - Store Manager Tom Coogan
plus we had 3 GENEROUS ANONYMOUS Table Donors.
YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE FUNDRAISER IS APPRECIATED VERY MUCH. To all the SILENT AUCTION DONATORS I would like you to know how much I APPRECIATED ALL YOUR GENEROUSITY.  THANK YOU! A big THANK YOU to DJ MASTER MIX - Michael Roberts for DONATING the beautiful BLUE LIGHTING. Thank you to Alex Sher for all the great coverage you gave the Fundraiser, also to COUNTRY 105fm for promoting it on your fabulous station.
To the Town Council, thank you so much for granting the PROCLAMATION again this year DECLARING APRIL 2,2016 NATIONAL AUTISM AWARENESS DAY in the TOWN OF SHELBURNE  and LIGHTING IT UP BLUE, it means so much to myself, and the families living with Autism.
Thank you to Councillor WADE MILLS for presenting the PROCLAMATION at the HEARTS WIDE OPEN FOR AUTISM fundraiser. To all my family, friends and  School Staff  all of you have been amazingly supportive and for that I am very grateful.
Most of all I would like to  THANK MY TWIN GRANDCHILDREN, you are my  INSPIRATION behind the fundraiser, for without you
I would never have learned about Autism, and I would  have never known how AMAZING AND LOVING CHILDREN WITH AUTISM REALLY ARE, and would not have met so many  VERY SPECIAL THE FAMILIES OF CHILDREN  ON THE SPECTRUM. 
THANK YOU EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart for  ALL YOUR SUPPORT !
Deanna Avison (aka) The Autism Grandma." For more information, visit Hearts Wide Open For Autism on Facebook!


Some Highlights From This Wonderful Evening!

On April 5, 2016, Hyland Heights Elementary School held a flag raising Ceremony in support of Autism Awareness. 

For More School News click on image of Heather Loney(L)

Communications and Community Engagement Officer Upper Grand District School Board

Free Community Event

 Showcases Supports 

For Students

 In  Dufferin County

 Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Grand Valley

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Friday, April 1, 2016

World Autism Awareness Day( WAAD) April 2nd!
Find Out How You Could Help
 Shelburne's Hearts Wide Open For Autism
Reach Their Goal For The Shelburne Community

Mystery Dinner Theatre At

Shelburne's Country Golf & Country Club

 In Support of Hearts Wide Open For Autism 

Click on the image above for video. Find out what life is like for those touched by Autism.

(LtoR) Manager of the Shelburne Golf & Country Club, Megan Young teamed up with Deanna Avison of Hearts Wide Open For Autism for a very special Fund Raising Event in support of local elementary students somewhere on the spectrum of Autism. They have a goal of reaching $5000 to be able to supply media sensory tools in the way of tablets, and other devises to these local students. Though Elementary Schools do receive funding, the amount falls short of being able to supply much needed items such as these. 

Young and Avison are hosting a Mystery Dinner Theatre Night Fund Raising Event set in the majestic tapestry of the Shelburne Golf and Country Club on April 2, 2016. THEY NEED YOUR HELP TO REACH THEIR GOAL AND THERE'S STILL TIME TO HELP. 

" There are 37 silent auction items ranging in value from $10. to $1700. I really hope we can make our goal of $5000, " commented Avison who is also hoping a few tickets will be sold for this fun filled evening in supports of such a great cause, however, " For those want to help but can't attend,and wish to donate they can. Cheques are to be made out to me Deanna Avison c/o Hearts Wide Open for Autism."

With so many wonderful items up for grabs in the silent Auction including a original artwork by local artist, Duncan Paterson, Avison would love to see the event filled with ticket buyers enjoying themselves. 

Meet Paul and Nicole Taylor of CARZ who will also be there featuring a very special event goers will not want to miss. 

On April 2nd, Town of Shelburne's Town Hall Will Light Up With Blue In support of Autism
 as soon as it turns dark. 
It's not too late to help 
Hearts Wide Open For Autism to reach their Goal!
Click on image left to visit 
Hearts Wide Open's Facebook Page.

Today Is World Water Day

Hello friends and friends of friends, 
It's World Water Day and I'm emailing to let you know that my students at Pine River Institute are hosting a fundraising initiative - they are selling rain barrels along with 'rain barrel accessories'  through  The student's goal is to sell 50 rainbarrels - we've already sold 7 to date!
Rain barrels are a great thing to have - they collect water from our eaves troughs, so that you can water your garden, lawn and even wash your car without having to turn on the hose.  Each rain barrel is $55 - they are quite big, holding 50 L of water and are made from re-purposed packaging barrels.  When you purchase a rain barrel they come fully assembled and there is the option of purchasing additional accessories for your rain barrel such as a stand or extra hosing etc.
If you are interested in supporting the Pine River students and their initiative and would like to order a rain barrel please visit our webpage: (just copy and paste into your browser) to make your purchase.  Orders for rainbarrels must be placed ahead of time.
Rain barrels will be available for pick up on Saturday May 14th between 9am and 12pm outside the Horning's Mills Hall in the parking area.  The students will also have a number of seedling starts for those of you wishing to purchase some greens for your garden.   
If you could please pass this along to your respective communities it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support and Happy Spring!

World Water Day &


Fund Raising Event 


From Hornings Mills resident,

 Sarah Harison

Rain barrels will be available for pick up on Saturday May 14th between 9am and 12pm outside the Horning's Mills Hall in the parking area.