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From Building Codes To Flying Lanterns,
Shelburne & District Fire Department Is Hard At Work
Keeping Shelburne Safe 

Shelburne & District Fire Department Chief, Brad Lemaich,(above) in addition to putting out fires, has many responsibilities involving the safety of the Shelburne community. One such responsibility is to notice, when entering any property, any fire code deficiency and such was the case in 2016.  " Early last year, while investigating an alarm at a large multi-use building in downtown Shelburne some Fire Code deficiencies were noticed. A full inspection of the property was immediately undertaken. With the cooperation of property ownership, a plan and timeline were agreed upon to bring the property to full compliance. Since then other buildings in the downtown core have undergone the same inspection process, with the goal of having our entire downtown core as fire safe as it can be," explained Lemaich.

Lemaich's Fire and safety concerns don't end there. With summer right around the corner, Fireworks are an ongoing safety concern. Despite the freedom residents often feel when thinking they live in Shelburne, an "out in the country" place, people must realize Shelburne is subject to follow all fire safety codes and bylaws.

Aside from the noise, the disruption to wildlife stability, and reports that when fireworks are set off, more pets run away than any other time of year, it may surprise Shelburnites to know that setting off Fireworks is actually NOT PERMITTED!!! Although some feel that setting afloat flying lanterns into the sky in memory of loved ones, or for other reasons, is a beautiful sentimental gesture, flying lanterns are actually incredibly dangerous, basically sending fire to land somewhere.

Fire Chief Lemaich explains, " Currently the use of fireworks is prohibited at all times in the town of Shelburne under By-law 45-2004, a By-law to prohibit and regulate noise. In the coming weeks we hope to also propose stand alone By-law under fire regulations to to reinforce this prohibition, and also include flying lanterns. Flying lantern have bee outlawed in most communities in the province already. Shelburne neighborhoods have homes in close proximity to one another, and coupled with the strong breezes we regularly experience in our area, the use of fireworks and flying lanterns in Shelburne is not a safe activity."

Recently Shelburne Town Council approved a temporary business licence for Fat Boy Fireworks and buyers of fireworks need to remember Fireworks are prohibited to use, even for those who live in wide open spaces. 

Lemaich also met with Council at the most recent meeting held on April 24, to revise the bylaw regarding open air fires and set hours Shelburnites are able to have fires between 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

How important is it to follow the rules? Better to be safe than sorry where fire safety is concerned. The Shelburne & District Fire Department has been on 310 calls last year, 436 staff hours used, and there were over 100 calls for 2017. There were 8 fires comprised of vehicle fires, house fires, and mutual aid providing assistance to other fire departments 6 times. "All Dufferin Fire Departments work very well together," commented Lemaich. "We rely on each other for support." 

Shelburne is fortunate enough to have our own fire department and while Lemaich seems to be making a few clarifications and upgrades, he is the first full time Fire Chief Shelburne has ever had. Together with Shelburne's wonderful and brave volunteer firefighters who are willing to put their lives on the line every time they go to a call Shelburne is in great hands so the least Shelburnites could do  to repay that level of generosity of community spirit, bravery and respect by following fire safety rules. 

On June 9, 2017, Lemaich will attend The New Horizon's Senior Club Annual Annual Senior Expo 2017 held at the Mel Lloyd Centre hosted and created by David Tilson. Contact the Shelburne & District Fire Department located at 114 O'Flynn St. at (519) 925-5111. 

A Quilt To Rock The Ages! 
How Cool Is This Memory Quilt!

Quilting Memories, One T-shirt At A Time. A Vision On A Mission!

When Shelburnite Grandmother, Sharon O'Gorman had the idea to make a quilt out of her grandson's old favourite "rock'n roll" t-shirts, she had a vision and like most quilters, went on a mission to bring her idea into fruition. While O'Gorman's grandson wasn't sure how it would all turn out, and he didn't wear the T-shirts anymore, the situation required a little faith on both parties and the project was a go. Still, a labour of love such as this is a task that requires patience, learning, and understanding that memories of going to a concert to see your favourite band's performance then to be  commemorated into a T-shirt, a keepsake.. can be a difficult thing for a grandson to hand over to grandmother with scissors. 

"There's a huge process involved," explained O'Gorman who sought out instruction and fabric from Shelburne's very own 'Quilting Queen,' A..J. Cavey of Cobwebs and Caviar and her staff, YouTube videos, and also purchasing fabric from Sew Jack's in Orangeville, and Lilac Lane in Alliston and a Long Arm Quitlter's help, from Lightly Quilted, Mary Light.

