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The Shelburne Freelancer                      Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Friday Shelburnites! 

Visit The Royal Canadian Legion Facebook Page & Discover All The Activities The Legion Has To Offer! 

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Shelburne Home Hardware Building Centre was proud to present Alyssa and her team at Habitat for Humanity Orangeville with an additional $8000.00 in material donated to help raise money in support of the next community housing project. Bringing total funds donated to $54,600 for the past year!
Click image (L) and visit Shelburne Home Hardware Building e-Flyer Today!

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Thursday, July 13,2017

Shelburne's Food Bank Recieves $5000 from Compass Church. (LtoR) Jay Wagstaff of Compass Church, Beth Brown, Shepherd's Cupboard Buyer, Deb Wagstaff of Compass Church, and Guy Roberge, of the compass Run Team.  This year, Compass Church raised $30,000 which was donated to local and surrounding area food banks. 

Click here to find out more about Compass Church and Upcoming Summer Programs.

Shelburne Police investigate Attempted Theft From Cars &

Reminder: Lock It Or Lose It Program In Full Force. 

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Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion Update Now Available! Click image (L)

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Tuesday, July 11, 2016

Photo and report generously provided by Carol Maitland, EDC/ Town Of Shelburne,Marketing Corordinator. 

The Shelburne Stage Band donates $1150.00 dollars to Pickin in the Park. The band had many memorable performances between 2004 – 2012 and grew from the original 6 to 12 members. Throughout their tenure, the band's goal remained to promote the arts in Shelburne. The funds donated today will be used to help with improvements and maintenance of the Fiddle Park Pavilion.

(LtoR) Brent Eby, Greg Holmes, John Telfer, Al Widbur

Week Seven At The Shelburne Farmer's Market Sees Troupe-Adore's Sohayla Smith and Josh Oatman Perform Live. Click image (L) for video. 

Click here for photographic Highlights. 

As Shelburne Grows..Shelburne Town Council explores the best options for future development, industry, water safety, and exploring new amendments to bylaws that will help ATV's get to the trails!

Click image (L) for video interview.

The Shelburne Freelancer                            Friday, July 7, 2017

Shelburne Bids Farewell...

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Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion Update Now Available From Legion President, Lesa Peat.
Shelburne Police Busy With Traffic Related Charges Over Canada Day Long Weekend
Click mage (L) for media release. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                     Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Shelburne Farmer's Market 
Every Thursday on the corner of Owen Sound And First Street! 
Rain Or Shine! 

Click image (L) for video and photographic coverage of week six. 

Canada Day 150 Celebrations
See Fantastic Community Support For 2017

Click here for photographic coverage. 

Click image (Above) For Video

Shelburne Rotary Club Raising Money

 In Support of 

Shelburne's Splash Pad Project 2017

Click image above for video to find out how you can support the project and

John's No Frills Continues To Give Back In A Big Way

John's No Frills' philanthropic ideologies and generosity has once again produced almost a $3000 donation to Shelburne's local Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard. Typically in cold weather and on special occasions and holidays, the food bank receives much needed donations. A gentle reminder from those John's No Frills shoppers who happily donate during the summer is to realize help is needed all year round. 

John's No Frills also points out with pride, that it has donated over $102, 000 worth of free food with their very popular points rewards program to their shoppers. For those unfamiliar, this money saving program used properly can help families save money especially when used over expensive holiday celebrations. 

(LtoR) John van Teunenbroek, Owner Of No Frills and Beth Brown, Volunteer  Co-ordinator With Shepherd's Cupboard Food Bank. 

Shelburne's PACE Credit Union & Shelburne's Giant Tiger's Combined Effort During Shelburne Street Festival Impact Shelburne's Local Food Bank

Shelburne's Pace Credit Union teamed up with Shelburne's Giant Tiger during Shelburne Street Festival recently in support of Shelburne's local Food Bank, The Shepherd's Cupboard.
While Giant Tiger supplied 488 hot dogs, Pace Credit Union employees supplied man power and cooked hot dogs and asking for only donations, proudly raised $288. (LtoR) Pace Credit union Branch Manager, Tammy Austen, The Shepherd's Cupboard Volunteer Co-ordinator, Beth Brown and Pace Credit Union employee, Christina Lewis, who graciously represented her father, Andrew Lewis, owner of Shelburne's Giant Tiger. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                       Saturday, July 1, 2017

Shelburne Police Services Answer Call Regarding Rabid Racoon

Helping To Keep Shelburne Safe

Between the hours of 12 p.m. -1 p.m., July 1, 2017, Shelburne Police Services responded to a call regarding a rabid raccoon reportedly discovered by a neighborhood dog. 

Assessing the situation, the raccoon in question was shot and killed located very near to a neighbourhood park on the south side of Shelburne on Simon St. The animal was removed with the help of Shelburne Public Works and standard health and safety procedures will follow. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                       Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend Shelburnites! 

Be Extra Safe 

And Have Tons Of Fun!

Fiddle Park Is The Place To Be!

The Shelburne Freelancer                  Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Old Is Canada Really?
Click image (L) For Video by CBC  

What was happening in Sports 150 years ago? Click image below for article featured in Chronicles of Canada from 1867.