" You have to lay out each panel, use stabilizer, figure out sizing, sometimes re-figuring out sizing, cut pieces to size, and it's very mathematical," commented O'Gorman. As this was O'Gorman's first quilt of this size and magnitude, referencing her Grandson's keepsake t-shirts, O'Gorman admits," I got the most pleasure seeing it all come together. It's kind'a great, but the best feeling is when you finally get to see the finished product even though I wasn't sure my grandson would like it. Each shirt has meaning for him and even his friends who may have been with him at the time of a concert, it's a conversation piece. I was a little nervous. " 

When a grandmother makes, perhaps the "coolest" Quilt many have ever seen, what's not to like? Of course, O'Gorman's grandson was thrilled, impressed and grateful. "Some people call them memory Quilts. I'm glad he likes it. I'll make a couple pillow shams to match," commented O'Gorman. 

When a quilt turns out this beautiful, some people call it, Wall Art! Any way you stitch it, this is one cool quilt that anyone would be happy to own. One lucky grandson has a quilt that will forever Rock! 

Alex Sher 

Hearts Wide Open For Autism Presents Upper Grand Learning Foundation With An Astounding $9,064.03!

Another fantastic year of fundraising to the well known, Grandmother of Autism, Deanna Avision, Chair of Hearts Wide Open For Autism, and Megan Young, Co-Chair of Hearts Wide Open For Autism and Manager of the Shelburne Golf And Country Club. The Fundraiser was a huge hit, held at the Shelburne Golf And Country Club consisting of Dinner Theatre by the most excellent and talented Murder For Hire Entertainment Troupe, fantastic dinner, and later an evening of music and dancing. 

So well attended and so much fun for the attendees and just in it's second year of fundraising, members of the Shelburne Community are already looking forward to next years evening of absolute fun for such a great cause. Money raised will go towards much needed learning tools for those children who live with Autism. A  devoted Shelburne Grandmother, and an idea to forever help children who live with Autism results in a legacy of generosity to those youngsters who absolutely need help so much.  "I presented the cheque to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation in the amount of $9064.03 from the 2nd Annual Hearts Wide Open for Autism.  Thank you everyone for all your support, for none of this would be possible with you.  WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!" commented Deanna Avison. (LtoR) Jan Stokman, Deanna Avison - Founder of Hearts Wide Open For Autism, and Denise Heaslip  Superintendent of Education.  Photo generously provided by Deanna Avison.

Shelburne Police Services Welcome It's Newest Policeman, 
Constable Ryan Hubbert. 

In a very proud moment of official ceremonial swearing in held at Shelburne's Police Station, 30 year old Ryan Hubbert, surrounded by family, became Shelburne Police Services' newest member, second generation Police Officer, and is "back home" to raise his young family.

Constable Hubbert grew up in Mono Township and attended Centre Dufferin District High School for two years before his family relocated to Sunridge, ON. Happily settled in Dundalk, Hubbert is very excited to be back in the familiar surroundings of his youth.


Now retired, Constable Hubbert's father, Barry Hubbert, served a collective 31 years as a Police Officer with Regional Police and as an Ontario Provincial Police Officer. "I'm very proud and honored for him to walk in my footsteps," commented Barry Hubbert. 

Hubbert's Mother, Janice was a dispatcher and now works in a civilian capacity and Ryan's sister is an OPP officer in Northern Ontario. A family collage below clearly depicts the wonderful family support Constable Hubbert has standing proudly behind him. 


"Becoming a police officer is the fulfillment of a life long dream and I couldn't be more proud that I will be serving the town I grew up in. I'm honoured to be given this opportunity and look forward to developing this new relationship with the people of Shelburne," commented Constable Ryan Hubbert. 

Above (LtoR) Shelburne Police Chief, Kent Moore shakes hands with Constable Ryan Hubbert, newest member of Shelburne Police Services, while Hubbert's father, retired OPP Constable, Barry Hubbert looks on proudly.  "

“We are very excited to have Ryan join our team at the Shelburne Police Service," commented Shelburne Police Chief, Kent Moore. 

Above top: Constable Ryan Hubbert and wife, Sarah Hubbert. (LtoR) Hubbert's 93 year old Grandmother,Jean Way, Hubbert's Father, Retired PO and OPP, Barry Hubbert, Hubbert's mother, Janice Hubbert, Hubbert's Aunt, Linda Waldow, and Father -In-Law, Will Cowick. 

Shelburne's John's No Frills Raises An Astonishing $3,475.62 For Shelburne's Local Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard. 

For those who shop at John's No Frills in Shelburne, the philanthropic work owner,  John van Teunenbroek is continually perpetuating is not a surprise and is source of pride to take part in. 

"I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of Shelburnites," commented van Teunenbroek.

John's No Frills often runs fundraising campaigns by asking their cashiers to address customers and see if customers are interested in donating to the local food bank. From the friendly cashiers who likely repeat the question thousands of times to the generous shopping donators, the kindness is 

completely appreciated and more importantly very needed. van Teunenbroek has often expressed his concern for the local food bank and being in the food service industry feels very passionate about the community and it's needs. A fine example of community supporting community and source of pride for No Frills Owner, John van Teunenbroek and his staff. 

Shelburne's Infamous Indoor Easter Egg Hunt of 2017

Click image (L) for video. 

The Jennifer Widbur Memorial Hockey Tournament 2017

Click on image above for more photographic coverage.

What Do These Three Local Businesses Have In Common? They Have All Closed Their Doors Recently!

J's Kicks Shoes & Accessories


French's Floral Boutique

Recently Shelburne Ontario has been touted as the "Fastest Growing Community In Ontario." That being said, many local residents are wondering why so many local businesses are closing their doors especially after valiant attempts to keep their doors open.

J's Kicks located on Shelburne's Main St. W. was a unique service offering footwear and accessories otherwise not available in Shelburne and with the population growing seemed a very good place set up shop, especially located on Shelburne's Main St. 

Many residents have been complaining about Shelburne's Main St. lack of parking issues especially as the Town is growing, and during certain times of the day, feel it's impossible to park. The Town Of Shelburne has recently been very seriously looking at parking solutions in Shelburne's main core examining the possibility of paid parking in designated areas.  

CARS, Canadian Automotive Restoration Specialists, also seemingly in a prime location, directly across from Shelburne's very popular Tim Horton's also has closed it's doors. While seemingly ideally located at a busy intersection perfect for travellers to notice beautifully restored vehicles lining the lot, CARS experienced the unusual problem of Transports parking exactly in front of the store along the highway so drivers could run into Tim Horton's and there were enough of them during the day, many people had no idea CARS was even there! The ministry of Transportation had been contacted but it was to no avail according to business owner Paul Taylor. A frustrating business situation when attempting to grow a business. 

French's Floral Boutique located in the plaza along Industrial Road was visible from Highway 124, took out a ton of advertising, and still their location seemed to hinder their success the most as shoppers never noticed Shelburne had a flower shop, according to locals asked if Shelburne had a local Flower Shop. 

The particular reasons cited are definitely challenging, but cannot be the ongoing reason local businesses fail, especially on Shelburne's Main St. and most people asked why business are not more successful shrug their shoulders and acknowledge, they simply do not know the answer. 

Shelburne is an unusual and wonderful town and although it's growing seems to maintain it's small town charm, friendly nature, laid back country kind of feel of hard working people. After speaking with business owners who have managed to stand the test of time, many will attest to how difficult and time consuming starting and maintaining a business can be and mention that high rent costs can make or break a business's success. As Shelburne continues to grow, it is a hope that the eventual arrival of box stores will further increase shopping in Shelburne's core. Some interviewed simply feel that Shelburne is a bedroom / commuter community and people prefer to shop in area where box stores are located. It's complicated but there are organizations, committees and Town of Shelburne Councillors working on it.

Shelburne's EDC (Economic Development Committee) is hard at work trying to find answers. If you are a business and wish to find out how you can better improve your chances to help your business grow, consider attending the EDC Annual Breakfast Meeting held at the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion, Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at & 7 are available at Shelburne Town Hall. Click here to visit their website for the event that will inform businesses in Shelburne about Town of Shelburne Progress, encourage Marketing Strategies using social media to attract the right clients to your business, and the morning is a fantastic way to network, meet other businesses and share knowledge. 

Shelburne Fresh Variety Is Now Open

Click image(L) to visit Facebook Page.

The very much missed neighbourhood variety variety store and garden centre located on 604 Owen Sound St. is now re-opened for for business. Already offering a unique variety of garden accessories just in time for Easter, the store also offers everyday necessities, fruits and vegetables. Welcome Back Shelburne Fresh Variety! 

New Holistic Restaurant In Shelburne,
Healthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen Now Open!

Brenda Beattie(L) Owner of Healthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen, 155 Main St W. in Shelburne Now Open! Beattie, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, happily welcomes all who visit her restaurant offering a wide variety of holistic choices. Click image (L) for video interview. 

Business Owners In Support Of New Business! 

Above: Amber Swidersky of 

Petals Flowers Co. congratulates Beattie with beautiful Bouquet from newly opened flower shop. 

Above: Amanda Coutts of 

Amanda's Country Bakery 

(L) Ellen Brakel of Soaring Hearts stopped into Healthy Cravings to pick up lunch! 

NOTE: Soaring Hearts Will be RELOCATING 

JUST UP SHELBURNE'S Main St. right across from Healthy Cravings! 

Shelburnite Keenan Hennessy stopped in to have some lunch following his visit to Being In Balance located just behind Healthy Cravings.