Why Is July 1 The Day We Celebrate Canada's Birthday? Well, 150 years ago in 1867, a lot was happening around the world and in a book called the Chronicles of Canada, by Chronicle Publications, news of the day was carefully captured within its pages. Turns out, July 1st is not actually Canada's Birthday, but rather  an official proclamation by the Queen of England, marking a national holiday. Politics is older than most countries and this holiday, was very specific as to whom could partake as Canada was becoming provincially united.

Click here to continue reading. Click image (L) for larger view.

Shelburne's Walk In Clinic

 Greatly Appreciated By Shelburne Community. 

Located At Giant Tiger Plaza At Shelburne Town Pharmacy. 

Lyngrant Financial Services Inc. And The Mortgage Centre Make One Stop Shopping For Your Successful Financial Future A Possibility.

Located On 188 Main St. W.

Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion
Held General Meeting June 27, 2017

As seen featured in the photo below (L to R Front) The Executive Board Members of the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion gathered for the last board meeting before summer break. As seen featured in the photo below (L to R Front) Executive Branch Padre, Reverend Gord Horsley, Executive Entertainment Chairman, Dave McIntyre,  Second Vice President , Membership Chairperson, Bingo Chairperson, Linda Orvis,  President, Lesa Peat,  1st Vice President, Sergeant At Arms, Service Officer Cadet Liaison, Garry Netzke,  Executive Bursary Chairperson, Mary Warman, (L to R Back)  Past President, Sports Officer, Senior Officer, Ross Warman,  T.O.D Chairperson, Honors & Awards Chairperson,Ways & Means Chairperson, and Bylaw Officer, Jill McIllwraith,  Executive Secretary,Trish Brolly, Youth Education, Babs Defoe(Absent from Photo), Executive Public Relations Officer, Maintenance, Philip Norris,

(Above) Special visitor in attendance, MWO Chuck Simpson, Retired, Zone E-3, Sergeant At Arms, R.C.L. Br. 233 Orangeville, 3rd Vice President. 

Hyland Heights & End Of The Year BBQ Celebrations

Building a connection between home and school, Hyland Heights Elementary School hosted a community BBQ marking the end of the school year. Held on June 22nd, the community enjoyed face painting, petting zoo, outdoor math games, music dancing and Orlando Bowen spoke on his One Voice, One Team, One Community Shelburne Program. Charity Pigeau and Corena Bouzane Parent Council Co-Chairs, hope to bring focus to the great work parent council does each year noting all proceeds from the BBQ will go to the play ground improvement fund. Safe to say, another wonderful year has come to a close in a big community oriented way. 

The Shelburne Freelancer                    Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Town Of Shelburne
 Soon To Bid Happy Retirement Farewell
To Long Time Chief Administrating Officer, John Telfer

" The Town of Shelburne would like to announce the retirement of long time CAO/Clerk, John Telfer effective August 4, 2017. After 14 years of service with the Town of Shelburne, Council accepted his letter of resignation effective August 4, 2017. John was hired as Clerk in 2003 and was appointed Acting CAO in October 2008 and then appointed CAO/Clerk November 23, 2009. John has been an asset to the Town of Shelburne since commencing his career and has proven to be a dedicated, ambitious and skilled employee whose commitment to the community will leave a lasting legacy... " 

Click image (L) for Full Media Release. 

Get your Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion Update  From Legion President, Lesa Peat.Click image (L)

Inside Shelburne Town Council With Special Overview Of Highlights From The June 26, 2017 Meeting Followed By Official Update on Shelburne's Sewer System From Town Development Engineer, Jack Tupling. 

The Unveiling Of the Natasha Paterson Memorial Pavilion Plaque 2017. Click image (L) for video coverage. 

Don't Forget To Browse Our Events & Classified Page
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A lot Happens In The Town Of Shelburne!

The Shelburne Freelancer                   Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shelburne's Economic Development Committee 

Annual Golf Classic 2017 

Click for video below.

Meet Shelburnite Business Owner, Joey Lemieux, Volunteer Shelburne Farmer's Market Manager and owner of Escarpment Gardens Artisan Tea. 

Click image below for video. 

Check Out The Primrose Meditative Garden! 

Shelburne Car Show 2017 Thank You On Behalf Of The Oatman Family, & Crew.
 "We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the Shelburne Street Festival and Car Show. It was a great day, even if the weather didn’t cooperate..."

The Shelburne Freelancer                      Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Click image (L) for photographic highlights of 

The Shelburne Street Festival 2017. 

Click image below for Photographic Coverage of Shelburne Classic Cars Hosted By Oatman's & Missie Ink Motorcycle Show'n Shine 2017.

Click image below for Shelburne's Royal Canadian Legion News From Legion President, 

Lesa Peat. 

Click image below for exclusive video interview with one of the Canada 150 Mosaic Artists who helped bring this historic project to fruition. 

Check out The Market's Oversized Hanging Baskets & Planters At Unbelievable Prices You Can't Beat! 

150 Reasons Why Headwaters Is So Real? 

Enjoy their "Realsons" Video & Discover Why Tourists Love Headwaters As A Travel Destination

Click image (L)

Special thanks to Michele Harris for generously providing link to Headwaters Promotional Video. 

Shelburne Farmer's Market 
Every Thursday, Rain Or Shine! 

We grow it, we bake it,
 we make it! 
Every Thursday from 3pm-7pm, 
May 25-October 5, 2017!
For online Vendor Registration:

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Shelburne Farmer's Market photo gallery 2016
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